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Updated February 2020

Staining Deck Spindles

How To Stain Deck Spindles

How To Stain Deck Spindles

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How to stain deck spindles and balusters.

Staining deck spindles and railings require a detail-oriented mindset. Although staining deck spindles are considered more difficult than staining the floor, we have some tips that will make this step go smoothly for a flawless, even stain application.

First, clean the deck spindles. Wash the railings with a spray nozzle attached to a garden hose to remove dirt and debris. If there are any stains, mild detergent mixed with water should remove them. If there is mildew, use oxygenated bleach. Rinse well with water.

Let the wood dry for 2-3 days after the prep before apply the deck stain.

Cover the deck floor with plastic sheeting before you open any coatings.  For staining deck spindles, we recommend the following tools: deck sprayer, brush, and or stain pads. Regardless of the tools you choose, start with the top of the spindle and work your way down. Using a deck stain pad allows for precise stain application. Wipe up any drips as they occur. After applying, back wipe the railings with a stain pad or brush to push the stain deeper into the wood pores. If using a sprayer, we recommend you go back

over the stain with a stain pad to push the stain into the wood for deeper penetration and an even appearance. After staining your deck spindles, you can begin staining the floor if applicable.

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