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Update 2019 for Rust-Oleum Deck Resurface Products

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Well, Rust-Oleum is back at it with a newer, relabeled version of their  Rust-Oleum Deck Restore. The Deck Restore version has failed miserably in the last 5-6 years and a Class Action lawsuit was settled in 2018. They still continue to sell the Deck Restore version to unknowing consumers but they have come out with the newer RockSolid Deck Coating as well. This new version is marketed slightly differently. It is a Deck Resurface product that uses a primer first and can also be done in one day. From what we have seen and heard, the Rust-Oleum Rock Solid is not much better than the Deck Restore and continues to peel and fail. If you have used Rust-Oleum Rock Solid, we would like to hear what you think, so feel free to leave a comment below and pictures of your completed projects if you have them.

Rust-Oleum Rock Solid in A day Review

Rust-Oleum Rock Solid in A day Review

Rust-Oleum Deck Restore Review

Transform your Deck in One Day with RockSolid 6X Deck Coat. This innovative one coat deck resurfacer is ideal for moderately worn decks and patios. It is formulated to resurface wooden decks and concrete patios.

  • Ideal for moderately worn decks & patios
  • 6X thicker for enhanced durability
  • One coat coverage
  • Superior weather-resistance and waterproofing protection
  • Fills hairline cracks
  • Available in 60 different colors, tint before use
  • Coverage: up to 80 sq ft per gallon with 1 coat

Note: Class Action Lawsuit has been filed against Rust-Oleum Deck Restore 10x: See Here and Our Article

Rust-Oleum Rock Solid Deck Coat Scores (1-10)

Appearance After Initial Stain Application: 3

– The finished appearance of this product is poor. It looks “clumpy” and dirt has a tendency to stick to the surface as the product cures. The color did not match the color on the chart.

Preventing UV Graying at 1 Year Mark: 10

– Does not gray in the areas where it has not peeled.

Wear/Tear and Peeling: 2

– Of all the “Deck Resurface” products the Rust-Oleum version peels the worst. It started peeling within the first year of application in our cold weather state test deck.

Cost Per Square Foot: 1

– Coverage is terrible. We did not get the 30 sq. feet per gallon for the 2 coats. Closer to 20 sq. feet for two coats. We spent over $350 for our 200 sq. foot deck.

Preventing Mold/Mildew/Algae: 6

– About 40% of the deck had mold.

Ease of Application: 1

– This product is not easy to apply. It splatters and we had to constantly back wipe to ensure an even appearance. The roller that comes with the kit is useless and does not last. It feels like you are applying a coat of tar with sand in it.

Color Shifting (darkening) after 2 Years: 10

– The Rust-Oleum Rock Solid Deck Coating does not darken in color.

Difficulty of Reapplication: 1

– Be prepared to power sand this off for switching to a different brand. If rotting occurs, you may need to replace the decking.

Overall Score Rust-Oleum Rock Solid It at 1 Year Period: 4.25

– We cannot recommend this product based on our testing, numerous poor online reviews (check Amazon), and the past class action lawsuit. Rust-Oleum just does not seem to care either. Why continue to sell these products knowing there is a good chance of failure? Makes no sense…

Product Information:

Where To Buy: Home Depot, WalMart, Amazon, Lowes, Select Stores
Cost: $40 for a 1 Gallon. Deck Start Wood Primer must be used first.
Stain Type: Acrylic Solid Stain – Water Based
Available Colors: 60+colors
Application Temperature: 45-95 F
Coats Required: 2 Coats plus primer
Coverage Per Gallon: 25-30 sq ft per gallon with 2 coats
Application Tools: Brush, Roller
Dry Time: 8-24 Hours
Cleanup: Water
VOC Compliant: 250 Compliant in all States
Manufacturer: Rust-Oleum

Test Deck Stats:

Deck Wood Type: Pine Treated Deck
Deck Square Footage: 300 Square feet
UV Exposure: Full sun
How Many Years Tested: 1+ Years
Stain Color Used: 

*All products tested and results are from our experience. We offer no guarantee of similar results. Take into consideration that results may differ due to different wood types, exposure to UV radiation, and natural weathering.

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After applying the glue like substance my deck looks like someone poured Elmer’s glue and left it. I hope it all goes clear which is what I want. No tint needed


How to get this terrible product off the wood?? HELP

Jeff Lachter
Jeff Lachter

This is a terrible product. I paid $1500 for their prep paint and deck paint to end up having to strip it all off and use a different paint. It does not live up to all of Rustoleums promises. Avoid their deck products at all costs. TERRIBLE WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME

David Wheeker
David Wheeker

I am only half way through my deck resurfacer project so I cannot comment on durability of the 6X product. My problem has been color selection. So far I have purchased 3 different colors ( Russett, Buckskin & Sante Fe) and non of them have matched the shade guide. They don’t even come close. I took the Buckskin back to Lowes and one salesperson tinted it 3 times more to change it from a pink to a gray color. This was acceptable but when I need more, it cannot be reproduced. Right now I have a peach colored deck which doesn’t match or blend with anything around it. My advice is to buy one gallon of the product and refuse to accept it if it doesn’t match the color chart. It will darken slightly as it sets but will never match the color chart. I talked with a Rust-Oleum rep who offered excuses and was willing to refund my money on 2 gallons. She also indicated that they are having some problems with some colors.


Certainly I have a different experience. While rather difficult to install, my concrete pool deck has had this on it for the past 10 years (even before Rust Oleum bought the original company). You do need to follow the directions explicitly, and having done so, I have had no peeling, no color change, touch ups are easy, and I am presently recoating old deck and coating new concrete broom swept concrete with the Rock solid product. So I am one person who will have an opportunity to use old and new product on the same deck. Call me foolish, but I have had great results with this procedure. A couple dings from too close lawn edging, and one scrape from a shovel during the hottest weather (when the product does get a little soft) and that is all. The light color is new in process of second coat. The slightly darker is pre-cleaned but existing older product

Sara W
Sara W

After receiving a review from a friend who applied this product to his deck, I purchased Rust Oleum Rock Solid 20X Deck Resurfacer. I followed directions, applied the product, twice, on my 12×12 wood deck with the recommended primer and roller in May 2018. During that summer it looked great, and I was happy…

Fast forward to November 2018 and I noticed dark spots on the deck. Looked closer and it was the Rock Solid peeling up and what I was seeing was the original wood. Fast forward again to May 2019 and I am seeing dark spots all over the deck. I am disgusted and dissapointed. I have tried to contact Rust Oleum but have not heard back. I have been purchasing Rust Oleum products all my adult life but that is going to change. I can’t afford to replace my deck, and I am not sure what to do now.

Sara W
Sara W

Fast forward to November 2019 and more peeling and dark spots. This product was very expensive and the durability is not there at all. I don’t have time, strength or money to sand it and reapply. I was hoping to get at least 10 years out of a product that promises at least twice that amount. Ugh!