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Olympic Maximum Deck Stain Review 2.8/5 (24)

Olympic Maximum Stain Review

Olympic Maximum Stain Review

OLYMPIC® MAXIMUM Semi-Transparent Stain by OLYMPIC provides a beautiful, subtle color that allows wood’s natural grain and texture to show through. The superior hybrid resin technology penetrates deep into your wood to strengthen, protect, and condition wood fibers, ensuring the Natural Beauty of your wood lasts.

Note: Olympic has changed formulas to the newer water-based Olympic Maximum Stain + Sealant

OLYMPIC® MAXIMUM Stain Scores (1-10)

Appearance After Initial Stain Application: 8

– The Olympic Maximum in the Cedar Naturaltone is a mix of golden caramel tones. The grain of the treated pine deck had a nice overall color. The knots of the wood were a little light but that can be normal for a deep penetrating oil based stain.

Preventing UV Graying at 2 Year Mark: 5

– Overall the Olympic stain had lost close to 50% of its color at the two-year mark in the areas where there was full sun. The shaded areas and vertical railings did much better.

Wear/Tear and Peeling: 8

– Close to 80% of the stain was still intact on the horizontal surfaces. It seems that the second winter really did some damage as the stain had worn away from the freeze/thaw effect.

Cost Per Square Foot: 7

– OLYMPIC® MAXIMUM costs $36.99 a gallon and covers about 150 feet per gallon in our field test. This translates to a cost of $.25 a foot. Coverage per gallon was considerably less than the manufacturer’s claim of 200+ feet.

Preventing Mold/Mildew/Algae: 7

– The OLYMPIC® MAXIMUM contains linseed oil which is a known “feeder” for mold growth. There was a considerable amount of mold growing in the stain, especially in the shaded areas. Hard to tell if the added mildewcide had any effect.

Ease of Application: 8

– Easy to apply. The Maximum stain is not too thick in viscosity. Spreads very nice with a roller or stain pad. Application with a pump up sprayer was efficient and did not cause any clogging. We did need to back wipe some drips on the verticals but this is normal for most stains. No overlapping or puddling was apparent.

Color Shifting (darkening) after 2 Years: 8

– The OLYMPIC® MAXIMUM lightens in color instead of darkening. This makes reapplication easier.

Difficulty of Reapplication: 8

– A good deck cleaner and wood brightener would be more than efficient for reapplication. This would remove the mold and dirt. No need to use a stain stripper but if needed, a deck stain stripper would not have any problems with breaking down the bond between the stain and the wood.

Overall Score OLYMPIC® MAXIMUM Stain at 2 Year Period: 7.38

– Overall the OLYMPIC® MAXIMUM is a pretty average wood stain. Good for about 12-18 months in our opinion. If you are limited to what is available at your local stores the Olympic would be a decent choice. Better wood stains are found on the Internet or specialty stores such as lumber yards and paint stores.

Important Note: OLYMPIC® MAXIMUM states a 5 years warranty for decks. 5 years is absolutely impossible on a horizontal deck surface. At best you will get 2-3 years with some of the better deck stains. Olympic lasts closer to 12-18 months on a deck floor. Warranties that claim ridiculous amounts of 5, 6, 7 years are flat out lying to you and or limited in such a way that you will not get anything in reimbursement.

Product Information:

Where To Buy: Lowes
Cost: $36.89 per Gallon, $166.99 per 5 Gallon Pail
Stain Type: Transparent, Semi-Transparent, Semi-Solid – Oil-Based
Available Colors: Transparent Natural, Transparent Cedar, Clove Brown, Slate Gray
Application Temperature: 45-95 F
Coats Required: 1 Coat
Coverage Per Gallon: 200-250 sq. ft
Application Tools: Sprayer, Pad, Brush, Roller – Back brush as needed.
Dry Time: 4-12 Hours
Cleanup: Mineral Spirits
VOC Compliant: 250 Compliant in All 50 States
More Info: Product Data
Manufacturer: PPG

Test Deck Stats:

When Tested: April 2009 -2011
Deck Wood Type: ACQ Treated Pine
Deck Square Footage: 400
UV Exposure: 50% Sun 50% Shade
How Many Years Tested: 2 Years
Stain Color Used: 
Cedar Naturaltone

*All products tested and results are from our experience. We offer no guarantee of similar results. Take inconsideration that results may differ due to different wood types, exposure to UV radiation, and natural weathering.

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112 responses to “Olympic Maximum Deck Stain Review”

  1. Joann Perry says:

    Very happy with this product my deck looks like new redwood tone natural stain just beautiful

  2. Sharon says:

    I followed the direction to a T. Looked awesome at first but when I rinsed it with water a couple days later, it had white spots in some of the knots and lighter white spots scattered randomly once it dried. Not impressed. Not sure what to do now. That was a lot of work.

  3. Jay vee says:

    Applied 2 yers ago to log home. Got many BLISTERS on South side. Scraped and sanded the blisters this year and used their new 10 YEAR formula. Was careful not to apply when sunny..STILL got blisters

  4. Prep with Restore a Deck kits and pressure washing. Try the TWP in Honeytone color or Armstrong Clark in Amber.

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