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Olympic Maximum Deck Stain Review 2.71/5 (22)

Olympic Maximum Stain Review

Olympic Maximum Stain Review

OLYMPIC® MAXIMUM Semi-Transparent Stain by OLYMPIC provides a beautiful, subtle color that allows wood’s natural grain and texture to show through. The superior hybrid resin technology penetrates deep into your wood to strengthen, protect, and condition wood fibers, ensuring the Natural Beauty of your wood lasts.

Note: Olympic has changed formulas to the newer water-based Olympic Maximum Stain + Sealant

OLYMPIC® MAXIMUM Stain Scores (1-10)

Appearance After Initial Stain Application: 8

– The Olympic Maximum in the Cedar Naturaltone is a mix of golden caramel tones. The grain of the treated pine deck had a nice overall color. The knots of the wood were a little light but that can be normal for a deep penetrating oil based stain.

Preventing UV Graying at 2 Year Mark: 5

– Overall the Olympic stain had lost close to 50% of it’s color at the two year mark in the areas where there was full sun. The shaded areas and vertical railings did much better though.

Wear/Tear and Peeling: 8

– Close to 80% of the stain was still intact on the horizontal surfaces. It seems that the second winter really did some damage as the stain had worn away from the freeze/thaw effect.

Cost Per Square Foot: 7

– OLYMPIC® MAXIMUM costs $36.99 a gallons and covers about 150 feet per gallon in our field test. This translates to a cost of $.25 a foot. Coverage per gallon was considerably less then the manufacturer’s claim of 200+ feet.

Preventing Mold/Mildew/Algae: 7

– The OLYMPIC® MAXIMUM contains linseed oil which is a known “feeder” for mold growth. There was a considerable amount of mold growing in the stain, especially in the shaded areas. Hard to tell if the added mildewcide had any effect.

Ease of Application: 8

– Easy to apply. The Maximum stain is not too thick in viscosity. Spreads very nice with a roller or stain pad. Application with a pump up sprayer was efficient and did not cause any clogging. We did need to back wipe some drips on the verticals but this is normal for most stains. No overlapping or puddling was apparent.

Color Shifting (darkening) after 2 Years: 8

– The OLYMPIC® MAXIMUM lightens in color instead of darkening. This makes reapplication easier.

Difficulty of Reapplication: 8

– A good deck cleaner and wood brightener would be more then efficient for reapplication. This would remove the mold and dirt. No need to use a stain stripper but if needed, a deck stain stripper would not have any problems with breaking down the bond between the stain and the wood.

Overall Score OLYMPIC® MAXIMUM Stain at 2 Year Period: 7.38

– Overall the OLYMPIC® MAXIMUM is a pretty average wood stain. Good for about 12-18 months in our opinion. If you are limited to what is available at your local stores the the Olympic would be a decent choice. Better wood stains are found on the Internet or specialty stores such as lumber yards and paint stores.

Important Note: OLYMPIC® MAXIMUM states a 5 years warranty for decks. 5 years is absolutely impossible on a horizontal deck surface. At best you will get 2-3 years with some of the better deck stains. Olympic lasts closer to 12-18 months on a deck floor. Warranties that claim ridiculous amounts of 5, 6, 7 years are flat out lying to you and or limited in such a way that you will not get anything in reimbursement.

Product Information:

Where To Buy: Lowes
Cost: $36.89 per Gallon, $166.99 per 5 Gallon Pail
Stain Type: Transparent, Semi-Transparent, Semi-Solid – Oil-Based
Available Colors: Transparent Natural, Transparent Cedar, Clove Brown, Slate Gray
Application Temperature: 45-95 F
Coats Required: 1 Coat
Coverage Per Gallon: 200-250 sq. ft
Application Tools: Sprayer, Pad, Brush, Roller – Back brush as needed.
Dry Time: 4-12 Hours
Cleanup: Mineral Spirits
VOC Compliant: 250 Compliant in All 50 States
More Info: Product Data
Manufacturer: PPG

Test Deck Stats:

When Tested: April 2009 -2011
Deck Wood Type: ACQ Treated Pine
Deck Square Footage: 400
UV Exposure: 50% Sun 50% Shade
How Many Years Tested: 2 Years
Stain Color Used:
Cedar Naturaltone

*All products tested and results are from our experience. We offer no guarantee of similar results. Take inconsideration that results may differ due to different wood types, exposure to UV radiation, and natural weathering.

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108 responses to “Olympic Maximum Deck Stain Review”

  1. Jeff says:

    I was able to get 4-5 years out of the Olympic Maximum 5-year deck, fence, and siding stain. Works best if you spray it on. I tried numerous products prior to this stain – Behr, Cabot, Superdeck, etc. and all of these only lasted 1 year. I've been using this stain for 7 years now.

    • Chuck says:

      What did you use to spray the Olympic Maximum stain ? I tried a one gallon generic sprayer and got poor pattern & puddling . I also tried an Olympic 2 gallon sprayer and even worse results. Do the Wagner power sprayers work?

      • Chuck, the formula that we tested is different from the current formula. The current formula is much \”thicker\” I believe. An airless sprayer should work fine with the current Olympic formula.

        • Michele says:

          To me, this stuff looks like paint, not stain. It would probably be fine for a deck or trim on the home, but I bought this for a wood fence. The can says, "subtle color", lol. He mixed up 2 gallons of it and THEN put the dot on the outside, so then I could see that it looks like paint, not stain. We hate how it seems to cover up the nice grain on the wood. Lowe's said you cannot return it after it's mixed. I don't know what to do now. I don't want to use this ugly stuff. Maybe I can mix it with some clear? Well, at the very least, I would get a sample first!

        • Michele says:

          Please disregard previous post. Lowe's took the semi-permanent stain back, even though it was mixed. Thank you

      • rob says:

        Graco spray stations have been great

  2. Jeff says:

    Sorry, I was able to get 4-5 years with the Olympic Maximum 5-year deck, fence, and siding stain on a deck.

    • Jeff, that’s great but we honestly doubt your claim of 4-5 years. Bare in mind that they changed their formula lately as well from an oil based stain to a water based stain.

      • DPad says:

        Only the solid stain moved to water based. It's an acrylic formula. The semi-transparent and other "clearer" stains are still oil based. In my experience (a salesman of paints and stains at a particular store), olympic only lasts so long depending on your environment. In Salt Lake area, Utah (technically; a desert climate with extreme temperature differences), you can expect about half of the gauranteed life. Olympic will not back up their claim in these "extreme environment" situations.

  3. Tim McCandless says:

    I am not happy with Olmpic's low VOC formula semi-transparent stain required in some states. After a period of only 2 weeks it is peeling up. I liked the oil-based formula. I am no longer an Olympic fan.

    • Tim, I agree with you. The old oil-based formula was a much better product.

    • Mike says:

      Tim, AGREED… I live in NYS Olympics low VOC formula is horrible.. While it tended to hold up on the areas that were not so exposed to the weather, the rest of my porch deck was a peeling mess.. Been sanding it off.. As you suggest stick with OIL based.. Buy another brand.. If you live in NYS hop the boarder.. buy Oil based products in another state… Works for me!

      • Mary says:

        Same problem. Just weeks after applying the Olympic Elite Stain it started to peel off, bubbles up when the sun hits it and is showing black over much of the surface. I am still fighting with Olympic for a resolution. So much for a 10yr stain warranty!

        • Bill Reinike says:

          How did you manage to contact Olympic? I tried googling Olympic but there were no sites providing contact information. I discovered that Olympic is part of PPG and I did find a phone number for them. However, PPG is peddling a free Bahamas vacation trip and you are virtually struck listening to it. Finally, I was told to "press 2" if I did not want the vacation. Pressing 2 disconnects the call.

      • Scott says:

        Have to agree with Grant, stain is not paint and cannot be applied the same,Deck prep is critical,Sherwin Williams has excellent deck washes,stain remover, revive, and sanding may be necessary as well. Stain has to be in a very light,even manner (i.e. possible backbrushing immediately, or light,even spray pattern) Applying stain too thick or adding a second coat to soon will result in peeling.

  4. John says:

    I used Olympic Maximum on my deck and, unfortunately, had to restain it every year. In addition, I fought mold throughout the entire year. I am presently looking for a much, much better stain. Definitely not a fan of Olympic.

    • John, look at TWP or Defy Extreme instead.

      • Kevin says:

        The one time I tried Defy was a horrible experience. It's weird in that it is a thin product and goes on looking light then darkens as it dries. Instructions, and customer, required two coats. Yes it looked good except for the balls of acrylic that had to be brushed off after. Was a small project only of about 100' so brushed it rather than spraying. That was mistake as it flat out ruined my bushes that I would normally need using with Armstrong or Olympic. I've decided there is no way I will ever use Defy again especially in one of my sprayers.. I'll stick with Armstrong most my jobs unless it's fence or other vertical work. Those I use the Olympic Max. Proper prep and mainly the application method is what's key with it. Can't use a pump up with stuff like that. Gotta use an airless.

    • Bethann says:

      John I too had a problem. I didn't even get a year out of this product. It's even peeling off my deck handrails. Lowes wouldn't refund me the money for the product. They gave me a phone number to Olympic. I sent over photos 10 days ago. They said they would contact me once they started my claim. I sent them an email yesterday and still haven't heard back from them. Now I have a cedar deck that looks like crap and I am afraid to power wash it.

  5. Jim says:

    I'm looking between the Cabot and the Olympic Max, leaning towards Olympic Max. Olympic makes the "toner" which is called a "penetrating oil" formula (green label) and the "semi-transparent" which claims to be "penetrating acrylic/Oil" formula (orangish label). What's the difference? I'm in Michigan. Is the "semi-transparent" the "low VOC formula" that is stated above to be so "horrible"?
    The lady at the "box" store told me to go with Cabot Austrailian Oil because even their 'semi-transparent" is all oil.
    Suggestions? Thanks.

    • Jim, The semi-transparent is actually a water based stain and has had many issues. I would not use it. I would look elsewhere and stay away from Home Depot and Lowes. That are plenty of other good stains that you can get in Michigan. TWP, Defy, etc.

  6. carolastrand says:

    I am in the process of re-surfacing my deck with new 2×4 cedar boards. Beforehand, they were left to dry for 2 weeks and then I stained them with Olympic Maximum oil based stain and sealant, cedartone. I brushed on one coat and then back brushed to smooth out drips. They were then left to dry for another two weeks plus. After a rain shower, the boards are now stained with dark gray water spots. They cannot be removed by sanding or washing with a bleach and soap mixture. Any advice on how to remove the spots or is there a chance they will fade? What do you think caused the spotting? The odd part is, some boards spotted, some didn't. After a rain, I now sweep the puddles from the deck in order to try and prevent them from forming more. Yuck! The new deck boards look terrible.

  7. Dave says:

    Just had deck installed with Treated lumber. they finished the job yesterday and I applied the Clear Olympic sealer today. Have the deck floor and most of the railing done. Waiting to see the results after a rain. Live in Michigan. Has anyone tried 2 coats??

    • Dave, Did you use the water based or oil based version of Olympic.

    • Thomas Lewalski says:

      Dave: I'm very surprised that you put ANYTHING on a newly constructed PT surface! Recommendations are to wait from 4-10 months…depending upon the season and location where installed? If you have GOOD results, please post the details on this site since thousands of folks would like to learn something that has been turned upside-down!
      Dr Thom L.

      • tthan43 says:

        I live in Southern Ok. on the TX/OK border, about 100 mi. N of Dallas. I completed re-doing my deck with new treated floor joists, decking and hand rails. The wood I used was common treated white pine 5/4 inch thickness, radius edges. I had previously used transparent/Redwood Flood and was not too happy with it. It did not last long. This time I did a LOT of research and chose Olympic Maximum from Lowes. Not all of the best ones are allowed in this state so I had to go with choosing from what we had. I had some of the pieces of the treated pine left and decided to test some of the remaining Flood I had left and the new Olympic. Just as I expected, the Flood would not soak into the new treated pine wood. I tried the Olympic and it instantly soaked in and stained the new wood a perfect brown color and dried with in 3 minutes to the point that wiping my finger over the stain produced nothing on my finger. It was dry, walnut brown and fully soaked in. I do not know what they use as a penetrating agent but whatever it is it is perfect. The flooring on the deck was laid screwed to the joists, completed one day and I began staining the next day. It is unseasonably warm for this time of year…Christmas is only a few days away and the weather has been in the 60s and 70s. I used a 3 inch brush of the lesser expensive type and did not buy one for staining. Worked perfectly. As far as whether it will stand up over time remains to be seen but I will bet that I won't be disappointed. From now one, I will use Olympic. It has to be the best penetrating and truest color on the market. I could have ordered one of the more expensive brands like Defy on the internet but by the time I pay for shipping it would have been cost prohibitive. I did not need 5 gal. but started with only one gallon. I always try a stain on a piece of the same wood I am getting ready to get busy with. That way I can see exactly what is going to happen. I would have been very upset if I had bought more Flood. I guess I like the idea of buy it, use it, be done with it.
        ***the next day we had a fairly heavy rain at night and the next day I checked….no wet boards, no dark spots. This does not address longevity but time will tell. I have a feeling that the Olympic will work out fine. The big advantage for me was ease of immediate application, rapid drying and instant penetration/sealing the wood.

  8. Gina says:

    I was looking at the stains that are recommended most but did not see much color choice. I was hoping for a semi transparent in dark gray or black shade. The defy extreme, twp and Armstrong Clark only seem to offer brown colors.

  9. Steve Schwanke says:

    Have a coastal front deck north of San Francisco. Have used CWF UV5 clear on it. Mold is not an issue. It gets full exposure and needs refinishing. I'm ok with adding some pigment to help it last a bit longer. What product would you recommend? Steve

  10. Greg says:

    Where can I buy Defy or TWP in the Wichita, Kansas area? I would prefer not to have to have it shipped if possible.

  11. Roger says:

    What happens if the temperature falls below 32 the night after application?

  12. Tracy says:

    What are the risks of waiting to seal a new deck until after winter? We just built a deck (we're in Indiana) and the weather out here is pretty chilly. Had to build a new deck because we needed a ramp. But I'm terrified about leaving it unsealed through the first winter. We used pressure treated pine by the way.

    • Tracy, it depends on the stain but most stains will not penetrate new wood very well. That is why they want you to let it weather for a few months or longer. Worst case is if you do it now, you will probably need to do it again next Spring. If you decide to do it now then use a penetrating stain and only apply one light coat. Make sure to prep with a wood cleaner and brightener first.

      • tthan43 says:

        As above….I immediately stained the deck when I had finished the wood work of new treated pine. Olympic will penetrate so fast and so evenly you will not believe it. It will be totally dry within a minute. Finished the deck and stained it on the same day. worked perfect. It is 3 days before Christmas and the temp is in the low 60s, sunny, dry. Southern OK, Walnut color (walnut brown). Lowes.

  13. Jan says:

    I love the Olympic premium deck cleaner compared to Cabot's ready to use wood cleaner. We started using the Cabot product and weren't pleased that mold, mildew and algae marks were still apparent. We then tried the Olympic product with much better results. Both products were sprayed on our deck.

  14. tthan43 says:

    Just used Olympic on a new treated pine deck. LOVE this stuff. I did not wait for the recommended time. I was impatient and bad weather was coming. I stained the deck and I have never seen a stain penetrate a wood so fast nor dry so fast. I live in Southern Okla. on the TX/OK borderline. When I applied the stain, the temp was b/t 60-70 degrees. My deck is in three connecting parts that go around the house. I used the walnut Olympic Maximum from Lowes and the price was approx. $36. As i said, this stuff penetrates super fast and dries super fast. Walnut is beautiful….a true brown but if allows the grain to show through. And knots….no problem….goes right in.

  15. […] Note: This review is for the Olympic Maximum Stain + Sealant in One. This is their newer water based version. For the Oil Based review see: Olympic Maximum Stain Review […]

  16. Mike987 says:

    Has anyone used the Olympic max solid stain in an air sprayer? I'm going to give it a shot but wanted to see if anyone
    learned some tricks. Thanks!

  17. Mike987 says:

    Thanks…but I don't have an airless…I have one with air.

  18. Deb says:

    Is this review and rating based on the oil-based semi-transparent or the water based semi-transparent?

  19. John says:

    Were you able to use the deck cleaner without stripping stain? Or did you have to restain after that?

  20. Bill McRae says:

    Last year I used Olympic Maximum Deck Stain (79612168) and sealant in one. In April of this year
    peeling was evident throughout. What happened? What do I do now?

  21. john szympruch says:

    I just resided most of my 143 yr old Barn with rough cut hemlock. What is your suggestion on the hemlock and old hemlock? I know the two woods will never match.

  22. Joe G. says:

    Sorry to disagree…been using Olympic Maximum semi-transparent hybrid water/oil since it first came out. Approximation of 100 decks stained with this product over the last 5 or 6 years all still current customers, all decks still in good shape. You apply this product correctly (thin and with a brush working it into the wood you have cleaned previously) and it lasts as it states it does. I paint houses and stain decks in Cape Cod, Massachusetts one of the harshest environments you will ever see for paints and stains. I was just on the monster deck that took 35 gallons of this stuff this week talking with the customer, 4 years passed and it looks mint.

    • Karl says:

      How the $&@" did you get the stuff to stick??? Spent two weeks pressure washing and chemically cleaning deckwood and the olympic stain did not adhere. Almost perfect staining conditions 70 deg and no more than 40 percent humidity with a very light breeze. Had 20 hours to dry but the next day it rained and some peeled right off. today it looks like total crap. And speaking of crap after using this stain next time i would not even cosider it worthy of staining the bottom of my septic tank! i got much better results from a cheap wal mart stain People take it from me the olympc priduct is just what I said…total crap. Do not waste your money

    • Terry says:

      I have done my deck twice. Lasts less than a year. You must live on a different planet than the rest of us.

  23. Jill says:

    I used this product three years ago and It held up pretty well, but with Texas sun and several hail storms, it really needs to be re-done. The can says the old stain has to be removed before reapplying a new coat. Does anyone have any experience with this? I HATE the idea of stripping it. Would the stain soak in if I just cleaned it well and let it dry?

  24. Ed1222 says:

    We have a 20 year old PT deck and many stairs down a hill. I've used Olympic sealer (max?) a few times, and while we had good results (not as good as Joe G above), it didn't last too long, maybe 2 years. We have many trees and a stream in the yard that keeps things damp and mold/algae prone. The wood is in good shape, but the algae on it can get slippery when wet. I plan to power wash shortly and reseal, but want to use something better that might last longer and help keep the wood solid. I know stains last longer, but we much prefer the natural look. I've breifly looked at TWP 1500, Armstrong and Defy, but am not sure what might be our best bet. I could really use a suggestion. Is oil based a better option?

    • Ed1222, Olympic has switched formulas to a water based version. If you can get the older oil then you can stay with the same. If not then I would switch to Armstrong Clark or TWP 1500.

  25. PurdueBarry says:

    After several problems with Behr I found this site. I wanted to use TWP but it would be special order and ship. Next time I'll plan in advance and get the TWP. So we went with plan B. I found some of the Old Formula Olympic Maximum at a local Lowe's! Ratings seemed better than the new formula so we compromised and went with Redwood Naturaltone. It is a bit more orange than we would like but this was the only remaining color for the old formula. Stripped, pressure washed, Jomax, bleach, Wood conditioner and sanding were applied to 5 Yr old Treated Pine. We live in Atlanta, so heat and humidity are a problem. Product went on great, seemed to penetrate well, and looks even so far. We hope to get 2 years then we will repeat removal, hope it does not need to be so labor intensive to remove (ie Behr) and re stain with TWP. I'll update this post on performance as necessary.

    • shilpa says:

      we are planning to buy TWP too for a newly built deck (2 months old) & yes we live in Atlanta too ! Any updates ?

      • skip says:

        Used TWP not 6 weeks ago and the parts of the deck exposed to sun are already faded drastically. Check other products listed on this site that will stand up to aun light.

  26. Don Hocott says:

    totally unsatisfactory. Peeling after one year with two coats. Must be something better on the market. Complete loss of faith in PPG products

    • Greg says:

      You are not supposed to use two coats. Did you read the can?

      • Grant says:

        Everybody here is totally wrong. If its peeling or bubbling… IT WAS APPLIED INCORRECTLY. I just used the newest Olympic maximum(Indiana) and although it was difficult to backbrush because of how thick it was, it gave a much better look than any other WB stain Ive seen in todays low voc market. Even if you apply TWP too thick and let it puddle it never dries and becomes goo. Its a STAIN not a TRANSPARENT COATING. Only diff between the twp 1500 low voc and the Olympic Maximum is that the twp will fade faster but protect against water for longer. They are both great products but they are very different stains.

  27. Heidi Draffin says:

    My husband used the old oil based solid Olympic stain on our cedar house…20 some odd years ago…vertical surfaces and a house with large eaves in the middle of the Cascade Mtns. It is just now telling us we should start thinking of re-staining it. So, I used Olympic Maximum semi-transparent on the deck redo – 4 sides, brush painted application on a 24 x 24 deck with stairs. I loved it year one. Year two there was algae and very hard to clean algae from without taking the stain off with it. Also the spots that were so natural resin impregnated that they didn't soak up stain were just starting to grey a little beneath the surface. So that year three, there was greying of the areas where attempt to remove algae was made along with the resined areas. We did the deck stairs and pergola posts with solid stain (not the oil-based). They are weathering like troopers after year two. The handrail we did in clear tone and although I cleaned and brightened and re-stained year two it didn't bounce back. It was beautiful at first, I'll give it that. Now I'm thinking we'll go for the solid stain when we redo the deck surface and not sure what to do with the railing. Also, I'm a little reluctant to use the new formulation of the solid stain that lasted so long on this house. Anyone else try TWP or Armstrong Clark, or both for a comparison?

  28. Gwendolin Sherwood says:

    TEST… TEST…TEST… after speaking at length to several people in the "paint section' and one admittedly saying he knew very little.. we looked at the sample sheets and decided to go with the semi-transparent for our RV gate and the garage door. … OMgosh.. it is like paint.. and it is so dark it appears black! I have no idea how anyone can call this stain. I was so shocked when I saw the results I wanted to take the two gallons back. I am so disappointed we were advised.. "no returns" on "mixed stain"… Somehow I feel like we should have been told to take a small container… or that the colors are actually much darker than they appear on the sample sheets. So disappointed in Lowes and Olympic. I guess I will go back to using Min Wax.

    • Martin says:

      I wish I would've read this before staining my fence. I purchased the Semi-Transparent Wenge color and it is so dark. It is like black paint! I'm so disappointed and such a huge waste of time. I see why they say it lasts 5 years… at the 5 year mark it will be the color on the sample sheet.

  29. rich deirocini says:

    looked great for 1 year….this spring it looks horrible..not a olympic fan…will not purchase this product ever again..having a rep come out..good luck with that!

  30. Justin says:

    My lowes carries the oil based Olympic Maximum. My deck is 12×24 in the full sun that was constructed 1 year ago exactly. Some of the handrails (Just the top rail) was just finished last week with new PT wood. I guess I will have to let them "cure" before I apply it to them. Question is….do I need to pressure wash the deck first? Or just clean it with cleaner. And do I need to use a brightener and how long does it have to sit before I can apply the oil based Olympic after I wash, be it pressure, or whatever??? Thanks!!

    • Justin, clean with a pressure washer and deck cleaner. Brighten when done. Let sit for a couple of days. Go ahead and do the tops now and do another coat on them 6-12 months later.

      • Justin says:

        Much appreciated. I will get to pressure wash it Friday and will need to stain it Sunday. It will be close to 48 hours after PWing it. So…if I get this correctly….I mix the deck cleaner powder as directed into my garden sprayer. Spray on the deck, let it sit 10-15 min and then LIGHTLY PW it off. Follow that by using the deck brightener. Let it sit for 48 and then apply stain as directed. That's the way I interpreted your articles that I have been reading ALL DAY!!! Thanks for a great informative site.

  31. RAQUEL ESPARZA says:


  32. RAQUEL ESPARZA says:


  33. DonC says:

    Had someone apply Olympic to my deck (it had been powerwashed several weeks before). I wasn't there when it was done, and when I did see it, it was 'shiny' and tacky. They had applied a second coat. Anyone had issues with second coat applications?

  34. Schmidt says:

    We bought a new house (in South Dakota). Not sure how long the previous owners had they deck stain on for, it started peeling this year. We found the can of stain in the basement and they used Olympic semi-transparent oil based stain. The stain is peeling as if it was a paint and not a stain. We were just going to restain the same color but have never gone about restaining before. We tried power washing and we've tried scraping and stripping the stain but it's still spotty and only comes off in some areas. We even tried testing an area just putting a new layer over the old and it looks terrible because you can see where the raw wood is versus the stained areas. We are not sure where to go from here and we are just wondering if we need to completely strip the deck and/or sand it before adding the same stain on? Any help is much appreciated!!

  35. Rob G says:

    I just purchased and applied a 5 gallon container of Olympic Maximum Semi-Transparent (brick red) stain for my new 6 foot cedar fence. Let me start off by saying that in my time, I've built and stained well over a solid mile of 6 ft cedar fencing, and approximately a quarter mile of 3 ft cedar pickets (painted white) and have never once had a flaking, peeling, or bubbling problem before… that is, until my Olympic "Maximum" began flaking off after roughly 3 weeks from application. Every step and additional recommendation was followed, I even pressure washed 2 weekends before applying stain, then cleaned using Olympic brand cleaner one weekend after pressure washing and one weekend before applying the stain. Once I was confident the boards were fully dried and ready to have stain applied, we brushed off with hard brushed deck and fence prep broom to remove any loose dust/debris/cedar grain flakes, and then applied the final product. The finished results looked great, matter of fact, it still looks great on 80% of each board, but protecting 80% of the fence does not meet my expectations. On each board, it is soaked in and doesn't fade or discolor no matter how hard I rub my hand across it, but on the same board in a different location, it flakes completely off with the slightest pressure, and once it does, you can see that it failed to absorb into the wood at all. There is absolutely zero bubbling, and it doesn't consistently flake off… I can't figure out what went wrong. I applied in optimal conditions, no moisture, no humidity (south-eastern Washington) in early September 2014. Have had zero rain, no freezing temps, no temps above 90 since applying, and it is still failing randomly across the entire fence. With all of this being said, I am still waiting to hear back from Olympic to see what they suggest and what they offer in compensation for the failed product, and for the dozens of hours that were spent creating said fence.

    The ironic part is that before purchasing and applying, I looked at several online photos of applications that failed, and thought to myself that they had to of misapplied the product in some way, but now that I am experiencing the pain myself, I feel guilty for assuming the people were to blame and not the product.

    I've tried attaching a photo of the finished product, so you can see that it looks great, except for the small chunks that are flaking off randomly in the grain lines.

  36. Jay Yanovich says:

    I used Olympic Maximum Solid Stain on my deck, interestingly I used a competitor on a separate deck in my yard at the same time of application. I prepped both decks the same, dried under same conditions, applied different stains on the same morning and yet the olympic stain was fly paper tacky 5 days post and the competitor stain was dry in 24 hours. Ideal weather conditions 75 degrees and <60% humidity. I contacted Olympic on the website provided phone number, spoke with the tech rep who took all my information concerning application, batch numbers, my phone/email and he promised to "follow-up" with me. It has been ten days and no contact. The deck eventually dried after ten days and a one inch rainfall. Satisfaction guaranteed? Product guaranteed? I do not believe Olympic delivered.

  37. carlos says:

    Hi, can applying this product in tropical wood, like teak mahogany, Brazilian cumaru for exterior . Or you have e specifically protector for hard wood? Thanks.

  38. john martin says:

    used your deck stain and after 1year too much fading some places the stain came to the wood. looked good when I first put it on. very unhappy with your product. I went back to lowe's and talked to them about it and they gave me a number to call. NO CALL BACK. this call was made last Friday. no call back. I know Olympic should be a very good product as advertised. lowe's was very nice about it and I think I will go talk to them again. thank you so much for your post so I can tell you what I think.

  39. Chad says:

    DO NOT use their 5 yr. Stain. It was peeling off my Deck in less than a year. I've never seen a stain peel so fast. I've had better results with 1-year bargain brand stains. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY (or your TIME) with Olympic Maximum.

  40. judy says:

    I used the Olympic stain and got sime on my jeans.Has anyone had any ideas on getting it out? I tried dawn but no!

  41. Josh says:

    Color was not even close to what was shown in store

  42. benglish says:

    Do not use this stain! I have used it several times in the past but something has changed. I saved one of the old cans so I could buy the same thing the next time I needed it. I had a new deck built and waited two years to stain it. I cleaned it with Olympic deck stain cleaner, which worked well. First of all, it is impossible to get it the stain even, every stroke shows. It was looking so bad I changed from using a stain applicator to a roller, then tried a brush (on different sections), Nothing helped. It just looks awful. When I used the stain in past I did not have this problem. I think my only option is to use a large rug to cover most of it up. I am very disappointed but that is NOT THE WORST PART. Since I used this stain, squirrels have been eating the wood off my deck.. I have never had this problem until I used this stain two months ago. This stain is like food for squirrels. They are destroying my deck.

  43. Bill says:

    I had no.problem with Olympic deck stains. It dried in little over a day and turned out nice. I will buy it again for sure.

  44. Suzie says:

    Two coats on a deck and dock and after 72 hours, the solid Olympic Maximum is still tacky. It is dry but feels tacky. How long before it is fully cured.

  45. Cliff Moody says:

    Put stain on old deck. Cleaned and prepared surface like can said six months later deck turning black!!! I am very dissatisfied with this product would not buy again. Called customer service and all they could say is that it looked like mold it was not mold tried to remove with bleach no luck. Olympic does not stand behind product would suggest buying another brand Olympic is garbage.

  46. Lea says:

    Cleaned and prepared surface like can stated. This year the stain is peeling in several spots. Can you tell me what is causing this? I choose Olympic stain due to reviews, not what I thought it would be.

  47. Larry Edmonds says:

    I used olympic one time on deck floor and will never use again.Stain actually peeled off deck in one season.Still have one gallon and will not use it on anything.

    • Bill P. says:

      I have to agree 100%. This product is the worse ever. I applied it to a cedar wood deck floor. Peeling in less than 1 year. I done all the proper deck prep work by the book, I know what I'm going. Maybe this product was developed for use in the south. Not ment for true winter conditions. If you live above the mason dixon line I wouldn't use it. Went over the issue with local retailer. he didn't want to hear it. Manufacturer never gave a response. Save your money and look elsewhere.

  48. Sue B says:

    Purchased product, Olympia Maximum Stain Sealer in one for decks. This was purchased October 2014 and was applied in November 2014 and today June 9, 2016 my deck looks as if it has never been stained at all and has cracked in several places. Applied to another deck and it also has done the same thing. Very dissatisfied with this product and feel the company should look into this situation since the 4 yr product does not do the job as advertised. The contractor who
    stained both decks can verify that the decks were in great condition when applied and also he cleaned the decks very
    well and followed all instructions as to how to stain.

  49. D Stephens says:

    Used Olympic Transparent Cedar and still have to restrain every year. Will not hold up and having mold problems as well! After all these years I'm finally going to change brands. Too much invested in all the decks I have to just let them deterreiate.

  50. Ken says:

    I have always used the Cedar Naturaltone Stain for my deck. Today the Lowes that I use was out of the (green can) 4 year Cedar naturalton—so I purchased the 6 year Cedar Naturaltone stain. It was so thick that it would not go through my sprayer. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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