TWP 200 Series Wood Stain Photos 5/5 (1)

This post was updated on January 14, 2022

TWP 200 Series Wood Stain Picture Album

TWP 200 Series is a semi-transparent oil-based penetrating finish designed to extend the life of exterior wood such as decking, cedar shake siding, and shingles. Containing a paraffin oil, the TWP 200 series penetrates wood extremely well. Paraffin oil is a “non-drying” oil that enhances the wood cell’s structural stability. This greatly improves the wood’s life and appearance.

Overall Score TWP 200 Series Stain at 2 Year Period: 8.25

– We like the 200 Series, but normally use the 100 or 1500 as it is more readily available. It has great UV protection and does not peel. The only slight issues are the dry time and final color curing. This is a non-issue for vertical wood, but you will have to wait until dry for horizontal decking.

You can read our full review here: TWP 200 Series Review

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