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Looking for a New Cedar, Redwood, or Pine Fence Stain?

A new fence can add many benefits to your property. It can add curb appeal, increase your home’s value, provide privacy, help keep small children and pets safe, and so on. A new fence can be quite the investment so protecting it is a good idea. Applying a weatherproof stain to your new fence will ensure it looks good and lasts for many years.

A new fence will need to dry for several months before it can be sealed. New wood is pretty green, meaning it has a lot of moisture in it. After several months of being in the wind and warm sun, it will be ready for staining. Be sure to wash and prep the wood correctly prior to stain application.

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Wood fences are an excellent way to increase curb appeal and add privacy to any yard. They come in many sizes and designs but one thing remains constant, wood fences need to be protected from the elements if you expect it to last. Staining a wood fence will help enhance its natural beauty along with providing adequate protection from water and sun damage.

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Rough Sawn Deck Trim

Easy Application Tips for Staining Rough Sawn Wood

Rough Sawn Deck Trim

Rough Sawn Deck Trim

Rough textured wood also known as “rough sawn” is wood that is used as originally cut. It has not been smoothed out or sanded in most cases. Wood like this is a bit more difficult to stain than smooth textured wood but it does not have to be an overwhelming task. Rough sawn wood is commonly used for exterior wood fences, decking trim, and house trim. Typical wood types are cedar and pine.

Using the right stain and tools can make the job much easier when it comes to rough sawn.

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