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This post was updated on January 14, 2022

TWP 100 Series Picture Album

Hearing from consumers who have used the TWP 100 Series wood stain, their decks have held up to the test of time and weather after this harsh winter. TWP is one of our top go-to stains as deck restoration contractors and we have been using it for 20+ years.

Overall Score TWP 100 Series Stain at 2 Year Period: 8.5

– TWP is one of our most commonly used stains. We have applied the TWP 100 Series to many 1000’s of decks and rarely have an issue. Easy to apply and easy to reapply when the time comes. There are a few other stains that are as good, but as of yet, no other product has been better.

For more info, see our article: TWP 100 Series Review

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