This post was updated on June 9, 2022

Do Deck Stains Harm Plants

Yes, but only when applying! When applying your deck stain it is very important that the stain only gets on the wood that you want to stain. Areas to avoid over spraying and drips during  deck stain application are:

  • The house siding
  • Any glass windows
  • Concrete next to and below the deck
  • Plants and vegetation

Deck Stain Kill Plants

Tips to Avoid Killing Plants with Deck Stain

Cover the plants with plastic drop cloths or poly tarps to avoid over-spray and drips during application.  It is very important that you remove the tarps as soon as possible when you are done! Covering plants for more than 30 minutes on a hot day can create immense heat under the tarps and “burn” the leaves.

More Info on Killing Plants Using a Deck Stain

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