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How Much Deck Stain Should I Buy?

How Much Deck Stain and Prepping Products Should I Buy?

Before staining a deck you need to figure out the deck’s total square footage. Once this calculation is considered, you can figure out how many gallons of deck stain you need by reading the coverage rate of the stain you are buying. On average most deck stains cover 150-300 sq. ft. per gallon depending on the age, condition, and porosity of the wood.

To figure how much deck stain you should buy, start by measuring the deck floor. Take its width times length and write that number down. Besides the main deck floor, be sure to add in any smaller decking areas like a second tier deck or stair landing platforms.

Measure the linear feet of all the handrails including stair railings. Then determine the average height of the railing. This is usually around 3 feet on average. Multiply the total linear feet by the height in feet and write that number down next to the total number you got for the deck flooring.

Determine how many steps you have total on your deck. After counting them up, measure how wide the steps are and then multiply these two numbers to come up with a total. Now take all three numbers from the deck flooring, railings, and stairs and add them together. That is the total square footage of your deck.

Be sure to measure up and add in any extra areas of the deck that are less common. Add in any lattice, skirting, benches, pergolas or other wood structures being stained.

When measuring your deck it is best to use a tape measure or measuring wheel. If you do not have access to a measuring device you can come up with a close approximation by stepping the deck off. For example, to measure the floor stand on one end and with long strides walk to the opposite end counting each step.

A long step is close to a yard, which equals 3 feet. Multiple the number of steps you took by 3 and that is the total number of feet. Do this for all the steps mentioned above to calculate your decks total square footage.

Once you have a total square footage number you will then know how much deck stain you should buy to complete the project. Always buy a little extra if you can just so you do not run short. You can return any unopened cans to the store or just save them for next time the deck needs to be refinished.

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4 responses to “How Much Deck Stain Should I Buy?”

  1. Betty says:

    How do I figure square footage of deck steps

  2. Stephen says:

    So I'm restaining my deck. I've striped and sanded the entire deck. Total sq ft is 555 sq ft. How many gallons of stain will I need?

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