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Staining a Deck in the Spring 2019 Tips

With the Spring 2019 thaw comes the resurface of your wood deck. It’s been a tough winter for your deck with temperatures ranging from brutally cold to near-spring warm in a matter of a few days throughout the winter season. With all this stress on the wood, it may be time for you to treat your wood deck to a fresh coat stain.

It is exciting when the weather starts to warm up and you have the urge to tackle your deck stain project at the first sign of spring. However, this might be a bad idea. Stop yourself before you run to the store or your web browser to buy your deck stain supplies. Make sure you take a look at the long-term forecast and make sure it won’t rain for the next 48 hours at least and temperatures won’t drop below 50 degrees F. Also, watch out for pollen levels in the area. If pollen lands on your drying deck stain, it can promote the growth of mold and mildew.

When shopping for a new deck stain, make sure you look for a semi-transparent finish. According to thousands of reviews, the best, highest quality decks have a semi-transparent finish. This is due to a number of factors, including ease of application, appearance after application, prevention of UV damage after 2 years, wear and tear after 2 years, change in color quality, and prevention of mold/mildew after 2 years.

After you prep, your wood deck with either a Cleaner or Stripper followed by Brightener, make sure your wood surface is completely dry before applying the Stain. This goes for all brands of stain except for Restore-A-Deck. The Restore-A-Deck stain can be applied to damp wood surfaces, allowing your wood stain project to be completed in just one day.

Your wood deck goes through a lot of stress throughout the year. Treat it right with a proper stain regimen and it will serve you right throughout its lifetime.

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Is it too late to consider staining my deck? Mornings bring a heavy dew that lasts past 10:30a.m. On a daily basis. Days can be beautiful in the 70’s but nights drop to low fourties. Should I wait till spring?

Totally Frustrated
Totally Frustrated

We were told to use arbor coat solid deck stain sold us water base. I told the clerk my deck was in full sun and is very hot. I did not want to deal with a peeling deck nightmare . It looked great for 6 months then started peeling. It has looked horrible for 2 years. Now the stain is 80% off and need to find the best way to try to save this deck.

steve m
steve m

im preparing to stain my deck as soon as the temps break. based on the pollen comments im thinking that’s not a wise move and i should wait until the pollen clears?