Who are we?

by Deck Stain Help

This post was updated on October 12, 2021

Who is Deck Stain Help and why do you offer help, reviews, and tips for restoring exterior wood?

We have been getting this question for some time now and we would like to explain ourselves for a better understanding as to what we do, who we are, and why we do it.

Who answers the questions and writes the reviews?: All reviews and comment answers are from our experiences as wood restoration contractors.

Why do we offer our reviews?: To help consumers research alternatives to normal big box store brands, give our experience and opinions on the top products (poor products as well) while helping consumers with restoration questions for their particular project.

Where to find products?: We do not sell products directly from this site. You will find links to the manufacturers and related sites for each product reviewed. Keep in mind that most products we review are available in select stores throughout the USA. Best to contact the manufacturers directly for help with this.

Are you paid by the manufacturers?: No, we have not been paid by any manufacturer to promote a product.

Are you affiliated with anyone?: The concept of this site was started years ago by an independent wood restoration site and experienced wood restoration contractors.  The contractors use and reviews brands and write articles from their past experiences. We reserve the right to protect ourselves by editing any potentially damaging comments. See DeckStainHelp.com Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and Contributors

Are your reviews biased?: Yes and no. As contractors in the business and many 1000’s of decks restored, we have strong opinions on what works and does not work so it is hard not to be biased sometimes. Fortunately, we realize not all products work the same based on your particular environment and location, so we do try to vary our comment suggestions. You will see that many of our opinions and reviews are shared by contractors on other wood restoration forums and by individual homeowners on this site. See For an Example: Behr Deck Stain Review

Can we contact you directly?: Please place all product questions and comments on the site.

No Internet Trolling Allowed:

A troll or troller in internet slang is someone that starts arguments or upsets people by posting rude or extraneous messages in some type of online community. Their goal is to cause people to get emotional and to harass people online.

We strongly forbid this and will remove any comments and will ban users if needed.


We understand that not everyone is going to agree with our site and reviews and we respect that. We do allow consumers to post their own comments for each product review. We allow both good and bad comments on product reviews from consumers who have actually used the products. We will censor comments that contain vulgar language, contain links to sites, or come directly from a manufacturer.

Our advice and reviews are not 100% accurate for all scenarios. We do strive to help people though and feel we are offering a substantial amount of free help and advice. If you do not agree with our advice or site then please visit another help site.


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