Will a Clear Sealer Prevent Graying on Deck? 5/5 (2)

This post was updated on January 18, 2023

Can Clear Sealers Prevent Graying?

No, a clear sealer without any pigment will not prevent UV oxidation and will gray in a matter of months If you want to prevent graying of your wood it is best to use a Semi-Transparent Deck Stain on your deck. Semi-transparent deck stains are designed to penetrate into your wood grain while enhancing the natural grain based on the color you choose.

Note: Stains that are “Natural” in color typically have a tint (not clear) and will enhance the grain like a wet look. Natural tinted stains will provide UV Protection.

Clear Deck Sealer

Clear Deck Sealer

Best for Preventing UV Graying on a Deck

With all of these different types of products, we prefer penetrating semi-transparent products as they allow the wood grain to show. They offer better-than-average UV protection and can be easier to reapply in the future.

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