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This post was updated on January 18, 2023

Deck Restoration Contractors

Deck Restoration Contractors

Deck Restoration Contractors

DeckStainHelp.com has become the Internet’s go-to site for all things exterior wood and deck restoration related. Close to 76,000 Q&A comments and 6,000 Deck Forum help topics. Through the last 9+ years, numerous deck and wood restoration contractors have contributed to this site either directly or indirectly by writing articles, offering reviews of products, and offering advice in the comment sections.

We are now looking for additional qualified Wood Restoration Contractors to help with some new articles and tips for the 2023 season!

DeckStainHelp.com Qualifications for Article Contribution

  • Must be an Exterior Wood Restoration Professional. This includes Wood Decks, Log Homes, Wood Fences, Cedar Homes, etc.
  • Prefer 3+ years of Exterior Wood Restoration Experience.
  • Cannot be a freelance article writer.
  • Manufacturers of deck restoration products are not allowed.
  • All articles must be original articles. No plagiarism or copying content from another article.
  • All articles must be professionally written with proper grammar.

What are the Benefits of Contributing an Article?

  • All contributor articles that are posted on the site will receive a link to their website.
  • All contributor articles will receive full credit that includes Company/Contractor Name, Website, Phone Number, and a short description of their business.
  • The ability to promote on your website that you are a DeckStainHelp.com contributor.

Interested in being a DSH Contributor? Please email us at contributors@deckstainhelp.com with the answers to the below questions and we will get back to you! Any other inquiries to this email address will not be answered.

If you have any questions first, please ask below in the Comment Area.

DeckStainHelp.com Potential Contributor Questions

  1. Company & Contractor Name?
  2. Company Website?
  3. Years in the Wood Restoration Business?
  4. Article Topic Idea(s)?



*DeckStainHelp.com has the sole right to allow or refuse any potential contributors if they do not meet our requirements listed above or any additional requirements that are not written or implied.

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Amy M Hassenpflug
Amy M Hassenpflug
1 year ago

I am staining a 6 mo old deck in humid Ohio. I powerwashed with bleach yesterday to get the mildew off the cedar. The deck floor is pressure treated pine. Two or three boards seem too green and wet to stain yet. Today is beautiful weather. Rain after that, for a week until customer returns home.
Your best choices :Whoolrich, Armstrong, Restore, aren’t available locally. I can get Defy, Ready Seal, Arborcoat in oil or water based, Behr, Super deck. Then, how essential is the brightener step?
What is my best coarse of action given less than ideal conditions?

3 years ago

Hello I just love your website you have been very informative in tackling my Deck questions.
I have a dilemma, I have poor quality deck Buhr Deck over on my deck. I stripped it with HD 80 and power sanded it with 20 grit paper with these results. This Deck over simply refuses to budge. I’m attempting more stripping using Buhr Deck stripper today.
My question is since my deck is gray, same color TWP 100 I purchased, plus TWP gray is semi solid base could I apply this stain over the little Deck over that remains on the deck?

3 years ago

Thanks for your quick reply, I will proceed removal as suggested. You stated staining over Deck over was not advisable, if I have to resort to a NON stain product would you have any recommendations?

Rick Willson
Rick Willson
2 years ago
Reply to  Dennis

Drop to 16 grit. You can drum with a slight angle. Move the machine slowly just don’t stop obviously. It might take awhile but you’ll have a plained brand new deck.

Never use strippers. Ive done over 2,000 decks this way. After edging rent a squar-buff (rental place or some Home Depots). its a 12×18 huge orbital sander you walk with. 80 grit will do the trick. Ive drummed deck 5 times worst and started with a 45 degree angle.
Willson Deck Restoration

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 12.25.42 AM copy.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 11.42.09 PM.jpeg
3 years ago

I would like to contribute. Question, do you allow mulitple links to our websites and where do the links orginate?

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