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Class Action Lawsuit against Rust-Oleum Deck Restore

Rust-Oleum Deck Restore

Rust-Oleum Deck Restore

Rust-Oleum Deck Restore is a water based, low odor product that is designed to mask the wood not allowing the wood grain to show. It is marketed as a thick paint product for wood decks that is outside of conventional restoration.

Recently there have been investigating claims on behalf of customers who have used Rustoleum Deck Restore on their decks. Rustoleum Restore has been alleged of being prone to premature failure. When it is applied to exterior wood it may be susceptible to bubbling and/or peeling, which can lead to costly repairs and replacements.

Consumers involved in the Rust-oleum class action lawsuit are claiming to have significant peeling and bubbling within a year to a year and a half of applying the product. The manufacturer claims to have a 10 year warranty on the deck product. In one lawsuit the company allegedly offered an unhappy consumer a check to cover the cost of the product even though the premature failure of the deck restore would cost in excess of several thousand dollars to remove.

Out of the many consumers who purchased Rust-oleum’s Deck Restore in 2013, there is a large number of them experiencing utter failure of the product. Even though application instructions were followed to the letter, there is a significant report of bubbling, peeling, cracking and/or flaking within a year of application. Reportedly, the company refuses to take responsibility of their failing product and is trying to blame the customer instead. They are only offering to reimburse the actual cost of the product and nothing more.

This deck restore product is sold as a DIY product so they are claiming the labor cost is uncompensated. A meager product refund is not nearly enough for most of the decks needing to have the product removed or completely replaced. It is sad that the consumers who bought this product fell victim to false advertising claims and thought they were buying a product as a way to help protect their investment.

Read full story of Class Action Lawsuit against Rust-Oleum Deck Restore 10x:  See Here

The plaintiffs are represented by Daniel C. Levin, Esq. of Levin, Fishbein, Sedran & Berman in Philadelphia.

U.S. District Court for Eastern District of Pennsylvania case 5:14-cv-06156

Lawsuit Info

-We are not connected with the lawsuit in any way. The only info we have is to contact the counsel who represent the plaintiffs directly, if you would like to join. This link may help as it lists the lawyers involved at the bottom:

Update Spring of 2015

Please read our article on Gulf Synthetics Deck Revive Review 2015  We believe this product has real value if looking for these product types that actually work.

If you have used the Rust-oleum Restore, Please Post a Comment Below!

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599 responses to “Class Action Lawsuit against Rust-Oleum Deck Restore”

  1. Kary S. says:

    Our Deck is ruined from this product. It has peeled and chipped. It appears to have shrunk the wood under it. It seems to absorb heat and is so hot when you step on it you can't have bare feet or it will scotch you . I plan to follow up on a claim. Our whole deck needs replaced. I want to be part of a law suit too if anyone wants to send me information. We applied it in 2013 as well.

    • Martha S says:

      The "same things" have happened to our deck. Jason Krahl 800-811-8094 the last person I spoke to says that no way the product could shrink the wood….. the problem is the wood he says not the paint.!!!! We are senior citizens that paid to have this applied and what Mr. Krahl has offered us is the cost of material. JOKE

  2. Art Walter says:

    I have used the rustoleum restore product 10x and my results are horrible. The product was on for less than 1 year and is bubbling and peeling to such a degree that the deck looks totally trashed. If only the product would completely bond or completely peel so I could remove it easier. But it doesn't it bonds some places, peels others and semi bonds on the rest of the deck. I need to get this garbage off of my deck. Any suggestions?

  3. Art says:

    We applied rustoleum's restore 10x to our redwood deck in July 0f 2015 by springtime of 2016 the deck was trashed. The product is terrible and unfortunately it peels some places and bonds in others. I would prefer either it peel so I could get rid of the garbage or bond so I wouldn't have to. Terribly dissatisfied with this product because it not only takes a lot of time to apply but it does not bond well to properly prepared surfaces. I need to remove thishorrible product and redo my deck. Any suggestions on removing this crapola?

  4. Christine says:

    We applied rustoleum restore to our deck in 2014. It looked great for a few months. Then it started bubbling, peeling and chipping. The deck looks horrible. Now can't seem to remove the restore. Had called the company and they refunded us for the product. We put in hours of time putting this stuff on and now it is taking tons of time trying to remove it, which is not happening readily. Our deck is ruined. Compensation for the product is not enough. What about the ruined deck that needs to be replaced??? I want to be part of this class action lawsuit.

  5. Debbie Acierno says:

    We have also purchased restore for our deck around our pool. The deck was fairly new, but we thought it would help protect it. We purchased 1000.00 worth of restore.It looked beautiful when it was done. We were happy. Until three months later it was peeling, bubbling and cracking. I was so upset, we spent so much money and now the deck looks like we have had it for years.The warranty means nothing, they do not stand behind their product. They blame you…. Maybe you applied it wrong. We followed the instruction. Now I can see we are not the only ones with the same situation.

  6. Kevin J says:

    I tried Wolmans Deskstrip ASR , as recommended by Rustoleum, it took off about 10%, so I am out another 25$, – I went to a Sherwin-Williams store and the salesmen recommended a small can of SuperStrip by Savogran… I purchased a small can at a Sherwood Williams store (12$) – took about 85% to 90%, using a good scraper. This Superstrip turns it into puddy. It is a slow process, you have to wear gloves and goggles, and I am doing 1 board at a time. I also use a 1500 PSI power washer to rinse off. This stuff is a thick substance -Savogran has (2) types of stripper an epoxy type, and one powerfull enough to take paint off of metal. They both work. I now have a bucket full of the slop I put down on my desk, would like to box it up and send it to Rustolem to bet my money back – I don't have my recipts… Anyway – I am finally getting the stuff off – and it is hard work.

    • Patty Smiga says:

      Sorry to hear. I refuse to.use what they recommend's more money in their pocket and it actually doesn't make the process anyeasier than…chipping off dry. I used a 1600psi powerwasher got off maybe 45% . It's been an exhausting procedure doing this as a woman with back issues. My HOA isn't going to be happy, since they wanted this deck restained. Before restraining I needed to remove this garbage off my deck. I might need to replace the boards 300 sq ft deck. ….so frustrated.

  7. Jim Carrow says:

    I also applied Rustoleum Restore to my almost 770 sq. feet deck and experienced the same bubbling/peeling issue. After 1 full summer in Michigan it looks horrible. I am investigating farther. Can you advise how I can join the lawsuit?

  8. M johnsonx says:

    Terrible product totally worthless

  9. Rhoda jeffers says:

    I hired professional painters to paint my concrete deck with Restore. it is cracking, breaking and pulling apart. it's about 2 years old. Whar a mess!

  10. Joanne GullettNA says:

    I put Restore on my deck in 2012, it started bubbling and chipping a year later. I was told it would last 10 years. Every year
    I have to buy more paint to touch up chipped and peeling parts. This year I could pull some of it off in strips, we had to replace a step and one board because of moisture , I could actually pull off much more but quit because it is too much for
    me to do. I spent close to $500 for my Restore stain. I know I have lots of wood damage underneath but can't tackle it
    all at once. A major job. What do you reccommend to help me?

    • Kevin J says:

      It is very difficult to get off,, the chemicals I used to get off the RESTORE require goggles, gloves and a good scraper. 1500 PSI Pressure washers don't do much at all with this stuff, and the more powerful ones can damage your deck. You may need to get an estimate from a professional, before you try it your self.

  11. Susan Lowery says:

    We also brought Rustoleum Restore in 2015. It has started chipping and peeling. We had spent over $900.00 on the Restore plus all the label. We have a very large two tier deck that now looks awful. I would love to know how to get in a Class Action Lawsuit.

  12. Marianne Galvin says:

    I also am disturbed about this very expensive product Restore that has not even held up in a sunroom with a concrete floor. It is a four season room. Peeling bubbles and cracks. Between the prep time, application time 3 coats, now the scrapping clean up is adding more money. My lungs are bad so I had to hire someone to scrap off the old restore. Unbelievable that they would market this product.

  13. Rod Dupays says:

    our deck is a mess peeling everywhere. I called them in 2014 about it and told me i did not apply the product right and it is not covered under warranty. our deck is ruined because of this product.

  14. Tonya says:

    My deck is ruined because of this product.what can I do?

  15. Nate says:

    My parents decks are ruined! Peeling banking within 3 months! Rustoleum offered a check for product and a useless paint stripper. Spent hours scraping and powerwashing. What can we do! S

  16. Steven Grudzinski says:

    I used the deck restore on my deck and it causing my deck to rot, pressure treated deck wood is rotting, I have never seen that before.

  17. Gayle says:

    This is a product that should have never been introduced to the consumer. It completely destroyed both of our decks we applied it to. Just keeps peeling and looks horrid. What I can't believe it is still being sold. Most companies take pride in what they sell, not this one.

  18. Patty Smiga says:

    Junk…deck disaster x40…

  19. Connie Larsen says:

    Yes I did two rental houses and bought enough to do my own deck then saw what it did on my rental house decks peeling off in sheets so now I'm stuck with 5 gallons of this crap.

  20. David P. says:

    I do not understand we live in Montreal Quebec Canada, we installed restore to our stairs and balcony's in 2013 it has not peeled or bubbled in any way. We are very please with the product. We also did our Fondation wall with the restore vertical and again no problems.even with the winter snow and extreme cold the product still looks great. I can not say that I went crazy on preprinted preparations, lucky I guess. All this to say that we really in joy the product.

  21. Reyna L. says:

    After one year, my deck began to peel and bubble. I have had to wait two or three years before I could afford to have it scraped by hand which is happening as I write this. The men I have hired cannot believe how hard it is to get off and it is turning out to be an expensive process. I was always uncomfortable walking on it in the summer as it seemed to absorb the heat and was generally very unattrativve.

  22. n1iwv says:

    This is very good news indeed!!!!

    ORDER Granting Preliminary Approval of Class Action Settlement Signed by the Honorable Amy J. St. Eve on 10/20/2016:Mailed notice(kef, ) (Entered: 10/20/2016)

  23. PAM HARDING says:

    this product is a waste of time and money. it fades cracks and comes off your deck . PLEASE DO NOT BUY.

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