How To Remove Rust-Oleum Deck Restore 5/5 (2)

This post was updated on June 29, 2022

Can you Strip Rust-Oleum Deck Restore?

The simple answer is no, you cannot chemically strip off the Rust-Oleum Deck Restore. The only way to remove this deck resurface coating is to power sand and scrape.  Some customers have had very good luck using the Diamabrush. This is a wood coating removal and grinder tool. If you cannot get it off with the sanding and grinding, you may even end up replacing the wood. The “boiling water” method will not work which many have asked about.

More Info: Rust-Oleum Deck Restore and Rust-Oleum Rock Solid are basically the same, just a relabel after they settled a lawsuit.

Rust 10X Deck Boards.JPG

Rust 10X Deck Boards.JPG

More Info on Removing Rust-Oleum Deck Restore

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