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Wood Deck Stain and Cleaner Manufacturers

We have compiled a full list of all of the manufacturers websites who make exterior wood and deck stains, cleaners, brightener, strippers, etc.

The list is for all brands that we have currently tested and reviewed:

Armstrong Clark Wood Stain

Bakers Gray Away

Behr Wood Stains

Benjamin Moore

Cabot Exterior Wood Products

Defy Exterior Wood Products

Extreme Solutions

Flood Company



Messmers Wood Products

Olympic Decking Stains

OneTime Stain

Padco Stain Pad Applicators

Penofin Stains and Cleaners

Ready Seal

Restore-A-Deck Cleaners


Sherwin Williams

Shurline Stain Pads

Sikkens Wood Stains

SuperDeck Wood Care

Synta Restore

Thompsons Water Seal

TimberOil Brand

TWP Stains

Wolman Products

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55 responses to “Wood Deck Stain and Cleaner Manufacturers”

  1. Randy winters says:

    I purchased a Natural finish wood stain made by Messmer two years ago. I live in south florida and now appreciate the light color was a mistake. I need to get a darker more UV resistant stain. Please advise me what is the highest quality manufacturer for my pine fence. Thanks

    • Randy, clean and brighten the wood fence first. You are correct that the Mesmmers in Natural is very light. This means it will fade faster then a darker pigmented stain. I would try the Armstrong Clark in one of the semi-solids for maximum UV protection.

  2. Marian says:

    I had my new deck stained with messmer stain ( cedar deck ) last year.
    How do I clean it properly without damaging the stained surface ?

  3. Barbara says:

    I have a Ipe deck finished twice with Messmer's UV stain natural. It is on a roof top in Florida which is on the ocean.
    Gets salt from the ocean and direct sun. It's time to stain it again. Can you take me through the steps. We pressure washed it with just water and it looks like more scrubbing is needed to get all the prior finish off. I would appreciate your reply as soon as possible and I would like to thank you in advance for your help.

    • Barbara, it would be best to use a stain stripper followed by a wood brightener to prep. It will take the Messmers off with relative ease when using a pressure washer.

    • Crudbusters says:

      I seal about 150 decks a year. For Ipe I do a light sanding of the floor (60 grit). this will aid in opening up the grain, and will help the seal to get into the wood better.

  4. Eileen says:

    I have cedar posts and rails on a home i have purchased there has been no prep on this beautiful wood how do i bring back the richness and protect it

  5. Angie says:

    I stained my deck after cleaning with power washer with Behr Deck Over, in redwood finish, last fall. The spindles and handrails still look good, but the floor is peeling in numerous areas. I contacted Behr and they've given me two different recommendations: to clean with their Behr cleaning product then restain or to strip with their stripping product and restain. The stripper I've tried in a test area and it will be very labor intesive to remove the entire stain by stripping. I'm wondering if it might be better just to recoat with the Behr Deck over again and then after it cures to add a coat of Thompson's water seal. Would the water based Behr work under the Thompsons?

    • Angie, never put a product like Thompson\’s on top of a stain. It will not work. At this point you really have two choice. Strip/sand it all off and go with a different brand or reapply Behr annual as it will continue to peel every year.

  6. barry talls says:

    has anyone tried Eco Wood Treatment?

  7. Jim says:

    Has anyone used the Behr Deck Over or the Synta "Restore" product. What was the result? How durable has it been?

  8. John, if needed only. We thing sanding creates issues with the stain penetration.

  9. Vickie says:

    I wish I had found this site 2 years ago when we installed our deck….I did not know one needs to wait to stain when installing new decking. My 2 questions are : We stained immediately…anything I can do at this point? Also, I used a product that was recommended by the store called 'Natual In-Wood' by United Coatings. The color changed fairly quickly from a clear light color to a dark weathered color. Any suggestions as to what to do at this point?

  10. Lee says:

    I lightly sanded ( just some areas) and washed a three year old pergola with benches. Then I stained it with a para product called Raincoat. It turned out great except the bottom of the posts remained darker in colour. Can someone tell me what is making the bottom posts darker and what do I need to do to matche them to the rest of the pergola?

  11. Teri LC says:

    My deck was just coated with Thompson's water seal and I don't like the look. Can I go over it with Behr Deckover without having to sand it?

  12. Craig says:

    I was told Wolman Solid Color deck stain was a good product to use on Correct Deck composite decking material to renew the color and seal it. I can't find any where to buy it and the link on your website to Wolman Products goes no where. Any suggestions?


  13. Jan says:

    We had a new deck built about a month ago out of pressure treated pine. I am SO confused about how to care for it. (now I know why we never treated the previous deck:-) It seems that every product has both positive and negative reviews depending on where you read the comment. We had originally planned to use Flood semi transparent based results my neighbor has had. Then the painter we are going to use recommended Sherwin Williams. Both have poor reviews on here. I can't find any of the products that are top rated on here without ordering even though I am in a fairly large city…Birmingham Al. There is a store that carriesTWP about 90min away. Is there a way to protect it without staining? Are there any products that will not have to be "removed" before other applications of stains or sealers in the future. The deck faces the southwest with half of it protected from sun until about noon. There was a slight mildew problem on the original deck in that area.

  14. Marta says:

    I'm surprised that you haven't evaluated a deck/dock stain call WoodRx Ultra which is manufactured by Inseco, a Fort Myers, Fl. company. Many of the marine lumber companies in SW Florida only recommend this product because of its' performance. I'm not a salesperson. I'm just an environmentally conscious, first time dock stainer who was really impressed by this company's stain and also their all natural eco-friendly paint & stain stripper which I successfully used on two docks. It would be great to see you also do a review on the stain stripper. I really appreciated that it was safe to use in the environment since I'm on a bay with lots of marine life around. It's call P-Strip and it's non-caustic; it's not even harmful if it contacts the skin and cleans up with soap & water.

  15. Steve says:

    I am getting ready to stain my 5 month old pressure treated pine deck for the 1st time. I live in central Florida. I will be wanting a darker stain to match my house and I want to use a stain & water sealer combo to save money and make it last longer. I was told to use a wood cleaning product first even thought the deck is only 5 months old. Any advice on this project or on which brand stain & water seal is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.'


  16. Mark Kirkpatrick says:

    I am on the SC coast. I have a deck that is 18 months old, it has never been treated. Can I use TWP 100? The deck is 12' x 40' with rails and pickets and stairs going down about 15' with rails and pickets. how much sealer do I need. Can I put a solid stain (white) over TWP 100 or do you offer a white color That I can use on rails and pickets. I would like the floor to be semi transparent olive green, is that possible.

    • Mark, TWP does not come in a solid color, white, or olive green. You cannot use TWP than put something else on top. If you wan these colors then you need to get them custom mixed in a solid color.

  17. Tim Sanders says:

    I have a lot of lattice to stain along with my deck. Can I use twp 1500 in an electric sprayer to be more efficient and speed things up?? North Georgia mountains with a lot of shade from hardwoods.

  18. Candy says:

    Any reviews on Rust-Oleum® Deck & Concrete Restore® 4X or 10X?

  19. Veronica says:

    New deck stainer, Houston, Texas is my location. I used Behr Waterproof Stain, loved the look. However, our above the ground pool (plastics edging) got some of the stain on it and has dried. Any suggestions on how to get it off? Thanks

  20. Judy says:

    Have you reviewed Messmers oil based stains? If not, why not?

  21. kate Barnes says:

    i am livibg in high point north carolina, last year @ this year i have painte or stained my deck and both times my deck ie peeling , i ahe never happened before, it is expencive, i just looked @ my deck and peeling all over. now what ; i am looking for a refund or a coupion to purchase a new two gallions . please advise, june iith 2015 @ one P/M . thank yopu !

  22. Julie Kirschbaum says:

    I'm looking to buy light rescue it. In the heritage gray , I was wondering if it will cover up the old color stain like a cedar

  23. cyndieatsunset says:

    I need to remove the stain that is left on my deck. Most has come off with a powersprayer

    • Dave says:

      I used a power spryer, but it was uneven, and I think caused some damage to the wood. I found CitriStrip paste the best way to remove the stain, although it takes a lot of work. It raised the stain, and then I used a scraper to lift it off.

  24. AAinCO says:

    Defy hardwood stain or Penofin for a Tigerwood deck that just got sanded? I live at 8000 ft in CO so lots of sun and snow exposure.Thanks!

  25. Peter Gagnon says:

    I don't see any ratings for Sansin deck stains. I've found them to be quite good for Canadian climate (I live on Lake Superior) and was wondering why they weren't listed?

  26. Bill Rohm says:

    Went to the Defy Exterior Wood Products website and received a warning from "Web of Trust" this is a "phishing" site and warns not to enter any confidential information here.

    • Must be an incorrect setting on your computer as we just tested 4 different browsers with no issues. Also it that was true, google searches would declassify the site, and they have not.

  27. Linda says:

    where can you buy "Wet and Forget" to clean and prevent mold and mildew on decks?

  28. cchsbookgroup says:

    Does anyone have any leftover?
    They stopped making it and I can only find 4 oz. samples online.
    Thank you.

    Sikkens Cetol DEK Finish 113 Cape Cod Grey Wood Stain

  29. Barbsmith says:

    I have a problem in removing the Behr semi-transparent waterproofing stain that was applied 2 years ago. It didn't last and it is extremely slippery when snow is on the poarch. we live in the snow belt of New York. I cannot remove the stain by strippers since then it needs to be washed off. our shallow well is about 10 feet from the house. I don't want chemicals in our drinking water. will we have the same problem with a brightener? what can we do to prepare the deck for a safer stain? sanding the whole deck sounds like a lot of fun. thanks Barb

  30. SCB says:


    I was wondering if the DeckStainHelp folks have tested the Woodsman brand of deck stains; it's offered for sale at True Value hardware stores. If so, what are your opinions of the product(s)? Please inform. Thanks!

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