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This post was updated on May 1, 2024

Stain Your Deck in Fall 2024

We appreciate your input here at as we continue to expand our content and serve as your go-to source for the latest in deck restoration news and trending topics through 2024. Most people feel the urge to spring clean and tackle their deck stain projects at the first sign of warm weather. Below, we highlight why you may want to consider refurbishing your deck in the fall instead. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Owning a wood deck comes with the responsibility of deck care and maintenance. Staying on top of deck care is the best way to ensure you get many years of pleasure and use from your deck. It is best to choose a particular time of year when you inspect your deck and perform maintenance as needed. Having a certain time of year that you are not too busy taking care of other outdoor projects is a perfect time for deck care. Staining your deck in the fall can be the best season.

The air temperatures can be ideal to stain your deck in the fall. Most deck stains should not be applied in temperatures below 50 or above 90. Winter may fall below 50 in your area and for most regions in the country, summertime can see temperatures above 90. Deck stain should never be applied during the heat of the day or in direct sunlight. Spring is an option if you have time. Most people, however, are overwhelmed with lawn care, landscape maintenance, pressure washing, and so on. If you are too busy in the spring then fall deck staining may be best for you.

Another reason for choosing fall besides temperatures and lack of time may be the weather. If your area gets a lot of rain in the spring it can make deck staining a challenge. You need at least a 2-3 day window of dry weather to clean, let dry, and stain a deck. More days may be needed depending on the size of your deck. The fall season is much drier in most areas. It is best to stain your deck in the fall prior to the leaves changing and falling if it gets cool enough in your region. You can wait until the leaves are done falling as long as the air temperatures stay warm enough afterward.

Staining your deck in the fall will help you to stay on a regular schedule so you do not neglect your deck. A lot of people also like getting a good coat of stain prior to winter weather, which can be harsh on a deck. Enjoying your deck and other things in life all season and planning to stain your deck in the fall can be the ticket to regular deck maintenance.

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2 years ago

I have a pressure treated deck I had installed October 2020. It was too late to seal and stain because it got cold. I live in New York and missed the opportunity to seal the deck this spring and summer. I even had the deck power washed in preparation. But it rained so much over the summer. Now it’s November and I don’t know if I can go another winter without having treated the deck. It looks like I have to pressure treat the deck again if i do seal it. Don’t know what to do in New York!! Help!!

2 years ago

Thank you so much for responding- -But what exactly would “prep” require?

2 years ago

I want to stain my deck today. Temperatures are good but noticed a lot of dew early am..this dew has occurred frequently. Is it best to wait til the spring? Will there be enough time to dry from mid pm to overnight.
Montreal location.

4 years ago

I definitely agree with the challenge of staining in the spring. I’m considering splitting the project in 2. I’d like to sand it in late fall after I’ve brought my plants in and then stain in the spring. The deck is over 30 years old and I’ve been maintaining it so it is in very good shape.

So my question is will the over winter weathering be ok or will I need to prep it again.

I live outside of Detroit so our winter can be tough.

6 years ago

Hi there-we’re wanting to re-stain our deck, we live in Austin, TX and have live oaks and an oat-looking seed coming from trees falling-some landing on our deck. Will these fallings inpact the final stain once we apply? Tried to google this and barely any info came up. Any experience with this? Thank you!

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