Why is My Deck Stain Not Beading Water? 5/5 (1)

This post was updated on June 7, 2023

Deck Stain Not beading?

Deck stains come in many different opacities. Transparent, Semi-Transparent, Solid Colors, etc.  All deck stains act as a sealant that protects the wood from weather, moisture, and UV rays. They help to lock out moisture and reduce water intrusion.

One question we get often here at DeckStainHelp.com is “why does my deck stain not bead water and what should I do?”

Myth About Deck Stains Beading Water

For years there have been TV and Radio commercial promoting the need to add a sealer or stain that relies heavily on the ability to bead water. This is not a good idea. High-quality deck stains and sealers actually will shed water, not bead water. The reason is you need to have your deck stain breathable. This reduces the chance of peeling with your deck stain. 100% sealing of your wood surface can also lead to internal rotting of your wood.

To summarize, if your deck stain is not beading water, do not worry, it will be fine.

Note: A High-Quality Deck Stain may bead water when initially applied but it is normal to stop doing this after a month or two.

Deck Stain Sealer

Beading Water on Deck  Stain

More information on Deck Stains Beading

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