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Do You Need to Stain the Undersides of a Deck?

Bringing up some debate is whether or not you should stain the undersides of a deck. It is common and advisable to stain the weather-exposed surfaces of a deck to protect them from water and sun damage. But do the undersides of a deck also need protected?

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Should I Stain All Sides of Boards or Just Exposed Sides?

A common question when it comes to staining a wood deck is whether or not you have to stain all the sides of the deck boards including underneath.

Normally a deck floor is only stained on the exposed side facing up. This helps protect the boards from UV fading and water damage. The underside of a deck obviously is not going to be subjected to any harsh UV rays but what about moisture?

Moisture and water damage can be a problem especially on the exposed side of a deck where rain constantly hits the boards and may even puddle up allowing it to be absorbed. On the underside of a deck, the boards are not being pelted with rain but they can get slightly wet during a good downpour. The problem with staining deck boards underneath is that it is almost more trouble than it is worth.

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