Deck Stain or Paint? 5/5 (1)

This post was updated on January 24, 2024

Should you Paint a Deck?

As you are putting the final touches on your deck, you may wonder if it’s okay to use paint for it. This is a question that comes up a lot as many people assume that using paint will work the same way as deck stain does. The simple answer is no—you should never use paint instead of deck stain. There are several reasons for this, starting with the fact that house paint is much thicker than deck stain.

Paint or Stain a Deck

If you opt for the thicker consistency of paint, you will find that you don’t get an even coating. Not only that, but paint is designed for vertical surfaces, such as walls or trim. It is not useful or effective for your deck, and if you use it there you may find that it wears much faster or even peels. Though you can find a more specialized type of paint, it will never give you the proper penetration and adhesions that deck stain does. There’s a reason that deck stain exists, and it is for this very purpose and it will give you much better coverage and longer life

More Info on Deck Stain vs Paint

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