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Can you Paint Over a Deck Stain?

No, you should never use paint on a deck as it will lead to peeling and will be a huge burden to fix. If you want a solid opaque appearance, then use a Solid Color Deck Stain on your deck. Solid color deck stains are designed to penetrate and adhere better to a horizontal deck surface but will at the same time, give a full opaque appearance to the wood.

Paint over a Deck StainPrepping for a Solid Color Deck Stain

When applying a solid color deck stain over a previously coated deck, the key is to remove any dirt, mildew, and old peeling stain. The best way to do this is to use a deck stain stripper and pressure washing. Take note that you do not have to fully remove the old coating when using a solid color stain. You can cover any intact and non-peeling stain with your new solid stain. Make sure to use a wood deck brightener after to neutralize the stain stripper.

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Willie Crew
Willie Crew
3 months ago

I am a bit at the end of myself. I have a solid Brazilian wood deck. It is 16 years old. It was originally coated with One Time red Ceder. About 8 years ago I refinished it with the same product. We then left overseas for many years and came back to a terrible deck, full of accumulated pollen and mildew.
I decided to wash it of and sand it down. Took 7 days on my knees (I am 71 years old)
I then finished of with Shewin William stain and it overlapped badly. Was back overseas for a year. Came back and power washed it down as I normally would. The SW product made a mess. The power washer created marks and together with the overlapping is just bad. And I lost the color of the wood grain.
So either I sand it down again (which physically is impossible) or finish it of with a solid color stain.
But I am worried that a solid color stain will still show the marks.
What can I use that will hide it but not peal?
Thank you so much for your advice.

803 3181647

5 months ago

What has been your experience with Behr Advanced Deckover (solid stain) for older redwood deck?

6 months ago

We have added on outside and now want to finish. The old area has three coatings of merbau ( dark ) can I paint over that and bring the whole area to the one colour

T Williams
T Williams
1 year ago

Hi Scott-
I just stained my decks one month ago (6/22) with Sherwin Williams Superdeck in Riverwood. This was the same product and color that was used by the previous owners 3 years ago. I pressure washed first and allowed to fully dry before application. It was very hot outside at application (88-90 degrees and sunny). The problem is, the front porch dramatically shows every footprint and even after a heavy rain, sandy muddy residue is left behind where footprints fell that will not sweep off or come off without actual scrubbing. One, why is this sticking to the deck and two, can I repaint with a different water-based product with better ability to shirk off dirt? Or seal it better in some way?

Paint over a Deck Stain
front porch after rain, swept.jpg
T Williams
T Williams
1 year ago

Could you please recommend a product that would work best over the top of the Sherwin Williams Superdeck? Should I use a water-based similar color transparent stain to try and let the color I have already painted show through (and hopefully not have to repaint every square inch of railings and side walls)? I painted two large decks, some deck walls and a walkway as well. These photos are right after completion and then a shot of how the floor boards are looking dirty/stained after one month and rain. To say I’m frustrated with Sherwin Williams performance is an understatement.

back deck 1.jpg
back deck 2.jpg
water stain back deck.jpg
T Williams
T Williams
1 year ago

Thank you for your advice.

lance atwood
lance atwood
1 year ago

can you use water based stain over a previously stained deck that was stained with oil base semi transparent stain(2 years ago) and if so what RAD products would be needed to get best results.

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