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This post was updated on January 30, 2023

Exterior Wood and Deck Restoration Review Videos

DeckStainHelp.com has become the Internet’s go-to site for Exterior Wood and Deck Stain Reviews. New for 2023 are our exterior wood and deck stain and prep review videos. We will add more Review Videos throughout the year. Please subscribe to our video channel for new videos as they come out.

If you have a request for a review, please ask in the comment area below and we will consider getting this on our to-do list.

Deck Stain Review Videoa

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Mae Barnes
Mae Barnes
2 years ago

Good afternoon,
We live in Georgetown,Ontario about 30 miles west of Toronto.
We have a wood pressure treated deck that gets full sun from sun up till 3pm mid summer. It has been stained every year with Rez solid walnut stain, which is not really working as it has to be done every year. Scraping the ice and snow off it in the Winter really beats it up.
Your advice would be appreciated. Pictures attached.
Thank you.

2021-07-21 14.48.25.jpg
2021-07-21 14.42.56.jpg
Jaye Sors
Jaye Sors
2 years ago

This is the only comment section I could find on my iPhone. I was watching the stain options and recommendation videos. I am confused because I don’t see any way to distinguish semi transparent stains to be used on raw or poor wood versus wood that has already been stained and is in good shape . I previously bought the perfect semi transparent stain only to find that it was for raw wood, so I used it on a different project and it yellowed it and made it look less natural.
The semi transparent stains you recommend sound good but when I look at the images or the text it seems to be all about raw wood. Is there a different term if you just want to maintain your deck in good shape each year? And what do you recommend? I went to the Benjamin Moore store and for my situation they highly recommend a product for my mahogany deck that’s in good shape that nobody seems to like, so I need something different.

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