This post was updated on June 9, 2022

Do Deck Stains Fade?

Typically a deck stain does fade over the years from UV exposure but this varies based on the stain brand and type of stain that is being used. Most penetrating deck stains that are of high quality will fade lightly through the years and that is normal. This is a good thing though as this makes cleaning and reapplication easier.  A fading deck stain can actually look more natural as it is the pigment that is fading.

Be careful as some brands of deck stains actually darken or even turn black. This makes reapplication more difficult and can require stripping.  Why Deck Stain Turned Black

Tips to Prolong Fading Deck Stain

The higher the pigment solid or the darker/ richer the color, the longer the stain UV resistance will be. This will prolong fading over time.

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