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2016 Consumer Reports Deck Stain Ratings

The Consumer Reports is the publication of the Consumer’s Union. Many consumers use the publication when making a buying decision. After all, it publishes the ratings of other consumers who have bought the same products. So it would seem a logical place to gather buying information right? Well maybe not. The Consumer Reports publication has long been accused of biased ratings.

This is especially true in the car industry. You can find countless articles of Consumer Reports being falsely suggestive in some of their ratings. Unfair testing and biased ratings seem to be common. More than a dozen large companies, from car manufacturers to electronic companies have sued consumer Reports over the years. It almost seems like for whatever reason, they tend to sway the results of tests and ratings.

The same can be said for deck stains. Most of the Consumer Reports claim Behr as the number one stain followed by Thompsons Water Seal. But ironically most any professional in the deck staining industry will tell you these stains are inferior and they do not use them. Behr has been in many lawsuits with homeowners over premature failure of their deck stains. In fact Consumers own “user ratings” shows that homeowners who have used Behr Stains gave it a 1 Star out of 5!

Both of these deck stain brands are sold at the big box stores, which would suggest these are the most common brands of stain consumers buy. But this doesn’t necessarily mean these stains are the best. We have tested both of these brands and many other stains. Our results for Behr Deck Stain or Thompsons Water Seal are definitely not at the top of our list. We are happy to share those results with our readers. See our deck stain reviews for more information.

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6 responses to “2016 Consumer Reports Deck Stain Ratings”

  1. Jeffrey Hamilton says:

    By the way, for the best deck stain in the Minneapolis area, use Cabot Australian Timber Oil. I am re-staining my deck after this product (a very similar Cabot product) held up for nearly 7 years. The only drawback was the wood was a little moldy on areas of much shade.

  2. Shelley says:

    What are the best deck stains for my deck? 1. Ohio 2. Full sun after 11AM 3. Pressure Treated Wood. 4. Some mold and mildew. 5. Deck was never stained before and is 20 years old. We have pressure washed it, and need to know whst products to use.

  3. Kyle says:

    What would you suggest for northern Illinois full sun most of the day with pressure treated wood and no mold issues at all.

  4. deena says:

    need stain recommendation for decks ( used arbor coat last time and have peeling decks) decks face west- ultra sun, live on a lake. want shine to my decks as well. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!

    • You cannot have a shine on a deck. It will peel and blister, creating a huge mess to fix.

      Your first issue will be to remove the Arbor coat. It does not strip off well or at all. You will most likely need to power sand to remove. Once removed, use a penetrating semi-transparent stain like TWP.

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