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Why use A Solid Stain on Vertical Wood

Solid Stains on Vertical Wood

Solid Stains on Vertical Wood

With a solid color (opaque) deck stain on the verticals or railings of a deck, you can create a two-toned deck that looks great and can ease the maintenance down the road.


Advantages to Solid Stains Vertical Wood

There are several advantages to having a solid color stain on your vertical wood or railings.

  • The ability to color match the railings and vertical wood to blend with the color of the house.
  • Solid stains on vertical wood/railings can last 2-3 times longer or up to 6 years with little to no maintenance. Note that solid stains will fail much quicker on horizontal flooring and can be harder to maintain.
  • Choosing a solid stain for the verticals and a semi-transparent for the horizontals will reduce the need for maintenance to every 2-3 years for the floors and every 4-6 years for the verticals

For more info on having a Two-Toned Deck, see this article: Why Two-Toned Decks

Here is our list of the top solid color deck stains that we use as restoration contractors:

A properly prepped and stained deck can really add appeal and value to your property. It may take a little more time and labor initially but as some deck owners know, the end result can be amazing.

Solid Color Deck Stain Photos

Solid Color Deck Stain Video – DeckStainHelp.com

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