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You may not think a composite deck needs to be sealed or protected. It may not be as susceptible to the elements as a wood deck, but the truth is that a composite deck is prone to many of the same problems. Composite decks are normally part wood and part plastic so they are prone to mold, mildew, fading, and graying due to both sun and water damage. To help increase the longevity of a composite deck it should be protected with a composite deck sealer.

Composite sealer reviews help shed light on several traits of a quality sealer. Though there are many inferior composite sealer products there are also some reputable ones. Look for a composite deck sealer that is extremely durable and will help prevent color fading and protect against mold and mildew. UV protection is also important as harsh sunrays can fade the color of most unprotected composite decks.

Any stain containing a special blend of zinc particles is a plus. Zinc is a natural deterrent to black mold, mildew, algae, and fungi. These zinc particles also help to reflect harmful UV rays, which can lead to graying and discoloration. They act like a sunscreen lotion for the composite surface, helping to retain its natural color for longer periods than if unprotected.

Composite sealer reviews suggest staying away from film forming or solid sealers that mask the composite surface. These types of composite sealers are prone to peeling, flaking and cracking. While a quality composite sealer will actually penetrate the surface for maximum protection, a film forming type stays atop the surface and is more subject to premature failure.

Waterproofing and shielding your exterior composite surfaces is a great way to protect them for years to come. Read up on composite sealer reviews to narrow down your choice of a high quality composite sealer. This will ensure better results and a longer lasting finish.

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6 responses to “Composite Sealer Reviews”

  1. lui says:

    My composite deck has faded and seems somewhat beaten by the upstate NY weather. Indeed, there is not such a thing as a maintenance free deck! I'd like to rejuvenate it with some sort of penetrating stain. I've seen advertised that some wood stains will also go on composite. Is this correct or is there something out there specific for the job? Any recommendation would be appreciated.

    • Some stains will work on composite decking. We have used them in the past but rarely in the last 8 years. We tried the Messmers Composite sealer with some success.

  2. Ron, says:

    need product name for good composite deck sealer

  3. Scott says:

    Great Site!…Live in Seattle area. Built a 10 x 12 deck using mainly cedar. Utilized 4×4 PT Fence Posts for better strength. Used 'Flood' CWF-UV (translucient-Cedar Tone). I discovered your site AFTER using 'Flood' CWF-UV deck stain.

    A friend gave me about 300 lf of gray ChoiceDek after I already built my deck with cedar. (ChoiceDek was sitting side of his house for about 5 yrs)…figured I would use Choicefek to build 2 benches (utilizing Dekmate Bench Brackets) stairs and as much of the railing as I could.

    My challenge of course, is incorporating the gray ChoiceDek into my newly built cedar…which I'm thinking I will need to paint, most likely a solid color…which if I understand correctly, is the opposite of what your site recommends.

    I'm trying to be as cost effective as possible so would really like to incorporate the ChoiceDek (as opposed to purchasing more cedar)…assuming I can solve the issue of painting the ChoiceDek to somewhat match the deck's current color.


    Thanks in advance,
    Issaquah, WA

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