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Updated February 2020

2020 for Staining a New Deck is the Internet’s number one go-to site for all things exterior wood surface restoration related. As before, we recommend you wait 3+ months to stain new wood surfaces to allow the wood to weather, creating an ideal weathered surface that will hold the stain better. We encourage customer interaction on our site, so feel free to participate in our open discussion.

Staining a New Deck

Pressure Treated Pine

See here for a more in-depth article on Staining New Decking.

Staining a new deck in 2020 has never been easier. With today’s quality wood cleaners and stains, most anyone can get professional-like results. We have come a long way in wood restoration products and in 2020 most of these products are available to do it yourself homeowners everywhere. With the Internet, most of these products can be shipped directly to your home within days, making a deck staining project easier than ever before.

In addition to excellence deck staining products, the Internet also allows homeowners access to countless how-to articles and tips to help them along the way. Doing a search for deck stain help can lead you to a mountain of information that will educate and prepare you for your deck staining project. From prepping the deck, suggested dry times, stain recommendations, and right down to how to apply the stain there has never been a more opportune time.

We are certainly in the information age and 2020 is only going to give us more of the knowledge we desire. Deck staining may have been a hidden secret in the past but today the info is available to everyone, which is great news for those willing to stain their own decks. Staining a new deck in 2020 can save you money over hiring a professional deck staining company.

If you are willing to do the work involved with staining a new deck, then 2020 is the most informative year we have ever known and the info is there for you to find. Do your research on deck staining, wood cleaning, prep work, and best deck stains and within no time you will be armed with the knowledge you need to get professional results on your deck staining project.

Tips on Staining You New Deck

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I just sanded a very large Alaskan yellow cedar deck. About 7 years old . No finish or decking stain ever used on this deck. Client had it bleached and pressure washed. She did not like the results. Bleach spots all over. She liked the silver gray look as it aged. Now it is newly sanded. She is not sure if she should let it age again, or introduce some type of decking stain. I’m not very familiar with this cedar. I sand and refinish floors for a living, but 99 percent of my work , skill and knowledge are on indoor floors. I’d appreciate any feedback on suggestions for staining and maintaining this kind of deck.

Thank you,


I want a wood fence that is gray in color to somewhat match our gray PCV siding. How is that possible?


He long after do u stain a porch with new decking

Michel Lessard
Michel Lessard

I have one year old treated wood Deck which is in full Sun all day in Michigan what type of stains should I use that would best suit my deck


I have just had new cedar installed on my deck, which is located in southeast/mid Michigan. My deck guy said I can go ahead and seal it right away, rather than waiting like you have to do for pressure treated wood. I also want to keep the color natural for as long as possible. I was going to have him apply Thompson's Water Seal Advanced Waterproofer if I could find it. From reading information on your sight I have some questions: 1) Can I put a deck sealant or clear stain on the cedar boards right away to preserve the clean, clear boards before people and dogs start walking on the deck? 2) If I have to wait what is the shortest period of time and what do I need to do to prep the new boards? 3) What would you recommend I use to treat the wood but keep the natural color of the wood? It sounds like plain sealants aren't a good idea.

Nelson Fong
Nelson Fong

Hi I am replacing my 26 year old red wood deck with douglas fir. How long should I wait and what kind of prep I have to do before I stain the deck? Thanks