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This post was updated on February 25, 2024

Deck Stain Drying Issues Cold Temperature?

The majority of deck stains will require an application temperature of 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit. Applying at the low end of this or below can create issues or prolong the curing and drying time. You never want to apply at the low end and have the temps fall below zero the first night of staining as that can create premature deck stain failure.

Tips on Cold Weather Deck Stain Application

When applying a deck in the low 50s  it can double your curing and drying time. Do not over-apply the deck stain and make sure to take precautions by avoiding applying if potential rain. Since the curing and drying time takes much longer, also avoid walking and adding furniture on your deck until fully cured. Once the deck is fully dry to the touch and is not sticky or tacky, you should be okay to use it.

More Info on Deck Stain Curing/Drying Time

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