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This post was updated on May 1, 2024

Hiring a Deck Restoration Contractor

Here at, we have worked hard to become the Internet’s number one reference for your deck stain opinions and reviews. Some people look forward to staining their decks, while others choose to hire a professional who knows how to do it best. In this updated article, we give you some tips for hiring the right person for the job.

Hiring Tips for a Deck Restoration Contractor

When you have come to the conclusion that deck maintenance is not for you or that bringing a deck back to life is too much work, you can always hire a contractor. Hiring a deck restoration contractor does not have to be difficult but you certainly want to do some research prior to making a decision.

Painters vs. Deck Restoration Professionals

Do not hire a painter to restore your deck unless he has extensive knowledge on the subject. We have found that many painters do not have the experience or know-how of the proper preparation and application of a wood stain. Best to hire a professional who specializes in exterior wood deck restoration.

Deck Restoration Costs

The most common key factor for deck owners hiring a contractor for restoration is the price. Deck restoration pricing can vary widely. The best thing to remember is most of the time you get what you pay for. This means the cheapest contractor, especially if they are way cheaper than anyone else, may not give you the results you expect.

The price a contractor charges for deck restoration work is closely related to his expenses. If a deck cleaning contractor is very low on the price he may not be properly insured, use inferior products, or might plan to take shortcuts to turn a profit. Always be wary of a ridiculously low estimate for deck restoration.

Deck Restoration Estimates

Once a contractor gives you an estimate for restoring your deck, ask if it is final. Some contractors may try to add extra costs making your final bill larger than expected. Be sure all labor and materials are included and that you are paying for the entire project, not hourly-based work.

Research and Ask Questions

Professional deck restoration is a trade and takes the proper training and experience to get good lasting results. There are many crucial steps and methods involved in restoring a deck. Experience and knowledge in deck coatings and how to remove failing stains to the cleaning process and applying stain correctly are the keys to a successful deck restoration project.

Check to see how long the deck restoration contractor has been in business. Ask for references, testimonials, and any information or pictures of past deck restoration jobs. Ask about the equipment used, methods, and type of deck stain they suggest. You can get a pretty good feeling about someone just talking with them.

Finding the right wood deck restoration contractor can be overwhelming at first. But doing some research and asking the right questions will reduce the risk of hiring the wrong guy. It is your deck and you do not want just anyone maintaining your property and investment.

Need to Find a Contractor? See: Deck Cleaning Contractors

Need Help Deciding on a Contractor?

Please post a small job description, the procedures, and products your contractor will be using. We will be more than happy to offer some advice to help you choose your contractor.

Please Rate This. You may also post comments or ask questions below.

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Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds
3 years ago

I have a cedar deck – it has been well maintained. It needs to be power-washed, stained, and sealed. Approx. 15’x15′ with a 40’x6′ privacy fence – both sides.
Prefer licensed contractor. Written contract.
I live in Royal Oak, MI 48073 – 13 1/2 mi and Main
Looking to get it done in May.

Last edited 3 years ago by Mark Reynolds
3 years ago

What’s the typical estimate per sq ft that a contractor would give me? I have a 350sq ft deck and am planning on getting it refinished..

4 years ago

Ohio morning shade afternoon sun. 1 year old deck pressure treated with cedar railing. What would be the best stain to use? What kind of prep and product needs to take place before application? Is it ok to hire a painter to do first application?

5 years ago

I have a new deck and various smaller decks (in various states/ages). One with stairs is ipe. Others are treated big-box lumber.
Restoring them is a big job for me due to time constraints and I am looking for a reputable contractor in the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati area. A lot of people don’t know what to do with ipe, and they sometimes are fixated on one brand of product.
I am willing to pay to get the best product and service.

9 years ago

I have just recently had a new cedar wood deck installed in my backyard in Dallas TX (800 sq ft). I'm looking for a trustworthy and competent contractor to prep and stain/seal the deck. I visited the above link, "Deck Cleaning Contractors" and the only Texas contractor was in San Antonio TX. Could you recommend someone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?

Kate Bird
Kate Bird
10 years ago

I need a reference for a deck restoration contractor in the Seattle area, Kirkland WA. We have 3 small cedar decks poorly constructed on a 2002 home. Can you recommend someone in the Seattle area?

10 years ago

I need help in finding a deck restoration contractor located in the DFW/Dallas metroplex. After talking to some deck restoration/exterior siding companies, the majority of potential contractors have no experience in dense exotic hardwoods species or the specially formulated stain products (oil vs water-based) for Garapa or bamboo woods.
I have Garapa exterior siding that needs staining. The existing stain is OK in some of the more protected areas; however, the Dallas, TX summer has taken its' toll on some of the more exposed sections. The original finish product used was a cedar tone "Flood" brand applied appx. 1 – 1/2 yrs ago. I would like to use Restore-A-Deck stripper / Brightener for preparation (water bead test & different brand old stain) overall and switch to the Armstrong-Clark Hardwood Stain (semi-transparent) for restoration. Also, we have GreenBoo bamboo exterior decking that we need to strip/brighten & stain using another brand product. Our selection for the bamboo decking is Defy Hardwood Stain (water-based, semi-transparent). Any advice?

10 years ago

I have a cedar deck circa 1959 99% solid & want to keep it that way.
Has been treated w/the "Madison Formula" over it's life. It seems the closest commercially avail
product is TWP100. Is that correct??
Also having trouble finding a wood restoration pro in suburban Chicago (Naperville)
Any help appreciated.

Bette Pasiewicz
Bette Pasiewicz
11 years ago

My deck is a bubbling and peeling and just a disaster. It was done 18mos ago with BM Arborcoat. I live in the northern suburbs of Chicago. I contacted a painter who wants to use Rymer Extreme semi transparent stain on my deck. He plans to use a primer first. He said to prevent peeling. He will do the prepping by stripping, powerwash and neutralize. Then lightly sand. He added into his quote that "if he needed to rent a sander it would cost me $30 per man hour." I also contacted a company called "Roof to Deck Restoration" they indicated that on their first visit they would be using a number of different types of sanders (drum, orbital, and reciprocating). They use an oil base and guarantee 2 yrs. However, they only have 4 color choices. The third person I contacted was a general contractor. He was willing to work with me on my choice of product and would sand the deck completely, strip, and powerwash. I don't know which one to pick for my project. They range in cost from $1120 to $1400 for the initial cost with the exception of the painter who wants to charge me extra for manhours if a sander needed to be rented. Do you have any suggestions?

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