What are The Best Solid Color Deck Stains 5/5 (4)

Update What are the Best Solid Color Deck Stains in 2019 Some new solid color stains have been introduced in the last few years and are better than previous brands due to enhancements in technology. Less wear and peeling when tested. We always appreciate your input, so feel free to leave a comment below with pictures of your solid deck stain projects. Solid Color Deck Stain Reviews for 2019 Our favorite deck stains have always been the penetrating semi-transparent stains. These stain types allow the wood grain to show and if they truly soak into the wood grain, reapplying is easier down the road. Solid color deck stains have always been a “last resort” coating in our opinion. We have not been huge fans of the appearance or performance of solid deck stains but do understand that there is a need for them. That being said, there are some really good solid color deck stains on the market for 2019. See here for tips … Continue reading What are The Best Solid Color Deck Stains 5/5 (4)