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Thompson’s WaterSeal Finish Review2.14/5(14)

Thompson's WaterSeal

Thompson’s WaterSeal

Thompson’s® WaterSeal® Waterproofer Plus Clear Wood Protector is designed for all exterior wood and decking surfaces. This protection includes: Water repellency, prevents water damage, maintains natural wood grain, all while resiting mold growth. Thompson’s® WaterSeal® claim to fame is the ability to waterproof your exterior wood.

We tested the Thompson’s® WaterSeal® in the Clear finish.

Thompson’s® WaterSeal® Scores (1-10)

Appearance After Initial Stain Application: 8

- The Thompson’s® WaterSeal® Clear did not alter or change the appearance of the wood. After full drying we tested the ability to repel water. Water did bead on top of the finish and did not absorb into the wood.

Preventing UV Graying at 2 Year Mark: 1

- As far as we can tell, Thompson’s® WaterSeal® does not prevent UV graying at all. This is a huge disappointment as preventing UV graying is the number one reason to stain your exterior wood and decking.

Wear/Tear and Peeling: 8

- Thompson’s® WaterSeal® penetrates deep into the wood. There was no peeling or wearing. We would have given it a 10 if  the product still repelled water but it did not.

Cost Per Square Foot: 9

- Thompson’s® WaterSeal® is a very inexpensive product to purchase and coverage is exceptional. Unfortunately the saying “you get what your pay for” applies here as the Thompson’s® WaterSeal® offers no UV protection whatsoever.

Preventing Mold/Mildew/Algae: 1

- After 2 years the entire deck was covered in black mold. It seems that the oils used in Thompson’s® WaterSeal® feed and promotes the growth of mold spores.

Ease of Application: 9

- Since this is a clear product, Thompson’s® WaterSeal® applies extremely easy without the need to back wipe. Just apply with a pump sprayer or stain pad. This finish does not show overlap marks.

Color Shifting (darkening) after 2 Years: 7

- We would say that the Thompson’s® darkens in color since there was a good amount of mold growing in the finish.

Difficulty of Reapplication: 6

- A heavy cleaning would be needed to remove all the graying and mold from the surface.

Overall Score Thompson’s® WaterSeal® at 2 Year Period: 6.125

- Overall Thompson’s® WaterSeal® Clear Plus wood finish is a “clear” disappointment. Any finish that offers zero ability to prevent UV graying should not be considered for your deck or exterior wood.

Product Information:

Cost: $19.99 per Gallon
Stain Type: Clear Water Repellent
Available Colors: Clear
Application Temperature: 45-95 F
Coats Required: 1 coat for most scenarios
Coverage Per Gallon: 200-300 Square Feet
Application Tools: Sprayer, Pad, Brush, Roller
Dry Time: 48 Hours
Cleanup: Mineral Spirits
VOC Compliant: 250 Compliant in all States
More Info: Product Data
Manufacturer: Thompson’s

Test Deck Stats:

When Tested: May 2007
Deck Wood Type: Teak Decking
Deck Square Footage: 400 Square feet
UV Exposure: Full sun
How Many Years Tested: 2 Years
Stain Color Used:

*All products tested and results are from our experience. We offer no guarantee of similar results. Take inconsideration that results may differ due to different wood types, exposure to UV radiation, and natural weathering.

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80 Responses to “Thompson’s WaterSeal Finish Review”

  1. Mike says:

    I'm shocked at your results. I used this product on my deck and fence and it took 3-4 years for them both to start graying and they are both in full sun.

    • Mike, A clear sealer with no tint such as Thompson\’s water seal offers no UV protection. It is not possible for it to last 3-4 years. This is a known fact in the industry.

      • Peak2Creek says:


        I need to agree with the above post. Before applying Thompson's to your deck there are a few things you should consider. Firstly you are committing to the product until the deck rots off or you invest in a lot of chemical and mechanical cleaning. While there is a fair bit of debate as the Thompson's content the reality is that by its very nature the product sinks into the pours of your deck and keeps any stain applied later from penetrating which is essential for protecting your investment.

        If you have already applied the product you are looking at using a stain and paint stripper. A neutralizer. A 3 Rinse process and a serious amount of sanding with 60 or 80 grit sandpaper.

        All stains require a minimal colourant load to provide any protection from UV.

        As a 4th generation paint distributor I can assure you that you would be better never to go down that road.

        Talk to an independent paint dealer and follow there advice. Preparation is the key to success with any stain product so follow the instructions and you will have years of worry free enjoyment.

        • mike says:

          I wish that I had read these articles before applying Thompson water seal to my upper and lower decks, I am not satisfied with the results, will never buy this product again nor will II recommend this product to anyone in the future

        • larry b. says:

          Why can't' you use garden sprayer with Thompson stain

  2. Mike says:

    It's not only possible, it's true. This was my experience and that's a fact. You siue sound biased against Thompson's.

  3. Mike, the Thompson's we tested was clear and had no color, pigment or trans oxides. The only way to protect from graying is to have UV absorbers such as trans or iron oxides. It is an impossibility to have UV protection without this or something similar.

    They do offer the Thompson's in some colors. Those would offer UV protection but the clear is not capable of it.

  4. Patricia says:

    Doesn't this product say it allows the wood to grey naturally? Some people like that look

    • Patricia, yes the Thompsons will gray and oxidize. If that is the look you desire then I would consider the TWP in clear as it is a registered wood preservative by the EPA. It will protect your wood from rotting and mold better then Thompsons clear.

  5. christine says:

    waterbased k320 from benjamin moore is clear and will protect from uv rays without colour, also F076 clear penetrating oil finish will do a good job on well prepared wood, best sandpaper by the way is 80 grit as recommended by BMoore

    • Deck Stain Help says:

      Christine, Do you have personal experience with the k320 from BM where you could post a picture in to forum? I would like to see a picture of it after a year on a deck.

  6. Kevin in WI says:

    I have used Thompson's water seal with good results in the past. It appears they changed their formulation as when I applied it last year (2012) it didn't really soak in at all. The protection it offered from water was a joke. The first couple of times it rained, water beaded for a few minutes and then just soaked right in.

    I have a large deck and the cost of treating it wasn't small. The time, more so. It was a complete waste of money and time. I wouldn't waste either on this product ever again.

    • SHIRLEY MARLKE says:


      • Peter says:

        The new mix of Thompsons water seal does not work. After 6 months it had faded in colour. After 8 months water protection ceased. After 1 year most had started to peal off. Total garbage. Since it does not penetrate the wood you should be able to strip it off with a power washer. I'm about to do so on my deck. I have ordered Armstrong Clark stain to replace it. Best of luck. P.S. it should have gotten a wear/tear peeling rating of 2!

  7. Billie says:

    I was going to use this pn my mothers porch posts made put of pine. They have the product wood iron on them (put on about 30 yrs ago and then about a yr ago we put on a mixture of linseed oil and turpintine). She wants to water proof them as they are starting to get mold on the bottom portion and they do need protection from weather and snow etc. i am surprised to read your review! Any other suggestions? We bought the wood iron in Co. 30 yrs ago but it is not avail. Where she is at and also is very very expensive and I am not even sure it would waterproof anyway.

  8. BHD says:

    Do NOT expect to apply it with a garden pump sprayer = impossible even with large aperture nozzle. Thompsons claim of "Easiest application with garden sprayer" is a selling point (that sold me), that is NOT to be believed. A ladder brush/roller is near impossible to use on mountainous terrain (log home), so my job remains undone – Thompson's cost me time and money. I wondering how they will respond to my letter? Are you listening/reading Thompson's?

    • JRM says:

      Got to agree BHD this is not the same product I used 2 years ago. It's viscosity is 10 fold as to what it used to be. I to am at a standstill on my project. After 5 different pump sprayers, I'm going to have to give in to a brush and roller. To Thompsons, wake up, remove the old comment from the label. This is a new formulation and impossible to pump spray. Do the test yourself and if you find/ produce a sprayer that works, advertise it on the label. My time is more valuable than committing to product loyalty. After this year struggling with the new formula I will find a comparable product and move on.

  9. Rjm says:

    Bad product

  10. Kandif, not sure. If it was me I would let it dry.

  11. Linda says:

    I used this product by appying it with a new pump sprayer. The spray was not coming out in a fine mist, so I think too much product was applied. Now after 2 days it doesn't seem to be drying very well. I tried to even it out with a paint brush. How long should it take to dry.
    Thank you.

  12. Steve says:

    Bar none, the worst product I have ever purchased. After application on beautiful red cedar wood, there was a wax film that covered the deck. It was slippery when dry, worse when wet, and felt as though someone had dripped wax candles for days on the deck. A decks stripper and light power wash was recommended, after which the wax film was lessened but still existed. My goal now is to strip the sealer again, brush it off and power wash it again. If the film is not removed, I will remove what was once beautiful wood and start over. A costly mistake. I have never blogged regarding a product but this was the worst purchasing decision I have ever made.

  13. Michael Moore says:

    I've used this product many times with good results–today the results were terrible. Have they changed the formula, did my 6 gallons get too hot or cold? I'll never use this product again. I've always used a garden sprayer with good results, today it wouldn't soak in, left white droplets (gazebo and spraying overhead, lattice-work and railing) that wouldn't dry or soak in.

  14. TedC says:

    The can illustrated in your article is Thompson's WaterSeal "Plus Clear Wood Protector." That product has a noticeable yellow tint, no doubt due to a UV-blocking dye. Your test results suggest that you may have tested the original WaterSeal, which is indeed colorless.

  15. TomH says:

    Unfortunately, I believe they have changed their formula… The new stuff I just bought went on milky white, puddled terribly and had to be wiped down (the entire deck). I checked with others, I've been told that's the way the new stuff is. I had to wipe the entire deck with a rag to get coverage and clean up the milky white junk… I've used Thompsons for years..but never again.

  16. deckowner1 says:

    For any users of Thompsons water seal who are desparately trying to get the stuff off your deck so that you can apply another product, I have found the solution. We put Thompsons on our new deck this past spring. After only 3 months, the boards began to gray – terrible UV protection. We bought the Thompsons deck stripper, which would not completely remove the product, which contains parafin oils and heavy hydrocarbons that penetrate the wood. After much searching I FOUND THE SOLUTION! It is a degreaser specially formulated for removing hydrocarbons. It is called EC 1800 and is sold by EcoChem.
    I used this product to completely remove all Thompsons water seal from deck and was left with beautifully cleaned bare wood to which I could apply a different water sealer. If the Thompsons product is not completely removed, you cannot apply a different sealer. It will not penetrate due to the oils from the Thompsons product that are soaked into the wood.

    EC 1800 is completely natural and biodegradable. Worked like a charm!

    • GregL says:

      Thank you for this information! Unfortunately, the company has not responded to my email or voice mail messages. Did you dilute the degreaser? If so, what ratio did you use? I notice that the sell this stuff by the liter, do you know how much area a liter will be able to clean? My deck is approximately 250 sq. ft..

      Thank you again.

  17. Dan says:

    We are putting in medium sized cedar deck in Toronto, Canada in the Spring. I just want to protect it from the elements. We don't care about the grey color at all. Which is the best clear water sealer on the market then? I understand that clear sealers don't protect from UV. I want the least amount of maintenance on Cedar as possible. Due to budget we have to stay with the Cedar building material.

    • Dan, best clear that we have ever used is the Defy Extreme Clear.

      • Dan says:

        Thanks. What about Penofin products? I can get them easier here in Canada. I am just not that into mold. I don't mined something that is easy to apply a few times a year.

        • Penofin does not make a true clear and in our tests, it has a tendency to turn black after a year or two. What brands can you get locally?

          • Dan says:

            After extensive research on this topic I think we are going to install IPE for the deck floor. We always wanted it anyway. Apparently prices have come down a bit to make it more affordable. At least for the floor boards.

  18. Bill says:

    We are a 58 villa style condo community with each unit having a rear deck constructed of pressure treated (spruce). Units have been built over a 17 year period with the decks ranging from 5-17 years of age. We are in a northern climate with snow in the winter. In the late spring to early fall the decks are subject to direct sunlight for up to 12 hours a day. Most decks have never been treated and have become grey in colour but some have had various treatments, i.e. stain or Thompson's Water Seal. The Board has tried to standardize a treatment material and decided on Thompson's Natural or Clear Wood Protector. We have received a request to use Armstrong-Clark Natural tone Transparent Stain which claims to be a superior product. This leaves us (the Board) in a predicament? Do we permit the use of another product which could result in another discrepancy in colour?? Also can this Armstrong product be applied over Thompson's?? Do we stick with Thompson's since many owners have now used it?? There are just so many opinions?? Your thoughts and suggestions ?
    Condo President

    • Bill, you are in a predicament where you unfortunately will need to stay with a poor stain choice of the Thompsons. You would have to switch everyone if you want to use a better brand. You cannot apply a different brand on top of the Thompsons.

  19. Max says:

    Building and new Deck and Pergola here in Kansas, using Western Red Cedar. I want to keep as natural color as possible and yet have come UV protection. What product do you recomend that is sold locally. We have Olympic, Flood, Behrs, and of coarse Thompson's.

  20. James King says:

    Tried to apply WaterSeal with a pump up sprayer and debris clogged the nozzle. Has anyone experienced this problem? I rolled the product which took much longer to apply.

    • Nancy says:

      The pump sprayer DID NOT work for me at all due to the consistency of the sealant. I even bought the sprayer that said it was for deck and fence water sealing. I used a roller and brushes to put it on and realized once the sealant heated up and became a clear consistency it would go through the pump sprayer as suggested. Sad thing is, I realized it once I brushed nearly 500 feet of fence. :)

  21. S. Doty says:

    Bought the Thompson's stripper scale of 1-10 give it a 1. Lot of hard work, poor results, applied it twice. Have to buy another product to finish the project.

  22. JIM says:


    • Crope says:

      I had a new deck built in June 2005 out of treated pine with red cedar for the railing. My contractor did not use a kit, but bought his own wood and built the deck form scratch. The contractor told us not to stain the deck until the following summer. The next year, I power washed the deck with a low power washer. I applied the clear transparent and followed the manufacturer's instructions to the letter. I am pretty busy and was not able to put on a second coat for a couple of days. I rinsed the deck off that morning and let it dry for half a day before applying the second coat. The deck was beautiful and I got a lot of compliments.

      I didn't get any mold until my deck was power washed and left untreated for more than a year. I power washed the deck, took care of the mold and applied a tinted semi-transparent Thompson's water seal. I still was unable to put on the second coat for a few days. When I had time to put on the second coat I rinsed the dirt of the deck. let it dry before applying the second coat. I am using Thompson's clear transparent this year because I like the way the deck looks with it the clear on.

      • Joe s. Ragman says:

        Two coats is not following the manufacturers directions, nor is washing the deck without 48hour drying is also not following directions.

    • Cibdy says:

      Oh, how I wish I had read this before I ruined my new deck and privacy fence!!! This product gets an F from me…I don't even know what to do now to fix the u drying mess we have on every surface it was applied!

  23. Gary Dixon says:

    I applied Thompson Water Sealer on new wharf that I built about three weeks ago, all out of pressure treated with 5/4 treated on the deck top. I applied water sealer two days ago. 48 hours later it has not dried one bit. What a dam mess.

    is there a solution or do I have to pressure wash it all off.

    • Pressure wash, strip and possible sand to get it all off.

    • Deb Robertson says:

      I'm dealing with the same problem. Deck has not dried after 2 days. We followed through with the proper procedures for the application. The weather conditions were in keeping with Thompson's noted recommendations. Extremely disappointed with this Thompson product, not to mention physically exhausted. Saved up funds for this. Used the product in the past and had positive results. This year the product is visibly different. I will not use another Thompson product again….and yes….I WILL be sharing the outcome of this experience.

    • gbrown says:

      you did it too soon// got to let the wood dry out first for it to absorb

  24. Fiona says:

    I just applied tinted Thompson water seal to my dock and a deck at the lake. I used two different tint colours, one for each project and it went on fine, dried fast, no streaking (but it doesn't spray well at all, I sprayed and then had to brush as well). The wood had been down for 1-2 years. I am happy so far but it's only been a week. I hope I don't run into the problems others have on this post. Now I have a question, we are installing a large red cedar deck at our home (Ontario, Canada). After researching stains it seems the best stains are not readily available in Canada. Anyone from Canada used a product on their cedar deck and been happy with the results?

    • Andy says:

      I am in Alberta and had the same dilemma recently – there is absolutely nothing in our stores from the best rated stains or decking oils. So I went with Thompson sheer honey gold because a) it was on sale at Canadian Tire and b) the Internet is flooded with 5-star reviews of this product. The colour looks nice although it is much darker than the picture on the can (which I like by the way) and it soaked and dried really quickly and without puddles even though my deck is in the shade. I think those that have problems with absorption do not wait enough for wood to dry. After reading this review I am very concerned about black mold. I read before that mold feeds on natural oil based products so I opted for this sealant instead. My only hope is that, like others mentioned, the formula was changed after they tested this product (which I assume was at least four years). It was only one day so far, so can't give any recommendations yet.

  25. mike says:

    two words. Sherwin Williams. there is a reason the vast majority of professional painters use them. cheap product will end up costing you more money in the long run.

  26. Richard L. says:

    I have been reading comments avidly hoping to find someone who encountered the same problem we had after applying Thompson's WaterSeal honey gold: Our one-year-old deck became extremely slippery when wet. Despite being very careful after some rain, my wife suddently felt both her feet fly off while going down the stairs and fell hard on her back. I have taken pics that show how hard she fell. She just missed four days at work and we had a wonderful July 1st spending 8 hours in a hospital Emergency.
    Not a SINGLE WORD on the Thompson's stain container warning users of possible slippery results. But they tell you what to do if you are stupid enough to drink their brew!!!!
    I am considering taking some action.

  27. Tony K says:

    I used Thompson WaterSeal (Clear) on my new cedar deck and it has been a disaster. It was applied under good conditions in July in Oregon, sunny about 90 degrees and dry. About three weeks later it rained and over 40% of the deck turned a dark color similar to dark mold. I can't understand what happened. I don't believe it was over applied (by roller) because the 300 square foot deck fell within the coverage range of 200 to 400 sf for one gallon of product. Has anyone else had this experience? Any ideas what happened?

  28. David says:

    I live in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle area with lots of damp and rainy conditions). I have a 10-year-old cedar deck. I have always used TWP 100 with great results-a good application of it usually lasts 3 years. Two years ago, at the advice of a painter, I switched to Thompson's Water Seal Honey Gold tint. I prepped the deck as I always do; stripping, brightening and neutralizing. The Thompson's applied just fine. A month later we had our first heavy rain of the Fall season. Approximately half of the Thompson's Water Seal simply washed off the deck during that first rain. A month later the remaining amount that hadn't washed away in the rain was COVERED in black mold and pealing off the railings and stairs. I will NEVER use or recommend Thompson's Water Seal again; it is complete garbage. On the plus side, it is easy to remove. I used Gemini Safe Strip and my pressure washer to easily remove what was left and clean my deck for some new stain-this time I'm using Defy.

  29. Don says:

    Which would be the best clear sealant to protect against graying. Olympic say that it protects against graying for three years. Could that be possible?

  30. harvey says:

    Thompsons deck sealer is junk. I sprayed it on did not cover evenly. Some places it has been three days still looks wet. I will never use Thompsons again.I hope people don't waste your money on this product.

  31. none says:

    After reading allot of these post, it seems that people don't allow there wood to cure properly before applying a sealer..If you can't do it right, don't complain!

  32. loyd bickel says:

    Im in oklahoma i just want a reasonable priced stain and sealer for my deck, treated deck boards from lowes,
    what do I use please ?

    Thank You

  33. Mike Gray says:

    I used Thompson's water seal for brick on my patio. I have never written a review for any product before, but I feel compelled to now. I have never had a product perform so badly in my life. Do not use this product. It left a white film that I can't even remove after 4 attempts with the product given to me by thompson's to fix it. Worst product ever. I wish I had googled reviews ahead of time. They are numerous from highly frustrated customers. Run from this product.

    • Sorry to hear but not surprising. Use a good stain stripper and pressure washer to remove the white film. Brighten wood when done. Feel free to also leave a \”Star Rating\” on your experience above the comment area. Thanks

  34. Tracy Lee says:

    Last week I treated two wooden picnic tables with the clearThompson's Water Seal. When I opened the can it was white and clumpy looking. Not what I was used to for over 20 years. After shaking and stirring it became a little less clumpy but it was still thick and milky looking, it was always clear and water like before. I poured it into a sprayer and began applying it. It went on poorly, it did not spray good at all. It did not spread out very good, being globby, it almost needed to be brushed in to cover. For years I would spray the original formula on my wood products with ease. They would bead up water for months. It rained yesterday and their wasnt any water beading on my freshly treated tables. I am very dissapointed with Thompson's Water Seal. I am sure the blame will be placed on the EPA or something. I am going to try and find an alternative product to use.

  35. Rise says:

    Thompson's changed their formula and I will NEVER recommend it again!!!

  36. OBrig says:

    Thompsons honey gold RUINED my deck – applied per the directions after new deck cured for over 5 months – stain dried and peeled off wood, covered in water spots that wont go away, deck is about 5 different colors. DO NOT USE THIS CRAP unless u like to throw money away and dont care what your deck looks like

    • Cindy says:

      I just had Thompson's applied to my deck and privacy fence both 9 months – we spent a fortune on the deck and fence….they are now RUINED! The Honey Gold was applied using a sprayer as recommended-two coats, the second was hand brushed on due to the inconsistency of the initial application – we now have varying degrees of opaqueness and splotchiness, but the worst problem is that after waiting 6 days between coats our surfaces are still tacky as the day the second cost was applied…there's been no rain!
      We have a mess! Wishing had seen this site before I ever spent the first dime TWS!

  37. Anonymous says:

    New Thomsons water seal is quite simply completely garbage!!!!!
    The old formula was far superior in every way & it worked.
    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Billymo71 says:

    Hello, I have a new two tiered deck that features a tongue and groove pine ceiling on the bottom portion. i have not treated this ceiling with anything yet. There is a hot tub in this area so the pine ceiling is subject to some stream and condensation. It is not subject to UV rays. What should I stain or seal it with? I would like to give it a nice warm tint rather than going clear. What should I use to protect it from moisture and achieve a nice rustic color?

  39. Brenda says:

    Can I put another recommended stain or sealant on top of Thompsons water sealant as I am not happy with this sealant? I put 2 coats of Thompsons the first year and did not put another coat on last year. If this is possible, what stain would you recommend, nothing dard or solid, something that would still show the wood.

  40. John says:

    I have used the Thompson Water Seal for many.many years and it use to last 2-4 years. Last year we cleaned our deck using Thompsons deck cleaner, rinsed and let our deck dry out for two days. Applied Thompson Water seal stain using a rough surface roller pad. let dry. After this past winter the deck stain was gone. We could see bare wood. We had used 4 gallons of this stain to refinish our deck. A neighbor suggested we should have spent our money on another brand as they stop using Thompson as it never lasted. This year we cleaned our deck again and found 3 gallons of Thompson at a yard sale as they said they began using a top name brand that lasts. We got all 3-gallons for $10.00.

  41. Skippy says:

    Just finished a large deck in the acorn tint. Wish I had read the disappointing article on the uv and mold problem before using their product.

  42. DIYguy says:

    CAN'T APPLY WITH SPRAYER — too thick even when diluting with thinner. Turns wood very dark — hope it lightens up after drying. Tried to mix with their honey gold product to get some tint and it's like trying to mix oil and water yet both are oil based. What a mess! Basically, time consuming and poor results.

  43. Verna Winger says:

    I have always bought Thompson Water seal for our 12×20 deck. This year we put just the water seal on because it was a color we liked. (last year we put tinted sealer on.). WHAT A MESS!! It went on like thick milk and was hard to spray. Had to take a brush and even out the spindles because it ran and puddled on the posts. After 3DAYS it is STILL not completely dry. It is so sticky you can't walk on it. i had to put my furniture back on it because we are going back to work and do not want to leave it out. It looks terrible. I about cried. My front deck is my favorite place to sit and watch the mares and babies run. I am not sure how to get it dried. i am hoping it dries before my grandaughter's open house in 3 weeks.. i wish I had read these comments before purchasing it. What can I do short of sanding it down and starting over? I already have 5 gallons invested at over $70.00……….

  44. Todd santer says:

    I used this crab and put it on at the start of summer and most of it peeled off by the fall and the rest of it was a pain in the ass to get off so I could redo it this spring with something better. And yes I did follow the directions. I don't know why the stores carry it when the employees don't even recommend it.

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