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Synta (Rust-Oleum) Deck Restore Stain Review 2.05/5 (34)

Synta Deck RestoreNote: Rust-Oleum bought Synta Deck Restore in 2012. It is now called Rust-Oleum Restore.

Deck Restore™ is the smart alternative to deck replacement. It revives and protects wood surfaces such as wood and composite decking, stairs, docks and more.

Deck Restore™ is water based, low odor and fills up to 1/4” cracks.

Synta’s Deck Restore is designed to “mask” the wood. It will not show the wood grain. Promoted as a product for wood that is beyond conventional restoration.

Note: Class Action Lawsuit has been filed against Rust-Oleum Restore 10x:  See Here

Synta Rust-Oleum Restore Stain Scores (1-10)

Appearance After Initial Stain Application: 5

– Synta Restore is basically a very thick paint that is designed to mask the wood and fill any large cracks and voids. To us it looked very fake on the pressure treated deck. We also noticed that the finish (after full drying) is very hot to the touch when exposed to direct sunlight. To the point that you would not be able to walk on the surface with bare feet.

Preventing UV Graying at 2 Year Mark: 10

– Being a solid non-translucent product, the (Rust-Oleum) Restore does not show any signs of UV fading. This is normal for solid stains and paints.

Wear/Tear and Peeling: 7

– Synta (Rust-Oleum) Restore showed some wearing in the high traffic areas and between the decking boards. It seems that the (Rust-Oleum) Restore did not adhere between the boards as the finish curled up here.

Cost Per Square Foot: 1

– Horrible. We needed 10 of the (Rust-Oleum) Restore 2 gallon kits. That is $600 for a 600 sq. foot deck or $1 per foot.

Preventing Mold/Mildew/Algae: 10

– Synta (Rust-Oleum) Restore should zero mold or algae on deck.

Ease of Application: 2

– Very difficult to apply. We used the supplied roller and a heavy duty brush for back wiping and to get between the floor boards. We followed all the supplied directions. The entire project for the two required coats took 12 hours to perform with 2 people. We had issues getting the stain to apply evenly and between the deck boards. Full curing for the Synta Restore can take up to 3 weeks.

Color Shifting (darkening) after 2 Years: 10

– Did not darken or attract dirt.

Difficulty of Reapplication: 5

– Heavy scraping to remove the peeling stain would be required prior to applying another coat. Conversations with the manufacturer on the product failure were difficult. Basically they blamed the peeling on poor prepping of the wood even though we followed their online instructions.

Overall Score Rust-Oleum Restore Solid Acrylic Stain at 2 Year Period: 6.25

– We are not a fan of this product. Basically a “thick” paint that performs about the same as any other solid color deck stain. Doing some research online and you will find there are more unhappy customers out there then satisfied customers. Appearance is poor, application is difficult, and cost per foot is horrible. To be fair, the Synta Restore did score extremely well in UV fading and preventing mold.

Product Information:

Where To Buy: Big Box Stores, Home Depot, Menards, Lowes, etc
Cost: $59.99 per 2 Gallon Kit
Stain Type: Acrylic Solid Stain – Water Based
Available Colors: 20 different colors
Application Temperature: 45-95 F
Coats Required: 2 Coats.
Coverage Per Gallon: 100 sq. ft per 2 gallon kit for 1 coat. Need 2 coats for best performance.
Application Tools: Brush, Roller
Dry Time: 8-24 Hours
Cleanup: Water
VOC Compliant: 250 Compliant in all States
Manufacturer: Rust-Oleum

Test Deck Stats:

When Tested: June 2009 (Tested as Synta Restore)
Deck Wood Type: Pressure Treated Pine Dock
Deck Square Footage: 600 Square feet
UV Exposure: Southern exposure. Full sun
How Many Years Tested: 2 Years
Stain Color Used:

*All products tested and results are from our experience. We offer no guarantee of similar results. Take inconsideration that results may differ due to different wood types, exposure to UV radiation, and natural weathering.

Disgruntled Rust-Oleum Restore Customer

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170 responses to “Synta (Rust-Oleum) Deck Restore Stain Review”

  1. Chris says:

    I applied Restore to my deck at the end of May (here in CO… dry and hot). Well here we are in the July and the Restore still has not hardened. I called tech support and they told me this happens sometimes and to apply the acrylic stain (which the provided at not cost to me) which will harden it. I did as they said and the Restore is still soft.
    Has anyone else had this problem and did the Restore ever harden?

  2. Dar says:

    just finished putting on restore on some stairs two coats, hate it ! if I sand it down ,i'm wondering if I can paint them with a good floor paint?

  3. Josh says:

    Horrible product!!! We had no trouble with drying time or application…but one week after application, we started to notice marks and stains that will not come off. Some food was spilled, that left a permanent stain that will not even come off with a pressure washer. Shouldn't "deck armor" be able to resist every day wear and tear? Very upset.

  4. Leslie says:

    This will be the third summer since I've had deck restore on my deck. Through 3 Wisconsin winters it has held up extremely well. I have not experienced any chipping, peeling, anything. Yes, it is a PAIN to put on…but in my experience, well worth the pain being it has been maintenance free since. The cost is high but again…paid for itself since I haven't had to reapply or restain since the initial application.

  5. Linda M. says:

    Just had Restore applied to my new deck a few days ago by the man that built the deck and suggested this product. I chose the Adobe color and had the Adobe stain used on the rails and posts. While he certainly knew how to apply it, and thinks it looks great, I hate it. It seems to look "Patch" in color in certain spots. Those patches look to be a bit darker than other areas, and almost look like dirty spots. I also didn't realize that the Adobe stain would come out looking like a flat paint in the exact same color as the deck floor. I have distinct areas on the deck that definitely have a more sand in the paint and it looks, to my eyes anyway, horrible. Not too happy with the end results, but can now do very little about it except to learn to live with it. I wouldn't have used it if I knew what it would end up looking like.

  6. marcia thom says:

    Our Behr deck stain is peeling off the whole deck and looks awful. Does Restore cover peeling paint? Please help, our deck looks horrible and we need to know what to do. We like what Restore advertises but it scares me when I read the reviews. Please advise.

  7. Larry says:

    I used this last August on a large deck that is made up of two sections, one old section done years ago with solid stain and a new section with bare boards. I followed all directions including power washing and letting it dry completely for several days. It came out looking fantastic! However in November with the first rain / freeze, the old section started bubbling up in big patches. It's now March and most of this section has peeled up. Today I powerwashed the remaining bits off. The new section with the bare wood still looks great with NO bubbling / peeling.
    I don't know if the problem was related to the original stain causing bad adhesion, but it looks that way. My plan is to wait until winter is over, use the powerwasher again to remove any loose material, then sand the stained area down to bare wood and try again with the Restore. Hope this time it works!

    • asween16 says:

      This is exactly the problem I am having. I am so aggravated. It was $$ and backbreaking work. Sucks to start over again.

  8. Cheryl says:

    Peeled within a year. We spend around 1000.00 in prep/product to cover our back deck. The product doesn't cover nearly what it says it does so the cost was at least twice what we expected. Applied it last summer, this Spring its peeling (Michigan). We followed the directions exactly, It took about a week with 2 of us working on it. I'm seriously considering contacting the company, although i doubt it will do me any good. Any Idea how to safely remove it? It hurts me just thinking about all the money wasted on this product.

  9. Aston says:

    Had a 612 sqft deck done. Read it was difficult to apply so I hired a professional contractor to do the job. Took near double suggested amount. Contractor fee was $1900, product and materials 1650. Looked great when finished the deck was less then a year and a half at the time and never been treated. Now after a long Missouri winter. The vertical stain is peeling like crazy on all the rails. The horizontal is cracked and bubbling up and can be peeled off with rubbing you shoe over it in some spots. Rustoleum refunds for product but no the labor to put on and then the labor to have it taken off. Will probably have to file a lawsuit and from what I have seen on facebook, amazon and now here a class action suit may be in order. People need to be protected from this defective product. If it's just a climate issue then they need to not sell it in locations that have such climates.

  10. Roger says:

    Our deck in Kentucky has peeled off in about 7 months since applying. We followed all directions to clean and prepare the deck for the Restore. It's not user error, it's a poor productm, period. Run away from this. We now have to figure out what to do for this summer so it doesn't look so bad. Probably a quarter of the deck is peeling.

  11. Russ says:

    In 2012 I built a deck around my above ground pool and closed in all sides. It looks terrific. In 2013, one year later, I decided to stain the entire deck with restore. It looked great upon completion. However, the deck is almost impossible to walk on when the temperatures reach the upper 80's or low 90's. So here we are April 2014 and the sides of my pool enclosure look as good as the day I stained; however the deck is another story. In all traffic areas of the deck it is peeling. Not sure what I'll do yet, but very disappointing. It's not like it was a cheap project.

  12. Larry says:

    This is the worst product I have used of the 5 different products I've used on our deck in the 16 years I've lived here. We used Restore last summer over 500 square feet of our deck, did everything EXACTLY as recommended. This spring, less than one year later, we have to either get outdoor carpeting to cover the mess, or replace our cedar boards. About 50% of the Restore has peeled from the wood, while the other 50% didn't. And that's even on the same boards! DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT … IT IS A RIP-OFF for the cost and time for prep and then application. And don't let people tell you it works if you do everything correctly. Bull—-! Even the cheapest product I applied over the last 16 years lasted two years. Live, pay and learn.

  13. Burt says:

    I followed the instructions to the letter including sanding the deck and applying with the supplied rollers. The results were abominable. The cost in time, product and rental of a drum sander was excessive and now, less than 8 months later, I'm going to have to sand the entire deck to remove this awful product. I strongly recommend not buying Restore.

  14. John says:

    Also spent a lot of time prepping to do job right last summer only to see it peeling everywhere this summer already. Very poor product. Even uprights i used stain on like they recommend look like they are starting to peel. Maybe can't be used on older decks? Don't know if it can be spot redone with same stuff or not. Have not contacted company yet.

  15. Paul says:

    I installed this decking product on about 200 sf of old redwood deck along the front of or home. The deck was almost 40 years old and was cracked and dry and even rotted along the top quarter to half inch to many of the planks. This was a perfect example of salvage vs replacement. Since the decking boards run under a portion of the building, cost would be over $6-10,000 to replace. I applied the product to the horizontal planks after using the cleaner (i let the cans sit in the sun for several hours to warm up before application and it will apply just fine). There was an area that I had to fill in a half inch in about a 2 sf area. I was aware not to walk on it for some time. Talk about night and day. Our deck that needed to thrown away looks fantastic. Forget about color selection as this is always subjective. We just chose a very conservative brown to match the color of the cabin. The cabin is at 6400 ft in sierra ca and it has survived a winter freeze at 17 below zero. It still looks great. For sure this product was designed for my application. I cannot attest to the concrete application.

  16. Guest says:

    Put this product on my deck August 2013.
    Fast forward to Feb 2014 and my deck looks horrible.
    It didn't survive 1 New England winter.
    It's peeling up everywhere.
    $500 and 30 hours labor wasted

  17. Bud says:

    Like other complaints, I prepped and applied Restore exactly as the directions and video described – pressure washed, waited until completely dry and no threat of rain for at least 3 days after application. I also used more than the manufacturer said coverage should be. I had bought 5 – 4 gallon pails as well as the prescribed rollers. I finished the application in September of last year and by Christmas, saw the first signs of peeling. By April of this year, at least 1/4 of the deck has peeled, so I filed a warranty claim with Rustoleum. It has now been over a month since that claim and the only response that I have received so far was an acknowledgement that they had received my email attachments (Home Depot receipt and pictures of the peeling deck and stairs). This is by far, the worst stain/paint product that I have ever used and would advise everyone to save their money and TIME. Am now considering legal action and will definitely post more negative reviews and complaints online. Can't understand how a reputable company like Rustoleum can continue to sell this junk.

  18. Beth says:

    My husband and I just spent the Memorial Day weekend using a rented sander to take Deck Restore off of our large wooden deck. I had followed the instructions to the letter when prepping the deck prior to application and went slowly while applying to ensure even coating, etc. Left all furniture off deck for several days to let the product dry well. Within a few weeks, it had already begun to peel off in spots, and if I used the hose to rinse dirt away, the product peeled up as though I was using a pressure washer. Unfortunately, we had also used it on our front concrete porch so are having to sand that as well since it peeled right up from that, too. Very disappointing and a LOT of work to remove as well as to apply. I would not recommend this product at all.

    • nancy says:

      me and my husband also did our patio of about 2000 square feet if not more in July of 2012. By next summer it had faded so bad as if it had been there for years and water stains that would not wash out. peeling on some ends. we contacted the company, e-mailed pictures. we spent over 2000.00 The company gave us a replacement of 1500.00. That was summer of 2013. Summer of 2014 the same thing. I'm going to contact the company again. For a full replacement. I would not recommend anyone to purchase this item.

  19. Jean says:

    So very disappointing…we applied this product to our deck last summer. It looked great, at first! After a rather harsh winter, it has bubbled and peeled. I contacted the company 6 weeks ago and have heard nothing from them. Truly a waste of time and money.

    • Joanne says:

      Same EXACT problem. Bummer; now we have find another product and re-do :(

    • shell says:

      I did the same last fall and had the same results.the product 3 cracked on some of the boards and is chipping off I am very disappointed in this product I was hoping it would extend the life of my deck at least another 8 years. When I call the manufacturer they said the same thing they blamed it on poor Deck prep. Seems to be the answer from them I also know of another person that did theirs last year and there started chipping off before mine did.

    • John says:

      Same exact experience. Worse product I have ever used. Trying to get in touch with Synta but so far no luck

  20. suzanne says:

    How do I remove this Restore crap!!! please help, does anyone know?

  21. bruce morken says:

    I too am having the same probelm as the guy in the video, I took all summer of 2013 to sand my deck down to clean wood, and my I say it looked new for being 15 years old, spent over a hundred hours to accomplice this, aplied the product as directed now one year later its peeling off….I AM PISSED…they sent me more product to reapply but I think that would not solve the probelm….The products probelm is that it does not expand and contract in Minnesota weather. I refinish wood furniture for a living I know what I am talking about….I want to join in any class action suit to get reimbursed
    for my labor and a way of removing whats left on the deck…I know the deck floor is worth saving , unless they will replace it…

  22. Carl Lavoie says:

    Product deteriorates quickly, peels like a snake shedding its skin, is extremely hot in direct sun, cannot walk on it barefoot. Product is GARBAGE…….

  23. Dalynda says:

    We purchased Restore in 2011 and it worked well, although it was very hot in the summer time. We purchased more in 2014; it was horrible. We've lost money and time. DO NOT PURCHASE RESTORE.

  24. Robert_Lauren says:

    We have a deck that goes around 3/4 of the house here in the mid west and over looks a lovely ravine. The deck was old and looking in a bit ratty last summer. After long thought about what could be done to get it looking good prior to selling the house we saw a commercial for X10. I thought I did enough due diligence in research on the product but I guess I didn't.

    After following the directions on prep to the letter of their conditions prior to laying down the product, we proceeded with applying X10. I had never went though a more exhausting prep for applying any type of material than I did with this product and I am no spring chicken nor is this my first dance with paint or using cleaning products.

    We have about 650 feet of deck and did the math and bought enough of the product to allow us to apply 2 coats of the X10 and make sure that there was a proper color match between the pails. We used the recommended rollers for the product. Also we made sure by checking the weather that we had a full three days with no rain in the forecast to apply the product. Also, we had to wait a week prior to applying it due to a bit of a heat wave here and waited till the temperatures (air and temperature of the deck ) were with in the guidelines that were specified on the product label.

    After we finished the application, we sat back (not on the deck!) and looked at was was very pleased at the effect and finish of the X10. After a week we moved the deck chairs and other items back to the deck and never gave it a second thought. Two months later winter sat in such as it will her in norther Illinois. The cold weather and snow came and we didn't give the deck a second thought.

    Three weeks ago after returning from Florida I thought it was time to sweep the leaves from the deck, get the grill out and get the deck staged for the sale of the house. With the first push of the broom I swept up a strip of the X10 that was 6" by 2' long. I did a double take! I then looked long and hard at more of that area and found that most of the product was bubbled up and cracking. With a few more sweeps I had about one pails worth of that stuff already brushed off of that area of the deck!

    I got out the phone and started taking pictures of the area and then took close pictures of the bubbling and cracking in other areas as well. It now seems that all three decks have the same issues happening as well as the railing of the deck. As listing time approaches, we are at a loss for just how to proceed. We've contacted the maker of the X10 and they are not being very supportive in this. I personally don't have time to remove all of this stuff from the deck area and put it back down, nor do I want to have it back on the deck!

    I'm just very sorry that I didn't look a little deeper and find this group and see the amount of issues that were associated with the product. If anyone has any more information about it or a good way to remove it, I would love to hear from you.


    Hot under the collar in IL

  25. Fresh says:

    Disappointed in failure of stain after one year. Now will require additional work to remove peeling and blistered areas before reapplication.

  26. Susan says:

    prepared deck, didn't cover well with roller , my handy man painted it by hand double coated, over winter, most of it had come off:( spent a lot of money on labor and product …

  27. Pierrette says:

    don't waste your time or money by using this product…it didn't even last one season…and we did follow the instructions and the Restore products…what a waste :(

  28. Hank Lind says:

    I cleaned and power washes deck let dry applied restore solid acrylic stain let dry about 2 days applied another coat in april of 2013. after winter it started to peel up after this winter it almost all came off. Is there any thing you can do for me. Thanks Hank Lind

  29. GUY HANKINS says:

    H O R R I B L E

  30. gene Zbiegien says:

    Complete garbage from rust-oleum. I used this product four years ago on my front deck when it was new to the market from Synta and that has held up great through these past north Ohio winters. Tried it again this last sumer on my back deck and after one winter I have giant patches peeling off! Can't figure out the difference other than rust-oleum found a way to screw up the formula and still sold it to unsuspecting customers! How do you screw up a great product? Eight buckets of this crap at $85 plus the cleaner and man hours cleaning and applying completely gone to waste!

  31. Linda says:

    We applied two coats of Rust-Oleum Restore 10X to our wood deck. It started bubbling and peeling after 1 month. We followed the directions very carefully. Now we have to strip the remaining product off our deck and reapply it. As far as we are concerned this is a faulty product and it should be pulled from the market. We complained to Rust-Oleum (Synta) and Rust-Oleum gave us a product replacement, but we are worried if we reapply the product it will bubble and peel off again. Has anyone reapplied the product after having it fail the first time and what has your experience been with the reapplication?

    • It will just fail again.

      • Linda Mowry says:

        Horrible product! We applied again after the company sent us new product. Our deck is all rotted now with holes in it, and spongy in other places. We now have to replace our 900 sq. ft. deck because of this product….We called and they did refund our money, however, we now have to replace our whole deck. Not happy! They have a Class Action suit against them.

        I have been trying to contact the company and cannot seem to get a response.

    • Cathy says:

      Yes and it failed much quicker second time and we followed instructions completely!! Started bubbling in less than 48 hrs and that was with primer and correct prep work!

  32. Elly says:

    This is the biggest nightmare of my life! I painted deck 2 years ago. Last summer I had to repaint as it was peeling. Home Depot told me to not use a snow shovel or salt on the deck floor. I didn't have to. It peeled before winter. Now I'm trying to remove it. This is a joke – and not a funny one for the price!

  33. Elly says:

    Here's the link to the class action lawsuit:

  34. Elly says:

    Here's the link to submit your name for the class action lawsuit:

  35. Elly says:

    Here's the link to submit your name for the class action lawsuit:

  36. Jerry says:

    I used the restore and am I sorry. After one winter I am blowing strips of this product of the deck with my blower and broom. I followed the instructions very carefully to apply using the roller Home Depot recommended. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!

  37. john says:

    This product is difficult to apply, but when you think it will last 10 years it is worth the effort. Then soon after applying, it begin to peel and crack and I will be lucky if it lasts three years. Not worth the expense and time – Buy something else.

  38. ken bradford says:

    We bought your product at lowes ,$140.00 for 6 gallons put it on the deck late sept 2014 after prepping bought the plastic roller for application spent 2 days putting it on its all falling off the deck already,didn't make it 6mths this product is junk , I have a video of how horrible it is I'd like to know what I can do about this …this is a horrible product restore 10x…

  39. Marilee says:

    We applied this product last fall as directed. This product did not make it 6 months before it started peeling. Our deck looks horrible and have spent the last 6 hours trying to remove this product so we can apply a regular stain. We have tried two different strippers, pressure washer and sanding. Difficult to apply, difficult to look at and difficult to remove. Would not recommend this product to anyone.

  40. Steve O says:

    I had this professionally applied 4 years ago. My decking was cracked and splintered and is in direct sun all day. It was burried under ice and snow all winter.With the exception of the top of the deck rail, which was the stain, the decking looks as good as new. No splinters or fading. The contractor said it was difficult to apply, but the reults are great

  41. Susan Rowe says:

    We applied it 1 1/2 years ago and it is peeling off terrible. It looks worse then before we did it. We applied just as they said by power washing our deck, letting it dry for several days then rolling on the restore. It was difficult to use but am most disappointed by how it hasn't lasted. We should have just restrained our deck.

  42. tammy says:

    This product is very costly it is hard to apply after one year it had peeled off and I had to reapply the 2nd year it looks horrible my deck is 2800 sq ft so you can only amgine what it cost me to use this product. I am so dissatisfied. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

  43. victor Acosta says:

    7 cans later and three years, my deck has mold and mildew and cracks.I want to be compensated for a grand waste of my money and time.

  44. Shelby Ripka says:

    This product is misrepresented. We applied it as directed. After a few months the pressure treated decking that had been on there began to have rotten spots. The paint developed cracks and areas of dark dis colored areas. I am afraid we are going to have to replace the deck boards.

  45. G Crum says:

    We have also used this product. Used it 2 years ago. Paint is chipping and peeling off our large deck as well. Lifetime warranty? Where do I go to apply for compensation?

  46. Kathy says:

    My husband applied this to our deck several years ago (I believe 5 or 6 years ago) and we are so in love with this product. There are a few places that might need some touching up but we use our deck so much I consider it just wear and tear. It was work to apply it but even now I am so impressed with this product. Maybe those who are complaining just didn't apply it correctly!!! SO IN LOVE WITH RESTORE!!!!!

  47. MISTY says:

    Product applied three years ago. It is not easy to apply. Unhappy with look of product after application. We applied color "BEACH". Stains horribly. It a very porous, making it impossible as far as cleaning GA red mud stains. CONTACTED SYNTA and they agreed to send stain of another color. They sent 4 gallons. Which covered 1/3 of surface we had applied originally. The darker stained area faded quickly, anyway. The following summer we began to signs of bubbling and peeling of the product. What a mess. This year we have 6 boards that are rotten almost all the way through. We applied to brand new decking. 1400 sq feet of new decking. This product is not at all suitable for restoring or protecting a deck from any type of weather, serves as no protection from elements or moisture. Unhappy since day one and feel the product is responsible for rotten boards we have. Decking on its on will last longer than 3 years. DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT.

  48. Matthew Danak says:

    Overall I am happy with the product. It does get a bit hotter than we expected with the relatively light color "Beach." it was a good alternative to reboarding. We have had it on for 5 years and have re-coated damage areas twice. The left over paint is still viable after years in storage. It is not perfect, but has exceeded my expectations. It is much better than the deteriorated porch/floor paint that was on the deck when we bought the house.

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