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Class Action Lawsuit Against Olympic Rescue It

Olympic Rescue It Review

Olympic Rescue It Review

Olympic Rescue It may fit the term “it’s too good to be true.” This Olympic paint and stain hybrid product is marketed as a resurface DIY product. It claims to be the ultimate remedy for severely weathered or damaged wood surfaces. Olympic claims that Rescue It is a resurfacer and sealant all in one for wood decks that are damaged beyond conventional restoration services. They also market it to be used on concrete surfaces as well.

This hybrid sealant is supposed to fill cracks and hold down splinters to deliver a slip resistant textured finish that is supposedly barefoot friendly, shown by the picture of bare feet on the front label. It is a 100% acrylic waterproof protectant that Olympic calls a “high-performance coating” offering outstanding elasticity. But recent customer claims and lawsuits say differently.

Claims have been investigated on behalf of customers who have used the stain on exterior wood decks. It’s allegedly been prone to premature failure and may be susceptible to bubbling and peeling, which have led to costly repairs and replacements of the product. Olympic does offer a satisfaction guaranteed to Rescue It customers on a surface that is prepared according to their instructions, which gives them plenty of wiggle room.

Olympic does not state or provide a certain amount of time that this product is supposed to last. It says that the lifetime of the product is limited by the condition of the wood that is being rescued. Olympic assures customers that it’s a premium product providing excellent resistance to blistering and peeling. Also that it provides waterproof protection, is mildew resistant, and works on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Many customers report being satisfied shortly after application but then the product fails fairly quickly.

Out of the many customers who have purchased Olympic Rescue It, a large number of them are experiencing complete failure of the product. Even though application instructions were followed exactly there are substantial reports of bubbling, peeling, cracking, and flaking within a year of being applied. Reportedly Olympic is refusing to take responsibility for their failing product and is instead blaming the customer for not applying it correctly.

See here for more info on Class Action Lawsuit for Olympic Rescue-It

Update Spring of 2016

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16 responses to “Class Action Lawsuit Against Olympic Rescue It”

  1. Gary Flight says:

    This product is garbage. Have had it 3 years, first year, looked ok, second year quit a bit of peeling, third year used a leaf blower to blow off the deck and blew off most of the rescue it product. you can see it never stuck to the wood. If you are selling your house asn your deck is in bad shape then by all means use this to make it look great, but get out as soon as possible because the work is about to begin.

  2. Will Johnson says:

    It certainly is not mildew resistant!!!

  3. Angela Smith says:

    We used Olympic "Rescue it" on our wooden deck, last year (2015). In less than 1 year after applying the product, we are dissatisfied with the product. Our deck has peeled in spots & worn completely off in others. For the expense, time, labor and lack of it's ability to withstand typical weather, I would not suggest Olympic's "Rescue it" product to anyone. We are highly unhappy with Rescue it!!!

  4. Gary Wick says:

    This product does not perform as promised, comes off in large pieces within a year. Where do I have to go to join this class action lawsuit?

  5. Greg Krstyen says:

    Went through the recommended preparation process and painted on 2 coats, 9 gallons, of Olympic Rescue It in the spring of 2015. We worked on it for 3 straight weekends. It held up real well and looked good through the summer and fall. But in the spring of 2016 when the wind blew, it started peeling off of the deck in long strips of a couple of feet and the width varied from as wide as the 2X6 board down to a couple of inches. In Salt Lake the wind could reach up as high as 60 to 70 miles per hour. As of now, close to 70% of the Rescue It has been peeled off. What a waste of $400.00 dollars and 3 weekends!

  6. H. Boyt says:

    When Olympic first came out with this product. I applied the product as instructed. Within the first six months almost all of the stain bubble and peel and would not stick to the surface. After contacting the customer service he asked me if I had photos I could send him, which I did. I never did get any help from Olympic. I went back to Lowe's hardware where I bought the product and complain that the only thing that they did was replace the product again which I put on second time and it did the same thing. Please don't buy the product. Garbage.

  7. Mary Lou Paxton says:

    very dissatisfied!!! We are both 70 yrs old and spent the best part of 2 months last summer using Rescue It to 'spruce up' our deck. The wood was in good shape (deck only 7 years old) and our main reason for application was to make the deck more slip resistant. All of the recommended steps were taken as far as prep and application of the product. It looked great and we were very proud of the finished project— until about 5 months later. The peeling had already started, in spite of a very mild Ohio winter. Since then, the blistering and peeling have continued and the entire deck is an eyesore. Our first complaint was to Lowe's in March and it took repeated visits and calls until they finally got copy of the receipt to me in May. In July, we received a letter with suggestions to prepare the surface and apply more Rescue It. Really???!!! Also received the agreement not to sue and reimbursement of cost of product plus 50 dollars if agreement is signed. Think we can fix this for 50 dollars? Lesson learned; buyer beware!

  8. Thomas Boomer says:

    Rescue IT MAX is FANTASTIC when you follow the directions! The surface has to be clean and not shiny. Prepare the surface first before applying. And use two coats.

  9. Mard says:

    Clean deck w, TSP. Let fully dry – paint with Kilz premium. Let fully dry, apply two coats of rescue it. No problems.

  10. Mike says:


    O. R. I. is a joke. Didn't last 2 seasons. Just came in from power washing my deck – because this crap began coming up in big and small pieces. Spent 2 weekends in the summer of '15 putting it down. It was expensive and hard to spread.

    How can I join a lawsuit?

  11. Karen says:

    Olympic Rescue It is garbage. We prepped the deck perfectly and it was peeling after 1 year, even is spots under seating where no one ever walks. We used a Valpar paint on some other areas of the deck: the wooden railings and a long wooden seating area and that paint stayed on just fine. Do not use Olympic Rescue It: you will be sorry.

  12. Gary says:

    OLympic Rescue It is terrible. I see that the Rustoleum product Restore has a class action suit for similar problems experienced with the Rescue It Product.

    My deck, after 1 season, has peeled back on most of the deck boards, requiring a complete replacement of the deck. To scrape the product away is too difficult – replacement is necessary.

    There should be a law suit against Olympic for these problems.

    I do have pics of the issues if needed.

  13. tom says:

    I did the rescue it and it peeled like it did for everybody else. I had to wait a couple of years to let the stuff come loose so I could try again. I decided to do a few test spots to see how things went, so I did all the prep on a test spot and it's peeling again. I have recently watched a video where a guy used an oil based primer and claims it worked just fine. I'm going to do a test spot with that and see how it works.

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