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Peeling Solid Deck Stain

Have you had a bad experience with a decking stain?

Our most popular article, “What is the Best Deck Stain” has become the #1 article for consumers on the Internet for deck stain questions and answers. We have decided to create an article based on negative consumer feedback and experiences with decking stains.

We are looking for bad experiences with a particular brand of decking stain.

Please include:

1. Brand of Deck Stain

2. Type of Deck Stain (i.e. Solid, Semi-Transparent, Transparent, Semi-Solid)

3. Location and date applied

4. How long did it take for the stain to fail and how did it fail? (Peeling, Turned Black, Mold, Etc)

5. A brief description of your overall negative experience.

Note: This is mostly for fun and to allow you to vent your frustration!

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Dirty Deck
Stain Turned Black

Stain Turned Black

Why Did My Deck Stain Darken or Turn Black?

There has always been some concern for deck owners as to why a deck stain can darken or turn black in color after a couple of years. There typically are a few reasons why this may occur for any brand of deck stain.

Improper Curing of Deck Stain
When a deck stain does not cure or dry properly it can remain tacky for longer than it should. This can result in embedded dirt, grime, and/or tree pollen. These trapped contaminants can have an increased effect on mold and mildew growth darkening the deck stain. Improper curing usually happens from over applying the stain.

Mold/Mildew Prone Climates
In very hot and humid climate types, mold and mildew can actually begin to form on the surface of a deck stain causing it to appear darker. In extreme cases, mold and mildew can grow below or in the stain further darkening the appearance.

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