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Paraffin Oil Based Decking Stains

Paraffin Oil Based Stains

Most deck stain manufacturers today use both synthetic and natural oils in their products. There are several types of oils that are used in oil based deck stains. Paraffin Oil is one of the more common types of oil used today.

Pros of Paraffin Oil Based Stains

Paraffin is an excellent penetrating oil. Deck stains containing paraffin oil penetrate deep into all wood types. It conditions the wood while preventing UV fading and water damage.

Paraffin oil penetrates so well that it is recommended for newer wood decks. The newer the wood the more dense it is. Some deck stains will not penetrate the newer dense wood and will remain on top of the surface. Paraffin deck stains are able to penetrate newer more dense wood for optimal absorption and outstanding protection.

Paraffin oils are user friendly and easy to apply. Paraffin oil wood stains are an excellent choice for the DIY project. They apply very easily with little to no overlap marks and with little back brushing due to the superb absorption rate.

The paraffin deck stains also maintain fairly easily. They won’t peel or flake off like some stains. They simply fade over time and can be easily removed with a deck stain stripper before a new coat is applied.

Another great advantage of the paraffin type oil stains is that they are more natural looking. They penetrate so well that they actually enhance the beauty of the wood as opposed to covering it up or hiding it.

Cons of Paraffin Deck Stains

One of the downsides to paraffin oil wood stain is the strong odor. You will definitely notice a stronger odor with paraffin stains than some other stains. But once the stain cures the smell does go away.

Some paraffin deck stains can take a little longer to dry and cure than other stains. This means staying off the deck a little longer once it’s applied. Read the manufacturer’s suggested drying times. Be careful to not walk on or place items back on a deck that hasn’t met those recommendations.

Paraffin stains can be more prone to mold and mildew and may darken over a period of time. Regular deck maintenance can prevent this occurrence from happening.

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6 responses to “Paraffin Oil Based Decking Stains”

  1. Frank Knight says:

    How do I make paraffin oil????

  2. Terry says:

    where can we buy it?

  3. john says:

    this article does not state if paraffin solves any of the problems in question as a base of a stain that make up the "ratings" for the products reviewed for the site, and also states no products RELIABLY using %100 paraffin one can go find

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