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Cabot Wood Deck Stain Review 3.1/5 (28)

Cabot Wood Deck Stains

Cabot Wood Deck Stains

Cabot Deck Stains offers 3 way protection for exterior wood and decking. This offers maximum durability from water damage while penetrating deep into the wood. Containing linseed oil and Trans-oxides, Cabot Stains will reflect UV damage giving long lasting protection. Cabot traditionally has been one of the leaders in the exterior wood restoration industry.

For the test deck and review we choose to use Cabot’s Australian Timber Oil in the Natural tone.

Cabot Australian Timber Oil Wood Deck Stain Scores (1-10)

Appearance After Initial Stain Application: 7

– The Natural Tone of the Cabot Stain did a remarkable job at restoring the wood colors in our pine deck. The stain did not penetrate into the wood as expected and had shiny spots throughout the flooring.

Preventing UV Graying at 2 Year Mark: 6

-The Cabot Deck Stain showed 60% color retention after 2 years. The Natural tint faded in color significantly on the flooring. We expected better results from the Cabot Australian Timber Oil.

Wear/Tear and Peeling: 7.5

-On 25% of the decking surface the Cabot Stain was completely gone after two years. It seemed that the winter did substantial damage to the stain as there was heavy wearing.

Cost Per Square Foot: 8

– We only needed one gallon of the Cabot’s to cover the 200 square feet. This equates to $.23 a square foot.

Preventing Mold/Mildew/Algae: 7

– After 2 years there was a decent amount of mold growing on about 30% of the deck. In addition there was algae growth under the railings and around the perimeter of the house.

Ease of Application: 7.5

– The Australian Timber Oil did not apply as easy as we would like. The finish spread very well as far as coverage but we had difficulty with getting the stain to absorb evenly into the wood. We used a stain pad applicator and applied evenly but the Cabot dried tacky and sticky in several areas.

Color Shifting (darkening) after 2 Years: 7.5

– Darkening of the stain had occurred where the stain was still attached to the wood. Mostly due to dirt and mold.

Difficulty of Reapplication: 7

– We would suggest a heavy stripping followed by a wood brightening to restore the Cabot Stain. We suggest stain removal since the stain had worn in places and there was mold/algae. This would be the best way to prep for another coat of stain.

Overall Score Cabot Wood Deck Stain at 2 Year Period: 7.19

– The Cabot Australian Timber Oil had an average score compared to other stains that we tested. We expected more from Cabot when it comes to preventing mold and algae. In addition the UV resistance scored low. Not a bad stain but not the best either. A good option if you are limited to buying from a big box store. There are better decking stains online.

Product Information:

Where To Buy: Select Hardware Stores or Online
Cost: $45.99 per Gallon, $225.99 per 5 Gallon Pail
Stain Type: Semi-Transparent
Available Colors: Amberwood, Honey Teak, Mahogany Flame, Natural
Application Temperature: 45-90 F
Coats Required: 1-2 Coats
Coverage Per Gallon: 200-300 sq. ft
Application Tools: Sprayer, Pad, Brush, Roller
Dry Time: 24 Hours
Cleanup: Mineral Spirits
VOC Compliant: 250 Compliant in All 50 States
More Info: Product Data
Manufacturer: Cabot

Test Deck Stats:

When Tested: June 2008
Deck Wood Type: Pine
Deck Square Footage: 200
UV Exposure: Mostly Sun with southern exposure
How Many Years Tested: 2 Years
Stain Color Used:

*All products tested and results are from our experience. We offer no guarantee of similar results. Take inconsideration that results may differ due to different wood types, exposure to UV radiation, and natural weathering.

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82 responses to “Cabot Wood Deck Stain Review”

  1. John says:

    Ive tried many stains with all the decks I have built, this one is the worst I've ever used. It looked great when it was applied but not for long. Here in Texas a good stain and seal will last about two years, I got 9 months out of this product. Don't waste your money and time for this overpriced underperforming product. I even tried to contact Cabot with no response.

  2. Kdane says:

    I agree. Cabot is not for texas. I have a large deck , six chairs, two tables and a swing I have to redo because the Cabot lasted less than a year. IN THE SHADE!!

  3. Sylvain says:

    Cabot's product provide such a nice look.

    Here in Canada I'm using Cabot Australian Timber Oil Natural Transparent Exterior Stain on top of my Red Cedar and I need to apply 2 coats (withinh 2 days) every year. If I go beyond 1 year then I need to strip the deck back to bare wood and it's such a painful job to do.

    My advice if you want to use this Cabot product: apply 2 coats at fall time before temperature gets cold. It will help protect the deck against snow (I know.. not inTexas LOL)

    Now the bad news: it seems that they have changed the chemical content to meet some environment regulations. The replacement mixture is NOT looking at all like the old one ! It's really bad because my only option now is to strip the deck AGAIN and use either that new formula OR to chose a complete new product (which I think is what I'm gonna do)

    Any suggestion for a good looking / long lasting replacement to Cabot Timber Oil ?

    • Sylvain, I would look at Armstrong Clark Stains.

      • Steve says:

        Armstrong Clark Stain for hardwoods ruined my Ipe deck. I followed the instructions and we had rain after 3 days dry time turning the stain into a nasty orange sludge, had to strip and sand the deck, as well as repaint my siding, deck trim and doors..pitiful product!

  4. Jan Young says:

    We used cabot stain on our newly built deck in Michigan. It was rated #1 at the time. Within 3 months the stain was peeling. We contacted cabot and they said it was old wood. We purchased the treated lumber from 3 separte lumber companies. Several pieces of the wood was sent and again they would not stand behind their product. We had and upper and lower wrap around deck. The deck had to be sanded to get the existing stain removed. I will never buy anything with cabot's name on it

  5. Raymond Jean says:

    This is the worst stain ever. I had professional painter paint my T-1 11 walls and ceiling with this crap (ATO) resulting in uneven, blotchy, etc. walls and ceiling. ( 2 season ventilated room).

    I contacted Cabot and their recommendation is to sand the 900 plus square feet of T-1-11 boards to remove this stain. They do not stand by their product. Plus this stain was recommended by Lowes. Thinking I was getting the best stain. All I can recommend is to stay away from this product. It should not be on the market.

  6. diana says:

    Deck Location: Tucson, AZ_
    Exposure: Full Sun _
    Wood Type: Raw Pine _
    Mold or Mildew Issues: No _
    Reason for Previous Stain Failure: Faded did not absorb.
    Previously used: Sherwin Williams brand stain

    Lowes sells Cabot but I'm not seeing good reviews. We are looking at ordering TWP.

    • Diana, Make sure to remove any remnants of the SW stain prior to applying a new stain. TWP 1500 would be a good choice. It penetrates well into the wood and can be cleaned and reapplied without difficulty in the future.

  7. Darin says:

    Diana, I'm in Las Vegas. Let me know what product works for you down there. I need to switch off of Cabot, too.

  8. hsl says:

    I used this when my deck was put in and the first year it proved to be wonderful. Two years later, I wanted to do another coat for the floor and railing tops due to the deterioration of the finish. That was last year, and it is clear that there has been a formula change. Even with prepping exactly as outlined, the finish was pretty much gone before the end of the season. I didn't have time to redo before winter set in here in MN, and the deterioration from the lack of protection with the Cabot is incredible. As soon as the weather warms, I'll be redoing the entire deck with something very much better.

  9. Richard says:

    I have a new, small deck made from pressure treated deck boards. How long should I wait to stain it, and what stain would you recommend, and how many coats? What prep will it need first? I would like it as natural a tone as possible (right now, after one month, if has the tone of a light, yellowish cedar, which looks good). But I would also, of course, like it to be protected from UV, etc, with as little maintenance as possible. If you say Armstrong Clark, which one, and should I then refinish it with the same, or should I then go to TWP? How soon will I have to re-do it, and how difficult will it be?

  10. Ken says:

    Thanks for the reviews. I have had great coverage with Super Deck. Lasts a long time for me in cold winter and hot dry summer Canada.

  11. kris olson says:

    We used Cabot's Semitransparent stain on our rough wood siding. It seems to fade out quickly, They suggested it at Menards. The planks run up and down and this is something we could sand to redo. We use to use Olympics but Ace had suggested this as a better paint 10 years ago

  12. Teresa brockway says:

    HI I used Cabot`s semi solid deck stain.It is now showing white spots all over the deck…Why would this happen ?It cost a lot of monwey to have this done.$250. dollars for the stain and I payed $ get it done I am so upset .

  13. Mike says:

    I have used cabots timber oil on my ipe decks and have found that if you wipe and buff the stain just before it dries and is still tacky, it looks great and lasts for 2 years. I have not re-done my decks in the last 2 years. but when I read these reviews, and comments about the formula being changed, I am certainly concerned. Should I consider switching to another product when i re-stain? I had great results with the color Mag. flame color. also had 2 gallons left over and just finished daughters cedar deck and it looks great, but need to get another gallon for the rails and again Im concerned about the formula change, any suggestions would be great.

    • Mike, if it worked for you and you can get the same formula than stick with it. If the formula is different than try the Armstrong Clark in the Mahogany.

      • John says:

        How do you know what formula you have?? What do you look for on the can to tell? I purchased a house that's approx 11 years old. It appears by the cans left behind they used Cabot Aust. Oil, Mahogany Flame. It has held up pretty well, not sure when the deck was done or re-done, but know I haven't done anything since I have owned the home, 4 years. Deck has faded, especially in traffic and protected areas, but still has a weak reddish color. I was planning to apply another coat of same product, but after reading comments, getting very concerned. I have used a deck wash product (w/bleach) and have done a low pressure power wash. What would you advise at this point. In Springfield, MO, deck on east side of house partially covered.

        • You can check the can for the product code and then contact Cabot to see what version you have and if you can get the same or not. If you cannot then switch to TWP or the Armstrong Clark.

  14. Brad says:

    Amazing to see so many consistent reviews. Lowe's recommended Cabots Timber Oil to me, but a friend who builds a lot of decks sent me a picture of his deck a year after applying the same…totally worn off of the walk area's – looks terrible. The paint salesman at Lowe's just used it to protect his deck, I wonder what he will say next year. I went with Olympic Maximum penetrating oil forumula. After reading the reviews here, I think I will consider TWP next year.

  15. john says:

    Need to seal my PT deck. Its new and now dry. We're I Maine and the weather is starting to turn colder at night so time is running out. Everything I see says it needs to be above 50 degree for 48 hours for drying. After spending all this $$ for a new deck, I'd like to make sure I protect it. Not sure I have the time to order and wait for a TWP shipment. Looked like Cabot had good scores based on the evaluation but after reading everyone's experiences here yikes! I'm stuck with a decision. What to use… I have basically big box stores and Sheman Williams locally Ideas? Or do I forgo sealing the deck for winter?

    • John, when was it built? Many manufacturers want you tow wait 3 or more months before applying stain to new wood.

      • john says:

        about 8 weeks ago. I did the water test on it and no water beaded up.. According to the things I've read it's ready for sealing. The installer told us to make sure we go it done before the snow flies. I'm going to try for Flood sealer – natural – as see how it goes. The reviews both here and elsewhere look good and I can get the product locally. Today is warm as is tonight it should be above 50. I'll let everyone know how it goes…

  16. Joe Lippincott says:

    deck built last year. waited for it to dry. Coated with Cabots natural oil base. This year purchased natural oil base but it was a different number. Lowes salesperson said it was the same. Vertical railing and post stained as advertised but top of railing and deck surfaced turned black. Underside of railing and surface is still sticky. Railing was done 2 wks before the deck surface was done,sill sticky.Natural number is 379501, last year was different. Surface did not last but one year before it was pale and water absosrbant . recommended to friend, wished I hadent.

  17. Ari says:

    I bought Cabot Oak Brown Semi-transparent stain. I had someone apply it to our porch and they did a terrible job, it looks not even and a lot of brush marks. I just hired someone else to do a second coat and hope they can fix it and make it look better. However, after reading so many bad reviews, I am afraid of applying the product to the fence and re-applying it to the porch. I keep reading that after a few months the products start to peel or look bad. Should I just remove the stain and start over with another brand? Is CAbot a terrible stain? The local stores only have SW, Bher, Olympia and Cabot. Please advice?

    • Ari, applying more will probably not fix the issue and could make it worse. If it is done correctly, Cabot is a slightly better then average stain for decking and will work fine with no issues on the fence.

  18. Mike says:

    My deck is tree years old pressure treated with no finish. The 650 sq.ft. deck was pressure washed 3 days before staining with Jarrah Brown Timber oil and it sucked up 5 gal. like crazy and after 2 days drying the finish is very uneven. Can I put a second coat on yet?

  19. Sissy says:

    If it stays tacky too long what do I do? Apply another coat or strip & start over? I used water based.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    Writing from Canada. I bought two gallons of Cabot semi-transparent deck stain for my deck which is two years old. I stripped the wood and was left with a beautiful finish, close to the original look of the the wood when the deck was first built. I stained the upper part of the deck with the first can of stain and it looked amazing. I was quite happy with the result, bright and shiny, very good coverage after two coats. I started the second half of the deck with the second can of stain and noticed a remarkable difference in the quality of the stain compared to the first gallon. The stain was runny, I could not get rid of the brush strokes after two coats, it was dull and that portion to the deck looked as if it was stained a year or more ago. I stopped staining and went to Lowes to voice my displeasure; however, was told they could not to anything and someone from Cabot will come to my home to view the deck. I am still waiting for a phone call and that visit. Not sure what to do. My deck cost me $4800 and was ruined by a $40 can of stain. Shame of Cabot.

  21. Kevinp79 says:

    How many of these reviews are regarding the new low-VOC formula with the blue label on the lid? The old formula was one of the best stains on the market for many years. The new formula is so bad that Lowe's had to drop the entire line in my region due to complaints and returns.

    Love the higher VOC ATO, would rate at least 9/10.

    • I agree the the old formula was much better! Unfortunately the new formula is garbage.

      • smoghat says:

        i'm not going to comment on the new ATO vs the old ATO. I will, however go on record saying it is a great replacement the high VOC Cabot Clear Solutions or CS stain. It's a scary stain to work with. It seems all wrong when you apply it. Do NOT apply it with a brush if you can avoid it, use an applicator and do not do it on a hot day. But it does work and it works well. It holds up longer than the old CS stains, looks great, and if you live in a woody area like I do, it doesn't get black mold. High VOC stains have a problem which is that mold loves the oil that they rely on. A year after application high VOC stains inevitably got black mold where I live. This stuff just doesn't.

  22. Guest says:

    Writing (or can you hear the screams) from Canada.

    We have a 320 sq. ft treated pine deck professionally installed. Waited for 2 years to apply a coating, as per lumber yard's instructions. First used an Olympic oil penetrating stain then bought a 'touch-up' can and only after application did we realize that Olympic changed the formula. Went back to Lowes to register a complaint only to learn that Dalton McGuinty, Taxario's answer to the Fabian Society, 'ordered' the original oil based stains off the shelf from ALL retailers–even the paint girls at Lowes were inundated with the massive volumes of ticked-off customers.

    Olympic came through with a cheque to reimburse our stain costs and threw in a gallon of their Deck Cleaner.

    Glad we came across this Cabot Stain complaint board as we were just about to crack the lid on Cabot Semi-transparent mahogany flame stuff. Best not contribute anymore to our Liberal deck: McGuinty stain, Wynne kinky hose, made in China, duped by a deceptive 'Made in Canada' sticker; some type of Toronto urban type moss growing that we have to beat down with a stick. Hope the screws are homemade or we'll be living in saw-dust by year's end.

    Thanks Folks–you saved us money and time. Seems Cabot sucummbed to the polticos.

    Great discussion board, keep up the good work!.

    PS: Any of our US cousins know of a NFL franchise re-doing their astro-turf?

  23. Maryann says:

    Im so upset! Our home is Bord and Batton and we used Cabot. It lasted 8 yrs befor we had to redo the South wall only. We were so happy with the product that we ran out and purchased This new Cabot austrailian timber oil for our very large deck. I did everything correct and followed the can directions to the letter. My 2 nabours came over a few days later and fell in love with the new look of our deck. They ended up doing their decks a week later and they are 2 times the size of ours. After a long winter and a bit of snow shoveling all our deck are a mess, not to mention the marks left from the summer furniture. I cant beleive this product did not saturate the wood. I even put a second coat on the following year. This was a lot of work and now i dont know what to do. Any how, its too late now and the damage is done. SAVE YOUR MONEY ON THIS ONE!

  24. Ron says:

    Well doesn't this just suck…Didn't think I would need to read reviews. Cabot was always said to be the best. Then on top of that, I bought their "premium stain" said the salesperson at the Do-it Center. Australian Timber oil. Just spent this entire weekend applying 9 gallons to my fence, deck railings, and Rainbow play structure. (TREX Flooring!) Sounds like I need to read reviews no matter how far beyond average I believe that I am purchasing.

  25. donna says:

    the stain comes off too.

  26. stan says:

    what a mistake. After 1 year Australian timber oil on my porch floor is flaking and pealing. I do not recommend this product. My daughter had the same results on her deck.

  27. Bill DeLuca says:

    I had purchased a 1 gallon can of Cabot Semi-transparent deck stain 2 years ago from Lowe's. I coated my deck this year (2015) using that gallon with no problems. My dilemma is I need another gallon to finish my project. I now have trouble finding a dealer who could mix me another gallon. The color that I need from the color chart is Chestnut Brown ST (101-16,107-30,109-4,113-1Y36). Your help in this matter would be very helpful.
    Thank you,

    • Chris says:

      you should be able to do this by using base 0306 (neutral) and add B 12 shots, C 1 oz and 8 shots, F 10 shots. Hope this helps

  28. John Leroux says:

    The formula for this product has changed over the last couple years and it is NOT compatible with the old product. If you previously applied the old formula of Australian Timber oil, it will be a disaster. This product is useless. My advice to all consumers – avoid at all costs!!

  29. Josh says:

    I purchased this stain because I heard it was amazing. Then I found your website and read the above review. At our HD in Iowa they sell the 3400 series and i bought 3459, mahogany flame. Is this still a good product? It's the oil-based and not the water based stain which I think most do not like. Is the 19400 series the garbage one or are both not very good?
    Thanks for the help

  30. James Harmon says:

    I used Cabot stain purchased thru Fleet Farm. I used a mold and mildew primer suggested by the Paint man, he told me the stain would last much longer than just using the stain only. Well it is peeling off after just several months. It made it thru the winter and as soon as the weather warmed up it is all coming off everywhere. I would not recommend it for anything.

  31. Que says:

    Put this on a pergola I built out of cedar 2 years ago and only now have slight greying on the top. I live in the humid climate that is Houston and have been very happy with how this has performed in the 100 degree heat, humidity and massive rains we've had this last year.
    Going to put a second coat on during this dry spell we are having because it has worked great here.
    I do have to add that another bonus is that I was able to apply it with my Wagner spray painter as well.

  32. Anne says:

    I wish I had read this before yesterday, when we put on the Cabot Semi-transparent stain, on our ceader deck. Looking at it this morning, It seems to be absorbing quite uneavenly. There are significant white patches around knotted areas, and although we applied as evenly as we could, it looks like you can see brush strokes. I feel like I should apply a second coat, but the can says one coat only. Help what should I do?

    • Knots are almost always lighter in color and that is normal when using a semi-trans stain. Brush strokes means the stain did not penetrate into the wood and is laying on top of the wood. Is this new wood?

  33. Leann says:

    I do not recommend this product. It is impossible to avoid lap marks on large decks, the wood darkens dramatically, and after one month, there are white spots everywhere on the wood!

  34. Denise Spears says:

    I used you siding paint on my deck. Now what should I do? PLEASE educate your customers's employees so this doesn't happen again. I ask for the top seller and was directed to your paint/stain. The employee showed me colors available and I picked one. She gets to mixing the paint/stain sets it on the counter and I noticed it said siding but thought she needed the neutral to make the color. Only after second coat do I take time to look at the can and read NOT FOR DECKS. Any suggestions?

  35. Erick says:

    About to purchase a large amount of stain for my cedar sided timber frame home. I really like TWP and AC products but the semi-solid color options are limited as TWP doesn't even have semi-soild. So I am left with the other products listed on this site. Cabot Semi-Solid Siding stain is easily accessible from local stores and has a lot of colors to choose from. I know the reviews here are not that great for Cabot but how is it for cedar siding in semi-solid? I live in IL where low VOC is available. If I should stay away from Cabot what are the best products that offer semi-solid colors? BM or SW? Any advice would be great. Stain company starts in a week and I need to make a decision. Thanks!!

    • I would not limit yourself with a semi-solid when dealing with a vertical house. You always get 2-3 times the longevity on a vertical over a horizontal. For example AC and TWP 1500 will give you 4-8 years on most verticals depending on UV exposure. I would stay away from the Cabot and BM astheir products in a semi-solid will be water based and will film like a solid stain does while AC and TWP are true oil based products.

      • Erick says:

        Thanks for the quick reply. This site is great! Longevity of stain is my concern for how much it costs to have home stained. If I can get 6-7 years out of TWP or AC on vertical siding I'd be happy. Just don't want to have to apply maintenance coats before then.

    • Drew says:

      I used Cabot Stains Timber oil (now the low VOC) on my 15 year old cedar side house. We turned all the boards over, sanded them, then applied ONE coat of the oil. The results were gorgeous. We experimented with the Cabot semi transparent but it hides all the grain. The trade-off is the semi transparent will last longer, but the Natural transparent on red cedar is unbelievable.

      I asked Cabot if I can /should seal the Natural siding with some kind of sealant but they said not to since Timber Oil has a sealant in it. I may experiment since I'd really like to get more than two years out of all the money I spent on the natural.

  36. David Gardemann says:

    I have used Cabot SPF Deck and Fence Finish 3855 Sunray for a number of years. I am now being told that it is no longer available. What is its direct replacement? If you don't have one then you have screwed up as I know a number of people who have used this product and like it and have a number of pieces of outdoor furniture or decks in this color. They have no intention of changing. If you don't have a direct replacement then start making it again. If you do not then I for one will never buy another Cabot product as I can have no confidence that I can continue to use it. I understand that products can and are improved constantly, but if you can't offer a continuation of the line, DON'T CHANGE IT!!!!!

  37. Drew says:

    I just finished re-doing our Cedar house with Cabot Timber Oil (not the low VoC) in Natural color. It came out just fantastic. We live in a 5 state border area and only one state sells the original oil anymore.

    I am worried that the stain will only last 2-3 years. Has anyone tried to seal a Cabot timber oil stain? I called Cabot and they said not to do it as the sealer will peel since the Timber Oil has its own sealer. But I want to try this as an experiment on some extra boards. Anyone have an idea of what sealer to try?

  38. Kristi says:

    I finally got our 2 decks ready to be restained. The problem is is that it is finally turning colder, after a very mild Fall. What will happen if I put the Cabot Australian Timber Oil on when the highs for the days are 50-60 degrees and the nights are anywhere between 30-40? Also, can I use a sprayer in order to apply this stain?

    • It will probably dry and cure okay as long as it does not rain or drop below the freezing mark for the first night after applying. I would read their directions on spraying or not.

  39. Austin says:

    I applied the Australian timber oil 2 years ago. I applied stripper and it took a layer off but there is still some on it that I can't even get off with a power washer. I want to use a more solid style stain to cover up and not such a transparent one like the timber oil. If I strip and brighten can I apply a more solid stain even if there is residual on the deck? I've tried twice and it's as clean as it's going to get it seems like anyway.

  40. Brent says:

    I just purchased Cabot Acrylic solid color stain to better match my house. I have completely sanded all paint off of my deck, and it is very clean. Is this a good product to use for this application? Also do I need to seal this when I am done? If so, what kind of sealant would you prefer?

  41. john tucker says:

    I would never buy this product again. after one year it started peeling. I had rent a floor sander ($100) and spend an entire day sanding.

  42. Eldena Armstrong says:

    Went to Home Depot and after long conversation about what look I wanted they talked me into Cabot stain. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED with the results. It looks more like brown paint then stain. We had sanded the old stain off and used a pad to put the stain on as recommended. I really wanted the wood to show through and not cover it completely. NOT HAPPY!!

  43. Layton says:

    The stain was applied using the directions on the cleaner and stain, during the summer my deck looked fine. We had a mild winter, little snow fall, when the snow melted the stain was bubbled and when the spring rain came the stain began bubbling, Now I am forced to sand over 300 square feet of deck and use a better product.


  44. gene edwards says:

    expensive, but that was not a problem, liked when first put on, but disappointed after the first winter. had to reapply, last time for cabot. liked the product, wished we were happier. thanks

  45. Mark says:

    As I read these comments it appears that people do not understand why these formulas change. Cabot Mahogany flame is hands down the best stain I have ever used in it's original formula. Unfortunately in the Northeast with the exception of Vermont all the way down to Virginia, that formula was outlawed around 2014. The new formula which is called low VOC (volatile organic compounds) is what many people are complaining about. This new formula looks milky when you open the cab as to oily like the old formula. I personally still use the old formula by buying it in other states and bringing it in. However, you have to call Cabot if you do that because some stores such as Ace hardware only sell the low VOC formula in all of their stores regardless of their location. Anyway, just my two cents.

  46. Brian Fredette says:

    I use this product on Brazilian Mahogany. Well, I used to use it. The original formula before the VOC formula was fantastic.
    The product would last 2+ years up here in the Northeast. The new formula is absolutely horrible. I stained the deck in April 2016 and it is now July 2016 and it needs to be done again.
    Do now buy this new formula. Stay clear it is garbage!

    • suzanne says:

      I used Honey Teak formula last winter on one yr old.deck. half of the deck peeled off over the winter. This summer I sanded, cleaned, brightened. I just applied the Honey Teak again. It looks aweful. I will never use this product again. I wish I had read this site before using it again. I thought of every reason why it didn't take last year, i.e., the weather, proper prepping before staining etc. Now I know it's the product. I just spent a ton of time & money, and it looks aweful.

  47. Henri says:

    I love the Cabot Oil Mahogany Flame on my deck turn out amazing when applied correctly.It's been 1 yr and the deck looks like the first day I stain it.

  48. Steve Schwalbach says:

    Australian Oil is the best stain I have ever used in the past 30 years by far ! Not the water base…I have not tried that

  49. Carl says:

    Applied in the spring a nice thick coat. Four months later it looks like it needs another coat. For the money I spent I am very dissatisfied. This a is brand-new deck with brand-new wood

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*This is first and foremost a help site from our experience as wood restoration contractors. All stain and prepping manufacturer directions were followed with our reviews and ratings. We offer no guarantee of similar results. Take inconsideration that wood and deck stain results may differ due to prepping procedures, different wood types, exposure to UV radiation, natural weathering, etc.