Top 5 Deck Stain Reviews and Ratings Video 5/5 (2)

This post was updated on January 18, 2023

The Top Deck Stain Ratings Video

In this video, we have listed the Top 5 Current Deck Stains in 2023 that we have reviewed based on our experience and consumer ratings of each product.

New Smooth Wood

New Smooth Wood

We have been using and reviewing wood and deck stains since we started working on restoring exterior wood in the early 1990s. This site was developed to help consumers research and ask questions on what would be the best deck stain, with the goal of longevity and just as important, ease of reapplication. Our favorite deck stains have always been penetrating semi-transparent stains. These stain types allow the wood grain to show and if they truly soak into the wood grain, reapplying is easier down the road.

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1 year ago

Hi! I have a new (2 month) small set of redwood landing steps that I’d like to keep looking new and highlighting the original color, not weathered /gray. Im in California. Which deck stain would you recommend ?

1 year ago

I currently have behr premium semi transparent weather proofing all
In one stain. It is a dark color. I want to change the color and was told if I use solid then I will only have to clean the deck and not strip it. Do I need to strip the previous stain first? It is a dark brown semi transparent, the color I want is dune gray solid. Thank you.

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