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Amazon vs, Reviews. Why ours are better in 2019

We have been getting questions here at as to why our ratings and reviews differ from other consumer review sites such as Amazon and other Internet Marketplaces. We have compiled a list of reasons why we believe our reviews and ratings are more realistic and honest examples of how a deck stain actually performs over a period of time.

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We have Restored 10,000s of Decks since the 1990s

Reviews and articles are posted from our experience as deck restoration contractors. We have a tremendous amount of knowledge in the industry and hands-on experience as well. does Full Deck Testing

The deck stains are tested on actual decks with normal exposure to weather and traffic over period(s) of time. We test for ease of application, appearance, wear, reapplication difficulty, preventing mildew, and color-shifting.

Amazon Marketplace Reviews

The main issue with Amazon Deck Stain Reviews is that you are only getting an “initial” consumer assessment shortly after use of the product. This would entail appearance and application for the most part. It will not give a full review of the deck stains performance over a period of time. It also does not take into consideration that many consumers do not follow the proper directions or procedures and this can hinder the application process and appearance.

Consumer Ratings On

Each deck stain review that we do offers two rating types. Our review based on our experience with the deck stain and the Consumer Star Ratings which are based on actual customers experiences with using the same stain. The Consumer Star Ratings coincide with our Reviews, backing up that our experience and review system is the best info out there!

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What is the ideal temperature to stain a deck?


We have a very large deck that has a solid color stain on it. The stain has been on for approximately 4 years and has peeled off in several places leaving bare wood. We have just had the deck pressure washed ad want to re-stain it with another solid color stain. I would like to know which stain would be best and last the longest.


very old redwood deck with full sun: what’s the best natural oil/stain to show grain?

Dick Scott
Dick Scott

Question: We have a deck in Western WA that currently has previously been painted with a solid stain or paint. We do not wish to remove everything but want the best solid stain or paint to apply. I believe the last product was water-base. Could you give us help. It doesn’t look like the Defy product will work, but I’m unsure about the Restore-A-Deck product.

Thanks much,



We had new pine boards installed on our deck. Before we could stain it we put pots and rugs on the new deck.
Now there are differences in color. Will that matter if I clear coat it?