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This post was updated on January 19, 2022

The Best Deck Stain Strippers-Updated

Those who are familiar with the deck staining process are aware that you must properly prep your deck before staining for beautiful results. Not much has changed since last year, we still recommend all the brands mentioned in this article. We always appreciate your input, so feel free to leave a comment below with pictures of your deck stain projects.

Note: See here if you need to remove a Difficult to Remove Deck or Wood Stain.

A deck stain stripper is used in place of a wood cleaner when an existing failing deck stain needs to be removed. Most deck stains should be removed before applying a new stain. The exception is doing a maintenance coat using the same deck stain as before in which case it is not always necessary to remove the old stain. However old failing stains should not be left underneath a new layer of deck stain. Doing so will highly jeopardize the effectiveness and longevity of the new deck stain.

For the best results in stripping away a failing stain, you should use the best deck stain stripper for 2022. We have found several products worth mentioning that are in the best class. Restore-A-Deck Stripper makes an excellent two-step kit that will allow consumers to get professional-like results. This product will remove most semi-transparent oil stains quicker and more effectively than most other wood stain stripper products.

Another excellent wood stripper is Defy Stain Stripper. This stripper is formulated to remove the toughest exterior stains including semi-transparent and semi-solid stains. Powersolve Injectable Stripper is another excellent product for removing stubborn failing stains. This product is specially designed to be down streamed through your pressure washer injector. It is powerful enough to remove transparent, non-film forming stains and sealers.

Any of these best deck stain stripper products for 2022 will remove most any failing oil and latex-based stains. These products will also effectively remove dirt, grime, and deadwood fibers while stripping away old stains. Follow these products up with a wood brightener for the best results. This will lower the pH level of the wood and prepare a more acidic surface for the new deck stain to penetrate. Removing old stain can be done using a stiff brush or pressure washer after the stripper has dwelled for the recommended time. Try these best deck stain stripper 2022 products to get professionals like deck restoration results.

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