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Deck Stain Color Ideas

Deck Stain Color Ideas for Exterior Wood

Choosing a deck stain color can be a bit confusing with so many different choices on the market today. There is a wide range of colors, tones, and opacity choices to take into consideration. Also taking into account the type of wood you are staining can really leave you more confused than anything. Educating yourself on the different choices of deck stain color ideas will assist you in making the right choice.

Deck Stain Tones

A deck stain tone is basically the primary shade of color that the wood will appear. While the term color, in speaking about deck stains, is mostly associated with solid deck stains, the term tone is more associated with semi-transparent or semi-solid stains. These types of stains do not completely hide the wood grain but rather enhance the appearance of it with a tone. The most common deck stain toners are natural, cedar, redwood, and darker browns.

Deck Stain Opacity

The opacity of a deck stain color is the condition of the transparency. Very opaque deck stains will completely hide the wood grain and will reflect only the actual color of the deck stain. On the other hand, only slightly opaque stains like the semi-transparent stains will add some color or tone but still allow the natural color of the wood, it’s grain, and natural characteristics to show through. This is why the condition, wood type, and natural color of the wood deck will come into play as the final appearance when using a more transparent deck stain.

Deck Stain Color Ideas

Deck stain color ideas are really only restricted by the deck owners own imagination. Different color combinations, tones and even opacities can be used together to create a beautiful and unique wood deck. Two tone decks have become increasingly popular. Most commonly a solid deck stain in any choice of color is used on the vertical surfaces of the deck like the spindles and handrails, while a semi-transparent stain is used on the horizontal decking. These two different types of deck stain in the right color can really compliment each other and give you a beautiful result. Now that you know more about deck stain color ideas see how creative you can get in giving your deck a lasting beautiful finish.

8 responses to “Deck Stain Color Ideas”

  1. Rona says:

    Is a dark color solid deck stain or a light color solid deck stain better? I am interested in what color will hold up cosmetically better. With the regular walking and moving furniture around. Also just the everyday leaves falling and outside conditions???

  2. Richard says:

    Just installed a new cedar (western red) deck in Saskatoon SK. Plan to let it let weather for a couple of months before cleaning/brightening and staining. Wondering if I should use a clear transparent likevArmstong Clark or apply a semi-transparent. I would really like the native cedar colour to show through. Any feedback appreciated. Most of the stains available in Canada do not seem to have a decent rating. Any comment on what might be the best option short of importing AC or Defy??

  3. Sam says:

    Do you need to strip it if you stain in a soild each time you restain it thanks

  4. vinayak says:

    hi I stained my deck with cabot moghany flame semi transparent timber oil two years ago I am in alberta Calgary here we have very cold climate my deck looks very weathered out what should I do to get it to look beautiful and what type of stain should I use . And do I need to strip of the old stain and put an new one on .

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