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Deck Staining Temperatures

The Correct Temperatures for Staining Decks

It is important to know the tolerances a new deck stain will allow without hindering its performance. One of the most crucial areas of concern is with air temperature. Temperatures need to be in the safe zone while the deck stain is being applied and for 8-12 hours after.

Low Temperatures

According to most deck stain manufacturers, the air temperature should be no lower than 45 degrees while being applied. This is only an average. Some deck stains need to be applied when the temperature is at least 60 degrees. Check the label on the deck stain you are using.

In addition, once the stain is applied the temperature should not drop below freezing for 8-12 hours. This can otherwise hinder the curing process of the stain. Penetrating stains will not cure properly while film forming deck stain’s adhesion will be jeopardized. This can lead to a lack of stain performance and cause premature failure of the product. If temperatures are forecasted to drop do not stain the deck, if you have already started do not proceed.

High Temperatures

Just as important as low temperature tolerances are high temperatures. This is especially important while the deck stain is being applied. Do not apply stain in extremely hot temperatures. When it is 90 degrees and above care should be taken if deck staining is necessary.

Try staining in the morning before it gets hot or during a part of the day that your deck is shaded. Never apply deck stain in direct sunlight on a hot day. Staining a deck in the sun and/or on an extremely hot day can cause the stain to flash dry on the surface. This prevents the stain from penetrating properly and will hinder its longevity. Flash drying also causes the stain to appear uneven and blotchy giving you poor results.

Deck staining projects can be costly and labor intensive. The last thing you want is lack luster results because of the weather. Follow these guidelines for correct temperatures for staining decks so your final results will not be jeopardized.

4 responses to “Deck Staining Temperatures”

  1. Rich says:

    I just got done using the RAD cleaner and brightener yesterday on my 1 year old, unfinished, PTP deck. I plan on staining this weekend using a mixture of AC Rustic and AC Ceder Semi. Temperatures will reach 65 degrees during the day, but are expected to drop down to 36 degrees overnight. Should that low temperature overnight be a concern for the performance of the stain? Any insight would be greatly appreciated by this rookie.

  2. Pierce says:

    I am staining some wood duck boxes made of eastern white cedar. I wil be doing it in my open garage in the shade but the outside temperature will be around 90 +/-.

    Should I wait or can I go ahead and take care of t his project?

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