Best Deck stain for Porch Ceiling? 5/5 (1)

This post was updated on January 24, 2024

Best deck stain for porch ceiling?

Best Deck stain for Porch CeilingThe best deck stain for a porch ceiling is the same semi-penetrating deck stain you choose for the rest of the wood in the covered porch. Semi-transparent deck stains soak into the wood to offer a level of protection. TWP, Restore-A-Deck, and Armstrong Clark are the best semi-transparent deck stains for porch ceilings.

Do I need to stain a porch ceiling?

Even though the ceiling does not get sun damage like a deck or fence, the ceiling can still benefit from the protection against moisture that the semi-transparent deck stain provides. Staining the porch ceiling at the same time as the rest of the deck makes it easy to match the wood throughout.

More information about staining covered porches

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1 month ago

What color stain was used on the ceiling in that picture?

Chris Carlino
Chris Carlino
1 month ago

What wood species? I have yellow pine t&g on my ceiling and I doubt it would look as nice as this!

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