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Will My Deck Stain Peel

Peeling Deck StainYes, it is very possible that a deck stain can peel. Any deck stain that films or forms a coating on top of the wood can be prone to wearing and peeling. These stain types include solid color deck stains and acrylic-based filming deck stains that are semi-solid and semi-transparent.To avoid the chance of this happening, you want to use a penetrating deck stain. These stains come in transparent, semi-transparent, and semi-solid colors. They also can be oil or water-based. The key is to find the brands that make the deck stains that fully soak into the wood grain.

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Another reason a deck stain can peel is improper prep or over-application. Always follow the stain brand’s directions as to how to prep and how much stain to apply. More does not = better in most cases.

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