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SuperDeck Stain Review3.25/5(8)

Superdeck Wood Deck Stain Review

Superdeck Wood Deck Stain Review

SUPERDECK® Semi-Transparent Stain is a 70% solid, pro grade, wood deck finish developed to give superior protection and enhanced color to exterior wood. Superdeck Semi-Transparent Stains uses iron oxide pigments to prevent UV damage.  Containing tung and linseed oils that provide superior protection with mildewcides that inhibit growth of mildew. Superdeck Semi-Transparent Stains contain Carnauba for a durable finish that is scuff resistance.

SUPERDECK® Semi-Transparent Stain Scores (1-10)

Appearance After Initial Stain Application: 6

- We used the Superdeck Stain in the redwood color on a newly built redwood porch in Northern California. The final appearance after drying was a sticky uneven finish on our porch. The stain did not penetrate very well into the wood even though the Superdeck cleaner and brightener was used to prep prior to application. Only one light coat was applied.

Preventing UV Graying at 2 Year Mark: 8

- 80% of the initial color was left after 2 years of exposure in full sun. The Superdeck did score fairly well here.

Wear/Tear and Peeling: 8

- The was no peeling of the Superdeck Semi-transparent stain but there was wearing in the high traffic areas. This porch is the entrance to the home and the Superdeck was completely worn from the stairs to the door.

Cost Per Square Foot: 7

- Superdeck Semi-transparent stain costs $40 a gallon. The 800 foot porch needed 5 gallons to cover. This included the deck and the railings.

Preventing Mold/Mildew/Algae: 6

- After 2 years of weathering, the Superdeck Semi-transparent stain had a significant amount of mildew spots growing in the finish. Containing linseed oil (known feeder for mold), the Superdeck seemed ineffective at preventing the mold even though it contains mildewcide.

Ease of Application: 7

- We applied the Superdeck Semi-transparent stain with a staining brush to the entire surface of the porch. The stain had issues with penetration into the wood and did not dry evenly. It took nearly 8 hours to apply the stain with two people.

Color Shifting (darkening) after 2 Years: 5

- Very dissapointed with the Superdeck Semi-transparent stain turning a dark blackish color after two years. It seems that dirt sticks to the stain. There was a tree above the porch that may have contributed to this issue.

Difficulty of Reapplication: 6.5

- Unfortunately the Superdeck Semi-transparent stain will need to be stripped and brightened prior to reapplication since the stain had turned a very dark color after the two years.

Overall Score SUPERDECK® Semi-Transparent Stain at 2 Year Period: 6.69

- We were not impressed with the Superdeck stain. Most disappointed with the application and overall appearance after 2 years. Wood stains should not turn a dark black color after 2 years of exposure. This is very unsightly and makes reapplication difficult.

Product Information:

Where To Buy: Lumber Yards and Paint Stores
Cost: $39.99 per Gallon, $189.99 per 5 Gallon Pail
Stain Type: Semi-Transparent as tested
Available Colors: Cedar, Redwood, Weathered Gray – Tintable to 60+ Colors
Application Temperature: 40-95 F
Coats Required: 1 Coat
Coverage Per Gallon: 250-350 sq. ft. Actual coverage was 175 sq. feet as tested
Application Tools: Sprayer, Pad, Brush, Roller
Dry Time: 8-24 Hours
Cleanup: Mineral Spirits
VOC Compliant: 250 Compliant in All 50 States. 100 VOC for LA Area
More Info: Product Data
Manufacturer: Duckback

Test Deck Stats:

When Tested: June 2010
Deck Wood Type: Redwood Porch
Deck Square Footage: 800
UV Exposure: Full Sun
How Many Years Tested: 2 Years
Stain Color Used:

*All products tested and results are from our experience. We offer no guarantee of similar results. Take inconsideration that results may differ due to different wood types, exposure to UV radiation, and natural weathering.

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95 Responses to “SuperDeck Stain Review”

  1. paul says:

    I've used SuperDeck on several projects – fresh clean pine Adirondack chairs, heavily weathered teak Adirondack chairs, a 10 year old mahogany veranda floor (exterior,but covered), and a 13 year old P.T. deck. with the exception of the old Adirondack chairs, all were power washed first & left to dry for 48 hours. Here are my findings… the fresh clean pine Adirondack chairs stained with semi transparent spent the summer & winter in NY and look almost perfect 1 year later, the heavily weathered teak Adirondack chairs were stained over the existing stain without any cleaning – they look great and kept their nice rich color through the summer & winter. the veranda mahogany – not quite as happy as there are glossy & flat spots throughout, but I think there may have been some subsurface spar varnish. the Deck – came out very nice, a little darker than I expected, but fine and has lasted very well. The teak furniture – hope it stays as nice as it turned out…lets see

  2. Jerry says:

    I've been using Superdeck on my 2000 Sq ft treated deck for 18 years with great success. Lots of sun I reapply every 3-4 years and just powerwash first without cleaners.

    Jerry, Central IL

  3. Andy Ransco says:

    I used Super Deck transperant stain on my pressure traited deck 2 years ago. I am located in Rochester NY. the deck is still beading water, still dry mops easily and looks great. I am going to try and get another 1 or 2 years before __re-appling it. I highly recomend this product.

  4. Dee says:

    If you prep and apply correctly this is the one of the best transparent stains on the market. I have used superdeck for 17 years on a western red cedar deck 750sq/ft. Getting ready to apply my forth application over the 17yrs and the deck still looks incredible!! I get about 4ys from each application. I highly recommend this product!!

  5. Jonathan Gray says:

    Any comments on the wood cleaner product? How much per sq ft? Does it work?

  6. Art says:

    Use superdeck on fully exposed 700 sq ft, 25 year old pine deck in northern Montana. Just power wash first,no cleaners clorox etc. Result is very good . An almost new appearance. Yes, 25 years. Redo every 3-4 years. Will keep using it.

  7. Dave says:

    I will say this product ruined my new 1000 sq ft cedar deck. I followed all the normal prep for new cedar wood and was very meticulous. Live in Oregon, the deck gets a LOT of sun and a LOT of rain. The deck molded and mildewed to the point it was disgusting. I am debating using DEFY but it doesn't seem to soak into the cedar very will nor does it do much for "staining it". Whatever I use I want no more mold. Looking hard at TWP.

    • Dave, Defy Extreme would offer the best mold prevention. TWP is a registered EPA wood preservative that contains a mold preventer that no other oil based stains have.

  8. Carolyn says:

    I just finished staining our cedar deck and am not happy with the results. The company that built our deck had recommended that we use Cabot stains, which we have over the past several years. Apparently Cabot has changed their formula so the store I purchase my stain from recommended SuperDeck stain. I was able to do the majority of the deck with some Cabot that we had left over from last time we stained the deck. The small remainder of the deck I used the SuperDeck product. The products were used under the same conditions but the results were disappointing. We got some rain and where I used the Cabot stain the water beaded up very nicely as I would expect. The parts of the deck where SuperDeck had been used didn't bead up at all. In fact, there was an appearance of little oil slicks on the wood. I am in the process of requesting a refund from the company and will look for another product the next time we stain our deck.

    • Carolyn, sorry you had issues. Just so you know many high quality wood stains will not \”bead\” water but rather shed water. The need for beading water is a misconception of consumers from those TV commercials.

  9. Mike says:

    I used Superdeck to finish a new deck.

    I will say I used Oxy clean to prep with and that worked great.

    The stain worked great and was absorbed quickly into the wood no sticky residue was noted…

  10. Sandy says:

    Deck Location: Foothills west of Denver, Elevation 8200 feet
    New redwood deck, south facing so full sun exposure and quite a bit of snow. Deck was finished 10/2/12 and we rushed to get a coat of stain on, finishing last Tuesday (10/23/12) 24 1/2 hours before 6 inches of snow. We shoveled that off as soon as possible, and then got another 3 inches of snow. We used SuperDeck Clear Transparent stain. Our contractor said we should apply a 2nd coat of SuperDeck as soon as possible. Our deck has now been dry since Saturday, and we have no rain or snow predicted for 3 to 4 days. The stain went on beautifully and we're very pleased how it looks. I'm not sure if we should put on a 2nd coat now or not. The salesman at the paint store said to wait until Spring to do our 2nd coat, after we cleaned the deck. What would you advise?

    • Sandy, you should wait until Spring. You will most likely need to redo this deck in the Spring as you rushed to get your stain on too quickly. Most wood should weather for 1-4 months before stain is applied. In addition new wood should be prepped first with a wood deck cleaner and a wood brightener.

  11. R Caranddo says:

    I have had my new deck 4 years…I was sold SuperDeck as a better product than Cabots and I have used it each year. The deck blackens(mold) and must be cleaned yearly and restained. The deck faces the sun all day long so it is extremely dry yet molds each year. No trees nearby. Can't understand why…I clean and prep as directed. Seems to me the product is underperforming. Any suggestions?

    • R Caranddo, our results are similar with Superdeck in that it darkens or turns black. I think it is time to switch.

    • Suzanne says:

      I have also had my deck for 4 years. Cleaned & prepped the first time after deck was 8 months old. Used Superdeck natural transparent. After 4 years cleaned, prepped and wash, wash, wash. Let it dry no rain for 3 days. Applied Superdeck natural transparent and after 1 year it is dirty and black in some spots. Tried Superdeck cleaner at a ratio of 6 parts water and 1 part cleaner and it strips the stain.

    • david dean says:

      professional painter-nothng should have mildew within a year in a dry area-cabot

  12. Claymore says:

    Prep, Prep,Prep is the key here. We live on the Oregon Coast (like 50 to 100 yards depending on the tides). We get lots of intense adverse weather conditions at this location. We have been using Super Deck Semi-transparent stain on our Dura Deck (pressure treated without the little holes all over the wood and of a slight redwood-ish color) since it was new (14 yrs ago). This stain works if the prep is done correctly and the periodic maintenance is accomplished as suggested. We apply appx. every two years . The only blackened areas that appear is where the application was too thick or where it dripped down from the bannister/guard rails onto the deck surface (yes, these 'puddles' get sticky as well). High traffic areas….well get real, they should be expected to wear first….& the more traffic the sooner the wear starts to show.
    Nuff said !

  13. Steve says:

    From Baltimore:

    I have been using Penofin on the IPE deck.

    I am dissatisfied with product because
    1. Hate the smell.
    2. Doesn't penetrate leaving wood tacky and sticky.

    Is the IPE Oil better?

    What is the best way to prepare the deck?
    Please help! I want a beautiful deck!!!

    • Steve, strip the Penofin off with a deck stain stripper such as the RAD Stain Stripper. IPE needs to be done annually or sooner. IPE Oil does penetrate well and would work for you.

      • Natalie says:

        Would you chose Penofin or SuperDeck? I used Penofin about three years ago–Cedar color. I felt it was too dark, so I was thinking of using clear this time. Can I change brands? Do I have to strip the deck or is it OK to wash it?


  14. Lynne says:

    I have sanded my old porch (house 1928- unsure age of porch, i have lived here 17 years). The wood is slightly red- ? cedar or a local told me alot of redwood was used in area ( syracuse ny). Question is what do I use on the wood to protect it? Stain/clear? It is on west side house- covered porch but exposed to elements, and no railings. Any suggestions most appreciated.

  15. wendy says:

    We have just applied the "natural" colour stain to our deck (lightest colour out there) . Our deck is pressure treated wood but it looks very dark…quite concerned as we wanted the deck to look like a new deck as far as the colour and it seems very dark…although we just did it today but we did…follow all the procedures prior to staining. How long will it take for the deck to lighten?

  16. J. c says:

    I have a 14' x 14' covered deck made with pt southern yellow pine. What is the best Superdeck product,but
    Would like a little cedar tint. I live in Charlotte NC.

  17. Steve says:

    Have you had any experience with the Superdeck exotic hardwood stain ? If so, I was wondering if it performed any better than the semi transparent stain that you reviewed. Also, any exoerience with their deck stain stripper?

  18. Kevin says:

    Installing a Brazilian Tigerwood deck at 7800' in a Dry climate. Suggestions of which product will work best for the snow/rain, dust and Sun? How long should we wait to stain/oil the deck? Thanks

  19. Julz says:

    If Linseed is a mold feeder, why do so many people that use this stain have no issue with mold? I know mold is everywhere in the air, its not likely the stain would come with mold spores in it. I own mulitple properties and rent two homes out, we stained both decks with super deck semi transparent stain, and neither deck had any mildew, until we had a really late rainy season here in northern California it rained into June. One deck started getting mold spots may of that year and just kept coming back up. where the other deck was perfectly fine. The color held up power washed and re stained 2 years after initial application. I guess my question is how can two homes a couple miles apart with the same stain have such different outcomes? Could it be more to do with the enviroment and less with the stain? Also I got rid of the mold by mixing Superdeck wood cleaner with bleach then power washing and re staining.

    • Julz, linseed is a mold feeder and many stain brands use it as part of the base. They do combat this by adding mildewcides into the stain. Eventually this may break down and the mold will overcome. It does have a lot to do with climate and the exposure to the sun. You will get a much higher chance of mold if in a wet or high humidity climate. If dry like say Phoenix, you will probably never get mold.

  20. Jimi says:

    I have a 6 month old yellow pine deck in suburban Pittsburgh. I received a quote to use the superdeck product. The contractor recommended applying approximately 15 gallons to the 3200 square foot deck plus steps. This does not include the underside of the deck, so he basically indicated that he would apply 3 coats of the stain. After reading some of the posts and reviews, I am a bit surprised at the 3 coat recommendation. Any thoughts on this approach?

  21. footnote22 says:

    Sanded and prepped about 2000 sq feet of 8 year old cedar deck and the railings per directions and applied two coats of Duck Back stain. Although the stain looked good for the remainder of that summer by the following spring all the life had gone out of it. The stain looked old, tired, weathered, and was completely worn away in places. Even the factory rep admitted it looked bad. The Duck Back stain appeared to not have penetrated into the wood. Inadvertently some good quality oil-based solid color stain was applied in one corner and penetrated very well. Even after sanding it to try to remove it, that stain was in great shape. Even though the rep suggested he would supply more Duck Back stain free of charge, why would I use it? I am *very* unhappy with the Duck Back product.

    • footnote22, strip it off and start over with a oil based stain that penetrates better.

      • footnote22 says:

        Thank you for response. I'll do as you suggest. What is the best way to remove the old stain? Do you have a recommendation of a superior oil-based semi-transparent stain? Or would I be better off with a solid color (hate to cover up the cedar)?

        • ftn22, strip off the old stain with Restore A Deck Stripper and brighten when done. Try a semi solid stain that penetrates. Still shows grain but offers great UV protection. Look at the Armstrong Clark color.

  22. footnote22 says:

    Thank you. I have looked at the A-C website and like the description of their products. What is your reasoning behind using semi-solid instead of semi-transparent stain? The semi-transparent colors are more to my liking.

  23. mac says:

    Has anyone used a product called "One Time Wood"? Please let me know, as I have a 300 sq.ft. driveway / entry gate system to install, and am looking for a sealer, transparent stain. They claim a new technology, and up to 7 years of protection. I am trying to get more info. Thanks, Mac

  24. Darrell says:

    I have some Douglas Fir 6×6 timbers to install in the Gabled ends of my house. My local paint store suggested superdeck cedar as a coating. There is obviously no traffic there but I am looking for good UV protection that will resist water as it won't be easy to re-apply once installed. Also needs to withstand harsh Canadian winters. Any thoughts?

  25. Sean says:

    Used this product, as it was recommended. I spent countless hours prepping all surfaces on my 1300 sqft deck, and was quite pleased with the finish prior to staining. I applied 2 coats and was very surprised at how much was absorbed, vs how much was left tacky and wet even weeks after application. Winter has come and gone, and I threw up when I saw the condition of my beautiful deck ( that I built myself) after the snow had melted. Every square inch of my pride and joy had darkened to black, and is covered in mold spots. I am in my tenth hour of cleaning, and still looks terrible. I would not use this product ever again and would never recommend it to anyone. The purpose of a stain and sealer is to colour and protect ones investment, ensuring enjoyment for maximum duration. Rather than sitting on my deck this summer and enjoying the sun , I fear i will be constantly trying to undue the results of super deck, and can only hope I will eventually end up with something I am happy with.

    • Sean, one of the good things about SuperDeck is that is is easily removable with a deck stain stripper. Switch to TWP.

    • Dan Barga says:

      Sean, I have sold Super Deck for years with varying degrees of success, but mostly good results. If you look at the label on the can, it states specifically to apply only one coat. What may be happening, by applying the second coat, it didn't penetrate in the wood, therefore it sits on top and because there is linseed oil in the product, it would have a tendency to mold and turn black. I live in a semi-arid region and don't experience the amount of rain and moisture that are common in other regions.but that is what I think is happening.

    • Kurt says:

      ONE coat. Two coats is a sticky waste. Had great luck with Superdeck. In Oregon, wet weather beats on cedar, but this product worked well, applied easily and still looks great 4 years later. So, use as directed and allow 3 days to dry-no rain. You'll be happy with the results. ONE COAT.

  26. Chris says:

    We just had a boat house built with a 12 x 24 deck attached, all out of brown pressure treated lumber. I live up in Canada, central Ontario where we get lots of snow (14') last year. What would you recommend to apply to the deck to seal it and help protect it? Thanks

  27. Barb says:

    Had new redwood deck finished with Superdeck transparent stain. The deck was completed 2 wk before application. There are dark and light area, looks like not applyed evenly. What can I do?

    • You probably should have waited for a few months and prepped correctly before staining. i would not apply more. Either strip off now or wait a year and strip it off than to fix.

  28. mike c says:

    We are building a western red cedar deck this summer. The yard where we are getting the lumber says to use transparent 1900 series duckback/ superdeck. I tested a sample of their 1905 "heart redwood" and we really like the reddish / gold color. They also recommend coating all 6 sides of each board before installing them. We are in central Alaska, and if we let the the deck set for a couple months before staining, the weather may be to cold and probably have snow on it. Would it be better to coat the hidden side of the boards before install and wait for spring to stain the rest? If we wait until spring the deck will be down for 8 or 9 months. Will a deck brightener bring it back before we stain? I am thinking TWP would be better, but don't know if I can get it up here.

    • You do not need to stain all sides and there is not really advantage to doing it. If you wait until next Spring you would need both a cleaner and a brightener for the prep.

      • mike c says:

        I have done some more studying on this web site (fantastic site) and have some more questions. First, I need to build a glued up beam from hem-fir for this deck. My original thought was to treat it with pressure treated wood end treatment (brown) or the green cuprinol, then stain it. If I use twp100 or 1500, or AC on the cedar deck boards, would one of these protect the beam as well as the pressure treat products.
        Secondly, I am replacing a 16 year old deck that was built from construction yard 2X10 lumber. The deck was treated a couple times with thompsons water seal. A lot of the boards have started to deteriorate, but the rim joists seem to be sound. If I reuse the rim joists would one of the above products seal them against rotting, or should they just be replaced.

  29. Duane says:

    Do you have any reviews on Deck & Dock, Elastomeric Coating?

  30. Anneestern says:

    I use Superdeck transparent stain to spray my outdoor wicker chairs. I cover them in the winter but they're outdoors in the sun and rain all summer. I have extra product so I think I'm going to give them a second coat after 24 hours even though the can says it's a one coat system. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  31. Anneestern says:

    Asked and answered! Many thanks – this saved me some serious effort this morning! I should add that I've used Superdeck on my wicker chairs for the last 20 years – it flows through the sprayer easily and has kept the chairs looking good (enough) for all this time. Thanks.

  32. Mick says:

    Great site and dialogue! What would you recommend for a new western red cedar deck in the Vancouver, BC area? Constriction about to begin during our dry summer period then of course we get into a mild wet fall and winter in October and through until March/April. I need a product that I can buy here in Canada and any suggestions about application techniques/preparation.


    • What brands can you find locally?

      • Mick says:

        General paint, Olympic, Benjamin Moore, Superdeck (which has poor reviews on this blog for our kind of climate), Behr, ICI/Glidden, Sikkens – a host of water-based products which i don't trust, but not so many oil-based. Probably more if i dug around, but these are the most common brands from the main stores and lumber yards.

        • Of those use the Olympic in a semi-transparent oil based formula.

          • Mick says:


          • Jennifer says:

            We used Duckback Superdeck 1902 Red Cedar in Vancouver and have really liked it, has performed well except for in the most exposed spots, which faded after the first year. Because it was new wood we were told to go with oil-based for the first couple of stainings, then a water-based one at some point later.

  33. Bonnie Kind says:

    I recently paid a professional painter $1460 to stain my deck. He says he used your products. When they first finished, I told them I was very disappointed, it looked boring and crude and felt like walking on broken glass. They did come back and sand down some of the roughness but it still looks rough, bumpy, shaded and feels sticky on bare feet. I can't see wood grain like I expected and the cracks and nail holes are accentuated. He tells me I'm too picky and will never be satisfied. Am I wrong? What would I have to do to undo this and start over?

  34. PCB says:

    Very pleased with my recent Superdeck application (Transparent; 1910 Natural). Heavily mildewed, very dirty, and weathered deck (pressure treated wood, with lots of direct sun, some shade (Hemlock trees) and high snow load (New Hampshire)) was pressure washed and cleaned. Stain went on easily and absorbed evenly (single coat). Dried well. Looks great , with nice color, and water beads uniformly. Simply followed the directions and adhered to straightforward application guidelines.

  35. Nita Caffrey says:

    We have used Super Duck for several years but since it was applied last year the railing has become very rough appearing almost dried out. The deck is very spotty some areas being dark other lighter. This gets very little traffic. Any ideas what to do with the railing?

    • Strip off the Super Deck from the entire deck with the Restore A Deck stripper and use the brightener after. Sand the top of the railings once removed to smooth it down.

  36. Jim Sempek says:

    I installed my cedar deck over 14 years ago. It is an entry deck and gets the sun, rain and snow. My wife sanded the existing glaze off and is just finishing up the stain job.. A beautiful deck with no problems, Superdeck is a super product I have used on my rear and front decks over the years. There is nothing I would replace this product with. If I could send you today's picture, I would…I live in Southeast Idaho where our weather can be nasty….

    • Dianne says:

      My deck is 20 years old now….For the first 6 or so years, I put stain on in early Spring & Fall….I am now 76 years old, so do it once a year….deck is made of Sunwood and that is what the dealer said to use…I live in SW Wa. near the beach…I also use to brush it on by hand and then got smarter and older and now use a long handled roller, but brush by hand near the house….wood 'still' looks good, and the color holds up except for the area exposed to the most sun and rain…..and 'that' isn't too bad. I notice other friends decks, and I am sure Super Deck outdoes what they use…I can SEE it!

  37. Dave says:

    I am a coatings retailer in eastern Ontario,Canada and have been selling Superdeck products for many years with great success and have had literally no problems with the product's performance when applied correctly.I have noticed in the past couple of years that there has been a marked increase in people's comments regarding mildew growth in a very short period of time after application.I have a client with a beautiful red cedar deck that mildewed 3 weeks after proper application,but only on the horizontal surfaces.Vertical was unscathed.I suspected poor ventilation may have been the culprit as the deck is 24" off the ground with large steps encasing a vast chunk of the deck and very tight privacy lattice closing off the rest.Upon taking up one of the floorboards(expecting to find mould/mildew on the underside)I saw that the wood was pristine.The mildew was only present on stained areas(including the edges of the boards and drips to the underside).Is it likely that the product being reformulated to meet VOC regulations in Canada has resulted in a loss of performance?The deck faces due south with no trees giving it full sun.I referred my client to the Superdeck customer service line as I was at a loss as to the cause ,and he was told the discolouration was tannin bleed(even after emailing multiple photos).What a load!It's green/black on the horizontal surfaces and slightly fuzzy.30 years in coatings and I have never seen black/green fuzzy tannins.Any insights as to the real cause?Is the mildewcide content insufficient for the linseed oil content?Why do the vertical portions remain intact?Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    • SuperDeck as far as we know has not changed their formula and has always been 250 VOC compliant since it is made in Cali. It has recently been bought by Sherwin Williams in the last year or two so maybe it has changed? It could be a cause of your local weather being wetter then normal the last few years? Linseed will always feed mold and while mildewcides will slow it down, it will not always stop it 100%. SuperDeck in our opinion takes a while to fully cure and can remain tacky for weeks. It also has a tendency to darken in color on the floors and we stopped using it many years ago. It could be that trees or bushes were pollinating at the time of staining. When this happens and the stain is not fully cured, the pollen will stick to the surface. This will feed mold growth once it rains.

    • Jim says:

      In all likelihood it was not mildew but either tannin or iron staining.

  38. Jack says:

    Hi everybody . 12 weeks ago I finished my pressure treated deck . I'm not sure what to use to stain it .I'm thinking between sikkens cetol srd, twp or super deck . I live in Connecticut . 12 weeks is enough for drying?( from end of July ) . Any sugestions ??. I hear that sikkens change formula and is not good any more.Thanks

  39. Mike says:

    I live in Southern California in the mountains where we can get a lot of snow and rain depending on the year. I have used #2300 Superdeck for for many years and I love the stuff. I have never prepped or cleaned any of my decks prior to using it and I have never had mold. I have applied it to new and old Doug fir and redwood and it holds up great. I apply it about once a year right on over the old stuff, yes it does stay tacky for awhile, but I expect that from the oils. I have tried and used all the others, but I have found that this is the best for me.

  40. vincent says:

    i am a professional contractor and specialize in resurfacing. Sherwin williams told me this is a new product to them and is highly rated.
    After using it on a very high end home I can only say that it is a poor product and will never ever use it again. I painted a deck that was originally white, white again and it had a terrible translucent appearance. after applying a second coat it was still showing through. I have had to put on a third coat.
    This product is not worth the trouble and is over rated by sherwin williams staff

  41. Jason Schleis says:

    Don't know how you got superdeck to cover in one coat first of all. Secondly, I have never seen a product come close to superdeck as far as durability goes. Also, this is not a stain, as stated above. I applied 2 coats overall and made sure to fill in all cracks and crevices. The finish was tremendous and I have highly recommended this product to nearly all my customers ever since. The secret to a good paint or stain job is how thorough you are on all processes of the work. My personal rating would be a 8.5 when compared to anything else out there.

    • Jason, thanks for your review but yes this is a stain and no this Super Deck product does not fill in cracks and crevices. I think you are comparing this to a different version of Super Deck. This review is for their semi-transparent version.

  42. Rene Quinones says:

    I live in Oregon with constant rain and the stain, 1903 series, has held up well for 4 years.

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