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blotchy deck stain

Blotchy stain application

There is no uncertainty that weather has a huge impact on applying a deck stain. A number of factors can help or hurt when it comes to staining a deck. Rain for one is a very big factor. Not only can rain delay and deck staining project, it can also ruin a freshly stained deck if it rains before the stain has time to dry. But there is another factor that may not be as common.

The temperature range for applying deck stain is just as crucial. Although the suggested temperature ranges for applying deck stain gives a lot more room for error, it can still come into play. Applying deck stain when temperatures are too cold can affect the curing process of the stain. Applying deck stain when temperatures are too hot can cause the stain to evaporate and dry too quickly. In both cases, the stain’s performance can be jeopardized.

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full sun damage to deck stain

Damage-Deck-Full-sunOne of the biggest elements in the lifespan of a deck is sun exposure. When a deck is exposed to full sun, it can have a damaging effect that can shorten the life of the wood. Harmful UV rays break down the wood fibers and cause discoloration, graying, and fading. When a deck becomes severely sun damaged the decking boards can warp, crack, and split causing dangerous splinters and a very unappealing look. In extreme cases, UV damage is irreversible and cannot be repaired.

The best stain for full sun decks is one that has a heavy pigmented formula that acts as a sunscreen and blocks damaging UV radiation. Most of the stains that are best for full sun decks will penetrate deeply into the wood pores. For example, Defy Extreme is an excellent waterborne product that uses nanoparticle technology and heavy resins to help reflect harmful sunrays.

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