This post was updated on June 8, 2022

Can you Paint Over a Deck Stain?

No, you should never use paint on a deck as it will lead to peeling and will be a huge burden to fix. If you want a solid opaque appearance, then use a Solid Color Deck Stain on your deck. Solid color deck stains are designed to penetrate and adhere better to a horizontal deck surface but will at the same time, give a full opaque appearance to the wood.

Prepping for a Solid Color Deck Stain

When applying a solid color deck stain over a previously coated deck, the key is to remove any dirt, mildew, and old peeling stain. The best way to do this is to use a deck stain stripper and pressure washing. Take note that you do not have to fully remove the old coating when using a solid color stain. You can cover any intact and non-peeling stain with your new solid stain. Make sure to use a wood deck brightener after to neutralize the stain stripper.

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lance atwood
lance atwood
15 days ago

can you use water based stain over a previously stained deck that was stained with oil base semi transparent stain(2 years ago) and if so what RAD products would be needed to get best results.

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