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Class Action Lawsuit against Rust-Oleum Deck Restore

Rust-Oleum Deck Restore

Rust-Oleum Deck Restore

Rust-Oleum Deck Restore is a water based, low odor product that is designed to mask the wood not allowing the wood grain to show. It is marketed as a thick paint product for wood decks that is outside of conventional restoration.

Recently there have been investigating claims on behalf of customers who have used Rustoleum Deck Restore on their decks. Rustoleum Restore has been alleged of being prone to premature failure. When it is applied to exterior wood it may be susceptible to bubbling and/or peeling, which can lead to costly repairs and replacements.

Consumers involved in the Rust-oleum class action lawsuit are claiming to have significant peeling and bubbling within a year to a year and a half of applying the product. The manufacturer claims to have a 10-year warranty on the deck product. In one lawsuit the company allegedly offered an unhappy consumer a check to cover the cost of the product even though the premature failure of the deck restore would cost in excess of several thousand dollars to remove.

Out of the many consumers who purchased Rust-Oleum Deck Restore in 2013, there is a large number of them experiencing utter failure of the product. Even though application instructions were followed to the letter, there is a significant report of bubbling, peeling, cracking and/or flaking within a year of application. Reportedly, the company refuses to take responsibility of their failing product and is trying to blame the customer instead. They are only offering to reimburse the actual cost of the product and nothing more.

This deck restore product is sold as a DIY product so they are claiming the labor cost is uncompensated. A meager product refund is not nearly enough for most of the decks needing to have the product removed or completely replaced. It is sad that the consumers who bought this product fell victim to false advertising claims and thought they were buying a product as a way to help protect their investment.

Read full story of Class Action Lawsuit against Rust-Oleum Deck Restore 10x:  See Here

The plaintiffs are represented by Daniel C. Levin, Esq. of Levin, Fishbein, Sedran & Berman in Philadelphia.

U.S. District Court for Eastern District of Pennsylvania case 5:14-cv-06156

Lawsuit Info

-We are not connected with the lawsuit in any way. The only info we have is to contact the counsel who represents the plaintiffs directly if you would like to join. This link may help as it lists the lawyers involved at the bottom:

Update Spring of 2015

Please read our article on Gulf Synthetics Deck Revive Review 2015  We believe this product has real value if looking for these product types that actually work.

If you have used the Rust-oleum Restore, Please Post a Comment Below!

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681 responses to “Class Action Lawsuit against Rust-Oleum Deck Restore”

  1. Benjamin Bailey says:

    Used the 10X nonslip Restore Non Slip (2 -5 gal pails) ona properly powerwashed and dried surface as per instruction. The product started to bubble in patches within 2 months. Those areas were scraped and recleaned. it required 2 more 5 gal buckets to cover the entire surface as the patched areas were so noticeable. The product again bubbled and peeled. I am anexperienced builder and have never had any product fail in such a manner- Especially Rustolium which we used to prime and paint extensively in appartments. I will never again recommend or use their products since I have become less satisfied with the quality and coverage results of their primmers and paints after Behr took over,

  2. Bill Davidson says:

    Used this product to attempt to " restore" my deck during the summer of 2014. I used the restore with grit in it on the horizontal horizontal sections of the deck and the restore without grit on all other surfaces. I used 7 gallons of this product with grit and 9 gallons of the normal. I also purchased the textured rollers and brushed and etc as recommended by the sales person at Home Depot in Circleville, Ohio. Application took place during September of 2014. The application process is laborious and takes a great deal of time. By March of 2015 the floor of the deck was coming up in pieces and the Nothern part of the deck was showing green streaks from algae growth. Over spring and summer of 2016 the deck was very much chipped, peeling, and just overall crappy looking. I began to remove the restore product and will finish sometime in early 2017. This product did not perform or behave as was advertised by the company and the employees of Home Depot. I am very unhappy with the performance of the product.

  3. Kathy Essman says:

    We bought enough to coat our 1000 foot deck and had high hopes that it would perform well as it was made by Rustoleum. It was a complete and utter failure. It peeled and began to life within a few months of application. I would love to be able to recover the money we poured down a rat hole with this product, not to mention all the time and money it took to remove it all, once it failed. Complete nightmare!!! Please contact me if I can be part of this action.

  4. Mary says:

    We used the rust- oleum restore product also and it peeled up in less than a year. The following summer was spent scrapping, sanding etc to get off and still could not get it all off. Looks terrible. We spent a lot of money and labor time due to this terrible product. Please keep us informed

  5. Cindy Philbrick says:

    I drank the Kool aid and bought 80 gallons of Restore to do two large decks and a huge walkway. I thought that this stuff would last for many years and I thought it was durable. First, I bought a light brown color and it went on pink. Ugh!!! That wasn't the color I was going for. After spending $2,500 in labor and $ $1,760.00 for the 80 gallons of Restore – I find out that I had been hood winked. This stuff didn't last 6 months. I followed the directions to a T. This stuff flaked off and even broke apart in chunks. Yes, I did go back to Lowes and complain but was told that there was nothing they could do. I would like to join the lawsuit too and get my money back. What is even worse is the mess I have to clean up now. It all has to be scraped off (whatever didn't just chunk up and break off). I bet it will cost another $2,000 or more to just scrape this junk off.

  6. Steven G Patee says:

    I have a 20 by 30 foot deck and I'm experiencing the same problem as everyone else has mentioned. I have Restore 10X peeling and flaking everywhere and making a big mess. A very, very, very poor product.

  7. Kelly Cronce says:

    I did and it peeled and although I spent weeks prepping the deck first thought I did something wrong.

  8. Diana says:

    10x restore is the worst deck paint I have ever tried. And they are still selling it after all the complaints. What a mess.

  9. Nancy Martin says:

    We purchased two 5 gallon buckets of the product and before summer was over it started peeling. this was the summer of 2015This summer my one deck was almost bare and we power washed it to gat rid of the rest of it. Still a little bit left and on the other deck has been peeling also. This deck has a roof and it took longer to peel. Very disappointed in product.

  10. Eric says:

    Used restore 10x and thought I did something wrong also, the paint bubbled and peeled off portions of the deck after the first winter, tried scraping off product and reapplying to no avail, the product continues to bubble and peel in other areas of the deck. Also the 10x product left heavy sand areas wherever the product overlapped, stuff is absolutely no good.

  11. Gordon says:

    We did our deck with Restore and it has failed miserably. We followed the directions to the letter, feeling that if we did so, we would not have to worry about our deck again in our lifetime. It is a mess and we are considering replacing the whole deck as it not an easy job removing the Restore and the cedar is not protected now. With a rough winter on it, heaven only knows how much worse it is going to be in the spring. Rust-Oleum was not thorough in testing the Restore apparently. Now we out big bucks and being seniors that hurts a lot!! Our faith in Rust-Oleum is down the tubes.

  12. Gordon S. Wilson says:

    We applied Restore to our deck and it has failed miserably! We followed the directions to the letter thinking that if we did we would never have to worry about the deck again in our lifetime. The Restore is peeling off our deck and our cedar is now exposed to the elements. We are going to have to remove the Restore and may even have to replace all or some of our cedar. This is hard thing to swallow as we are seniors and it is tough on us financially. Would like to know how we can join the class action suit.

  13. Ken Lippert says:

    The product peeled within the first year, awful product for a hi price.

  14. Shirley Vaughan says:

    My deck was ruined after i applied Rustoleum Restore. It started peeling before 6 months went by. Then I tried to remove the rest and it didn't come up uniformly. I had to replace the deck. I have pictures of the failure and the replacement deck.

  15. STEVEN Bone says:

    Used the Rustoleum and it never held good. Called company and after hours of back and forth agreed to send new product with primer. Had to pay $1200 to have it professionally reapplied and still is peeling off, a bad product which makes Rustoleum look bad.

  16. Claretha Brisbane says:

    I used this product 2x . My deck is cracking . I need help.. Restoration is needed.

  17. Mike Howell says:

    I used Restore 4X on my deck and it started peeling the same summer. Now it looks as though I haven't refinished it in years. I will never buy another Rustoleum product.

  18. scott cameron says:

    spent over $500 in this product what a waste of time and money …….unreal hours spent putting it on even worse taking off the stuff that is left from my deck……the summer that i put it down is the summer it started to peel up ,followed the bucket to a tee and still crap ;;;;;; thanks

  19. John Sellers says:

    spent good money and time following instructions on label, deck had not been sealed in number of years, no beading of water indicated. Power washed and scrubbed deck and allowed to dry before installation in the fall. Next spring the coating peeled off in sheets over 20 – 30% of deck. Power washed and could remove another 10% and spent unreal hours hand scraping another 50% of material off of the deck. All the factory wanted me to do was remove the material and test for beading water and sand the deck. Offered to reimburse me for the paint but not the labor or any replaced material!!!!! thank you for that — not a solution.

  20. John bahnsen says:

    Used their product fall of 2014 came back in spring of 2015 and the deck was white. The company would not cover the expense of fixing the problem would just pay back the cost of the product. Very unhappy with a well known name company as rustoleum. John bahnsen

  21. John bahnsen says:

    How do I get on the class action lawsuit

  22. KatherineDarby says:

    I paid a contractor several years ago to repair my cedar deck and he recommended Restore versus just replacing some of the boards. I have the same story as many others in that it started peeling within six months and now the wood is rotting. I was unaware of the law suit until I read the legal action in the Parade section of the Washington Post a few weeks ago. I called the number posted and understand that the claim forms will not be available until 6 March 2017.

  23. Jerry Olson says:

    Same result as everyone else. We have a 2 story deck, have over $1000 invested in product. Followed instructions, spent a lot of hours prepping & applying. Applied in summer and after 1 winter it was peeling. Looks worse now then it did before we used the Restore. Talked to sales person at store we purchased it. She said she would not recommend Restore to anyone, she is hearing same complaint from everyone who used it.

  24. Rick Chinchen says:

    we used restore on two perfectly fine covered decks/porches. Did everything the instructions said to do and now we have to completelyl rebuild these decks cuz they look so bad. Peeling and bubbling. Very expensive.

  25. Randall Conner says:

    I have used restore and it has peeled and bubbled and all of the above, worst results possible! Applied with recommended roller did not fill cracks. Looks worse than before it was applied.Lots of money invested!

  26. Betty Jefferies says:

    I used the rustoluem deck restorer and my deck started peeling right after it was applied to my deck it also stated it could be used on concerte as well it started bubbling and peeling also.I can't afford to have my porches repaired.

  27. Charlotte Willett says:

    I purchased Rest-Oleum Restore. in 2013, Have a very large wood deck and saw ads. for Restore and thought it would be a good product. It started peeling off after a few weeks, I got in contact with Rust-oleum customer service, I sent in pictures of my deck before and after using their product. with my receipts of purchase. Now I receive this class action and no longer have the home-depot receipts, they did send me a check in the amount of app. 250.00 for the paint, but now, my whole deck is a complete mess, I had to drive round trip of 300mi. to Home-Depot to buy product and had to pay a painter to prep. the deck and apply the Restore. and it not only peeled off but in some parts it turned to sand. it continues to peel and I am at a loss as to how to make my deck 35 ft. by 25 ft. look good again, I cannot paint over it. It is truly a mess. Please help.

  28. Larry Reed says:

    I used the rust-oluem lasted nearly a year before it started peeling , now the deck is total mess, contacted customer service all the would tell me was I installed it wrong. Do not use their products any more.

  29. Catherine says:

    Used it on my front deck started peeling in no time now every time I sweep the deck the paint comes off it's a mess

  30. Treva Baggs says:

    I also the Restore deck paint how do I file to get in on the class action law suite to get my money back for the paint and cost of having my deck cleaned and re painted

  31. charlie says:

    Same problem as everyone else. Count me on the class action

  32. Shirley Shae says:

    This article will be helpful if it leads me to the class action lawsuit

  33. douglas schubring says:

    we bought 5 (4 gallon buckets) of Restore and installed it during the summer of 2014. By fall most of the paint had flaked
    off and changed the color of our deck to a dark brown to black mess. It was definitely not what we had hoped. a very bad

  34. Kristen Beals says:

    I used this product on a very large deck and two smaller decks. Followed directions completely. Decks looked great for about six months and then the product started bubbling up and peeling extensively. The decks are a complete mess. I spoke to Home Depot where I bought this and they said to contact company. I left messages with the company (Rust-Oleum) with no return calls.

  35. Tracy Murray says:

    I'm with all the others. my deck is a mess. What's the next step?

  36. Sue says:

    Wish I had known this before I used the product on my deck. It has lasted less than a year. horrible product. Is it too late to turn in a claim on this shoddy product?

  37. Thomas Coleman says:

    I used the Restore Product on my worn deck to bring it back to
    life in the Summer of 2014. It looked great until the summer of 2016. Started peeling badly. It looks a mess now. I've spoken with many power wash and deck companies. They won't touch it. Says there is nothing that can be done to fix it. Would have to replace deck. I have a fairly large deck. Several thousand to replace. What a mess this Restore has caused!! Include me in this class action lawsuit!


  38. Marsha says:

    How do we file a law suit

  39. Troy says:

    Ive used this product and its didnt even last 4 months. Did all the prep work and everything. Its the 4x Please send me info also on being added too the case

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