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Defy Wood Deck Cleaner Review 4.3/5 (2)

Defy Wood Deck Cleaner

Defy Wood Deck Cleaner

Defy Wood Deck Cleaner ReviewDefy Wood Deck Cleaner is a safe alternative to chlorine bleach based cleaners. Defy Wood Cleaner is highly effective at removing general dirt, grime, and UV graying while restoring the wood’s natural color tones. Environmentally safe, powdered, oxygen based concentrate that makes 5 liquid gallons per container.

Defy Wood Cleaner should be used with the Defy Wood Brightener for maximum preparation.

Defy Wood Deck Cleaner Scores (1-10)

Removal of Graying, Dirt, Grime: 8

– The Defy Wood Cleaner did an excellent job at prepping the wood by removing all of the dirt and mold. The test deck had not been maintained in 6  years so the graying of the wood cells was extensive. The Defy Cleaner did a better than average job at softening these grayed wood cells so that a stiff scrubbing removed them from the deck surface.

Cost Per Square Foot: 10

– How can you complain about spending only $20 to clean a 750 square foot deck. That is $.03 a square foot. A bargain compared to liquid packaged cleaners.

Removal of Old Stain: N/A

– Defy Wood Cleaner is designed to prep decking by removing graying, dirt, mold, and grime. It will not remove old stains unless the stain is extremely deteriorated.

Ease of Application: 8

– Defy Wood Cleaner is packaged in a powdered formula. We mixed the entire 2.25 pound container into 5 gallons of warm water. The powdered dissolved rather easily into the water. We noticed a “bubbling” effect when we applied the cleaner to the decking. This “lifted” the dirt/graying, making the scrubbing and rinsing very simple. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the wood while the surface is still wet to remove all of the wood fibers.

Final Appearance of Cleaning: 8

– Very clean throughout the decking are when done. After we applied the Defy Wood Brightener, the overall appearance was even better

Overall Score for Defy Wood Deck Cleaner: 8.5

– Defy Wood Deck Cleaner is a great and inexpensive way to prep your wood prior to an application of a stain!

Product Information:

Where To Buy: Select Stores or Online
Product Type: Powdered Concentrate
Available Sizes: 2 Pound Container Makes 5 Liquid Gallons
Application Temperature: 45-95 F
Coverage Per Gallon: 150-200 sq. ft
Application Tools: Scrub Brush, Pump Sprayer
Manufacturer: Saversystems

Test Deck Stats:

When Tested: June 2007
Deck Wood Type: Pressure Treated Pine
Deck Square Footage: 750
Condition of Deck: Gray and dirty
How Much Product Used: 
One 2.25 Pound Container. Retails for $19.99

*All products tested and results are from our experience. We offer no guarantee of similar results. Take inconsideration that results may differ due to different wood types, exposure to UV radiation, and natural weathering.

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Average Ratings Score From Consumers Who Have Used Product 

4.3/5 (2)

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19 responses to “Defy Wood Deck Cleaner Review”

  1. jeff says:

    So I have a new wood (pressure treated deck) here in Northern Va. In waiting for a chance to stain with the Defy line of stains, it has gathered some dirt and mold. I bought the Defy wood cleaner, but the product page never states that, oh by the way, you need the brightener to neutralize the stuff you just used. The question is..If I don't use the Brightener and go to the stain after cleaning, what's the downside?

  2. Dave says:

    We have a south facing treated wood deck that we had cleaned/stained 6 years ago that is now stain absent,small mold spots,gray areas. A company tells me it only needs a high pressure cleaning then paraffin sealer. ReadySeal was the sealer 6 years ago. Do you feel this wash is enough so that I can then apply Defy Extreme Stain myself?

  3. Dave, I believe the Sikkens is \”feeding\” the growth of the mold. Best to remove it and start over with a stain brand that is not prone to promoting mold growth. TWP 100 and Defy Extreme show excellent results from this.

  4. martin says:

    Hello, I have a deck that has been neglected for 6 years. The wood is gray and has spots from where hail damage knocked off some of the remaining stain. I had planned to just pressure wash the deck then apply some sort of sealant. Should I Spray on this wood cleaner and then use the pressure washer to clean off the cleaner? After I do that, how long should I wait before adding a sealant? I plan to use a clear sealant and not a stain. thanks in advance for your advice.

  5. Yimin says:

    My contractor is planning to sand the deck and railing and then stain right away. I told him that from what I read everywhere, after sanding, the deck need to be washed, and dried for 2 days before staining. But the contractor is puzzled and said why wash again after sanding? He has been in the construction business for more than 20 years. My question is: Is it OK to stain with Defy Extrem right after sanding the deck and railing? Suppose he use only 60-80 grit sand paper? Maybe wipe away the sand dust?

    • Yimin, sanding can close the grain of the wood and leave sand dust in the pores. This can reduce stain penetration. In general the better a stain absorbs into the wood, the less chance of wearing or peeling. The floor should not be sanded smooth like a hardwood floor. Best to to lightly prep after with a cleaner and brightener to open the grain so the stain has a better chance of working correctly.

  6. Greg says:

    I have powerwashed my deck and have gotten the dirt and grime off but I do still have some black splotches that I can't power wash away. Will a brightener help with that? And it sounds like the brightener should be used before I stain it?

    • Greg, it depends on what the black stains are. If they are rust stain then it will help. Mold and or water stains from pots cannot be removed with a brightener. You should always brighten after using a deck cleaner or wood brightener.

  7. jack says:

    Does this product work if you don't have a pressure washer to remove it? I was planning on simply using a water hose.

  8. Tom G. says:

    I have a small deck (150 sq. ft.) but with many steps and lots of spindles. I am looking for a low-cost cleaner that is very easy to use, i.e. spray it on and then rinse or power wash it off but with no scrub brushing required. Would the Defy fit this bill? Your analysis seems to suggest that scrubbing might be necessary with the Defy. Would Messmer's better suit my needs? It seems like scrubbing would not be required with the Messmer's. Any other product suggestions? Thank you.

  9. Kathy says:

    I live in San Diego – inland – Rancho Bernardo – and we have a low wood fence/wall they built as a quasi retaining type wall (separates the hill from the grass and patio area). It looks like it was stained originally but is now faded and gray on the top boards. Some of the boards have cracks on the top "cap" piece. If I use a wood deck cleaner such as this Defy, could it kill my grass below it or my beautiful roses above it (in one area)? I don't have a pressure washer so was planning on scrubbing it with a brush and rinsing. After using this product do I need to use something else before staining it? if so, will that product harm my grass or roses? Any suggestions? if I use these products, do I still need to sand the wood or not?

  10. Cristy says:

    One side of my deck is situated along a line of fruit trees from which I harvest and eat the fruit. Would the Defy Wood Cleaner be safe to use or should I go with something like the Simple Green Fence and Deck Cleaner? I plan to follow up with the Defy Brightner and semi-transparent stain.

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