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This post was updated on January 18, 2022

How Water Based Wood Stains are Different and Better Today Than They Were 10 Years Ago

Welcome to, the number one source for deck staining tips and the latest industry news on the internet in 2022. Water-based stains have come a long way as far as quality and longevity go in the last 10+ years. We look back at the progression in the article below. Feel free to leave a comment if you’ve seen the evolution of deck stain technology yourself.

A decade ago water-based wood stains were not much of a comparison to some of the quality oil-based stains. Prior to new technology, water-based stains would not perform well in some conditions. Harsh sunlight and fungal growth were two problems. But as oil-based stains started having trouble with VOC compliance laws there was a need for better eco-friendly water-based wood stains. A lot has changed in the past 10 years. So how are water-based wood stains different and better today than they were 10 years ago? Looking at the evidence a lot has changed.

Defy took on the challenge and formulated a stain that has improved performance by 200%-600% over past water-based stains as well as other current leading national brands. Defy Extreme has done a first in the industry by using technology that reflects the sun, comparable to sunscreen, providing adequate UV protection.

This technology combines nanoparticles and high-grade resins to block out harmful UV rays that would otherwise fade and gray out the wood. In addition to unheard-of sun protection, new water-based stains like Defy also blends zinc additives into their formula that resists fungal growth, unlike oil-based stains that are actually more prone to mold and mildew.

By nature, water-based wood stains are more VOC compliant than oil-based stains making them way more desirable. This is why Defy wanted to find a water-based formula that would compete with oil and other water-based brands. Utilizing nanoparticles and synthetic resins was the answer they were looking for. They have proven that water-based wood stains are different and better today than they were 10 years ago. Defy Extreme is leading the pack in water-based stains that provide a beautiful, long-lasting finish in an eco-friendly formula.

Top Water-Based Stain Ratings
1. Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain
2. Defy Extreme Stain
3. Defy Hardwood/Cedar Stain

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Max Boronovskis
Max Boronovskis
2 years ago

Honestly this article seems more like an infomercial. The heading is intruiging and would require broad subject knowledge to do it justice but the content gushes over one single product. Hmm

I was involved with the nanoZ products when they were first invented, I know they reflect UV whilst being small enough to not reflect visible light wavelength (like larger particle zinc does) but I’m wondering if it is the same nanoZ that gives the fungal resistance? Nanotech is awesome!

EDIT: I just read the article about best stains and see the Defy is truly highly regarded. Forgive me, I’m new around here! None of these products are familiar to me in Australia.

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