Deck Stain Instructions for “Wet on Wet” 4.9/5 (11)

Update for 2019: Deck Stain Instructions for “Wet on Wet” Welcome to, your source for the latest in deck stain developments, industry insights, and tips. See below “wet on wet” application directions to be used when you are applying a deck stain in 2019. We want to hear from you. Leave us a comment below about your projects that involve “wet on wet” application. Deck Stain Application Instructions for 2 coats “Wet on Wet”. The term “wet on wet” refers to a two-coat application process specific to semi-transparent penetrating stains. In the wet on wet method, the first application of stain is applied to an area. Then before the first coat dries or cures, a second coat is applied over the top. This method ensures that the first coat, being still wet, has not sealed the boards from accepting more stain.The wet on wet application should only be used on wood that is absorbent, or porous enough to handle … Continue reading Deck Stain Instructions for “Wet on Wet” 4.9/5 (11)