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Hiring Tips for a Deck Restoration Contractor

When you have come to the conclusion that deck maintenance is not for you or that bringing a deck back to life is too much work, you can always hire a contractor. Hiring a deck restoration contractor does not have to be difficult but you certainly want to do some research prior to making a decision.

Painters vs. Deck Restoration Professionals

Do not hire a painter to restore your deck unless he has extensive knowledge on the subject. We have found that many painters do not have the experience or know how of the proper preparation and application of a wood stain. Best to hire a professional who specializes in exterior wood deck restoration.

Deck Restoration Costs

The most common key factor for deck owners hiring a contractor for restoration is price. Deck restoration pricing can vary widely. The best thing to remember is most of the time you get what you pay for. This means the cheapest contractor, especially if they are way cheaper than anyone else, may not give you the results you expect.

The price a contractor charges for deck restoration work is closely related to his expenses. If a deck cleaning contractor is very low on price he may not be properly insured, use inferior products, or might plan to take shortcuts to turn a profit. Always be weary of a ridiculously low estimate for deck restoration.

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Pressure Washing A Deck
Pressure Washing A Deck

Pressure Washing A Deck

Wood restoration can be one of the most misunderstood services and one of the toughest for do-it-yourself homeowners. One thing to keep in mind is that the main reason a new deck sealer will fail prematurely is because the wood was not cleaned properly beforehand.

When wood becomes weathered, it needs to be cleaned prior to sealing. Cleaning a wooden deck can be a difficult task for a homeowner that is uneducated about the process.

Using a pressure washer can be an effective method. You must also use the proper cleaners to get the dirt and grime out that is deep down in the wood. Most people make the mistake of using too much water pressure when using a pressure washer. Wood is actually pretty soft and can damage easily from excessive water pressure.

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