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Sikkens Cetol SRD Review
Sikkens Cetol SRD Review

Sikkens Cetol SRD Review

Sikkens Cetol SRD (Siding Railings Deck) is a high solid 1 coat wood and decking stain. The SRD offers 3-way protection for your exterior wood.  Protection from water damage, UV radiation, and Mold. Sikkens SRD penetrates deep into the wood and does not film on top of the wood.

Containing Translucent Iron Oxide Pigments, Sikkens SRD can be used on all unfinished exterior wood.

Sikkens SRD Wood Stain Scores (1-10)

Appearance After Initial Stain Application: 9

– The Sikkens SRD displayed a very nice natural cedar color to the pine dock. We were pleased with the penetration into the wood. Much better than other Sikkens stains that filmed on top of the wood like a varnish.

Preventing UV Graying at 2 Year Mark: 6

– At the 2 year mark, Sikkens SRD lost a lot of color after 24 months of full sun exposure. The stain that was left on the dock had either deteriorated away or darkened in color.

Wear/Tear and Peeling: 7

– The SRD exhibited bare spots on 30% of the flooring surface after 2 years. The dock exhibited a wear pattern down the middle of the walkway.

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